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Monday, December 18, 2017
Episode 13,234
1410 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)

Now without further ado ...


Steve and Chad stare down Kate. She wonders. Chad replays their recorded conversation. Kate tilts her head. Chad rages this is not her house. Steve states he will update Kayla, who has been helping Theo. He warns Kate to never mess with his loved ones and leaves. Chad shuts the door. Kate sighs. Chad admits he suspected Andre and he could not believe Steve but he was right. She was the real betrayer, the one to blame for Theo's shooting. He shouts to say so. Kate whispers it was her. Chad is both angry and upset. Brother Theo might never be himself again ... At the station, Jen tells Lani that Kayla was positive about Theo's procedure. Lani hopes so and is at the station to support JJ. Jen hopes for good news. Meanwhile Rafe opens the report as Abe and JJ wait with bated breath. After the findings, JJ is officially cleared of any wrongdoing! Abe looks ready to explode ... Ciara remembers Rafe stating he slept with Sami. Hope arrives and asks why she summoned her to the park. Stressed Ciara wants her to know what happened ... Claire cannot eat at the square cafe. Server Tripp tells her to have something for Theo. She needs to stay strong. She is peeved at Ciara and complains by the poinsettias ... Hope already spoke to Shawn and knows Ciara is cross with Claire. Ciara wants to ruin her life. Hope senses something else is bugging her daughter ... Abe refuses to listen to the whitewash and rages the D.A. could still charge JJ. Rafe explains the D.A. was advised to not press charges and adds it is over. Abe leers like Hell! He wants justice for Theo one way or another and this is far from over cos JJ shot an unarmed man! Rafe notes JJ did not know that and there is evidence that Theo intended to commit a crime. Abe screams it shall not stand ...

Ciara gets upset about the sordid history she and Hope have had, from Aiden all the way to Rafe. She scoffs about him. Hope hugs her and urges her to open up. She seemed happy until recently. What did she want to tell her? Did she do something to disappoint her? Ciara insists she did not so Hope tries to console her daughter, deducing she is still grieving Bo ... Rafe reminds Abe he agreed to honor the results of the investigation. Abe gets even angrier when he hears JJ could be reinstated. He explains Eli's opinion is that this should not have happened and suggests it should have been included. Rafe states Eli was not supposed to make his own personal conclusion and assures angry Abe they went by the book. Abe bitterly goes to his son, still blaming strangely silent JJ ... Chad recalls how Kate let him suspect Andre all along. She wipes away a few tears and tries to speak but Chad stops her. He is appalled instead of praying for Theo she ran around trying to cover up what she had done. He lets her know she is lucky Stefano is not here. Then she would really face the music! Kate woefully wonders what he will do with her ...

Claire pauses with her salad, baffled by Ciara's anger. Tripp tells her she overheard that she argued with Theo before he was shot. She gets a text from Kayla that the procedure is over and gets going ... Ciara sadly states to Hope how she wanted to feel close to Bo but then she let Rafe take away his bike! She was also let down by Claire cos she made her lose Theo. Hope notes Claire is not to blame for Theo's coma. Ciara accuses her of taking sides. Hope calls her vindictive. Ciara snaps Rafe is way worse and implies she has a story to tell ... Rafe gives Jen the good news and she hugs JJ. Lani wonders how Abe reacted. Rafe admits not well and walks away. Lani assures JJ she thinks internal affairs was right and hopes the news about Theo will be better so they can all move on. Unshaven JJ has a bad feeling ... Abe is with Val, who holds his hand at the hospital as Kayla admits the procedure did not help. It would be too risky to repeat. Abe asks the good doctor whether there is any hope left for poor Theo. She assures him there is always hope. Claire arrives and hears the sad news. Kayla talks miracles ... Back at DiMera mansion, Chad rages as always Kate cares about Kate. She cries she is sorry and saddened but he would not believe her. He rages she is right about that and strokes his Stefano style beard. He knows he could send her to prison for years! He now tells her to do as he says. She realizes he will not report her and thanks him. The only reason he is not exposing her is to spare Abe from more upset, plus he feels partly to blame for letting this happen to Theo. He will never trust her again and suggests she is also to blame for JJ's predicament ...

Back at the station Jen and Abigail notice JJ is still depressed. Abigail repeats what Eric explained - the only thing that could save JJ would be Abe's forgiveness and Theo's recovery. Rafe returns his badge and gun but JJ informs the boss that Lani would be uneasy working with him. Rafe replies Eli needs a new partner. Abigail watches with worry ... Hope waits for Ciara to explain what she meant. Ring ring! Rafe summons Hope to the station. She is relieved to hear JJ was reinstated and tells Ciara they will continue their convo later. They exchange I love yous and she is off ... Chad is furious they did not find out who was hacking DiMera and decides Kate must resign as CEO. He will replace her and expects full cooperation. She calmly agrees. He warns one wrong move and she is out of the family ... Claire cries over Theo at the hospital. Ciara steps out of the elevator ... Hope meets with Rafe in his office, stating the system worked. Rafe warns her Abe begs to differ ... Abe sadly sits at sleeping Theo's bedside, remembering how he broke the odds. And his life does matter! Lani opens the door. Abe vows to make certain no one forgets ...

Tripp serves Steve and Kayla at the square cafe. Steve updates them on Chad dealing with Kate from now on ... Kate informs Chad she has been praying for Theo. He now gets the call about the procedure failing Theo and asks Kate to pack her bags and go. Abigail arrives in time to overhear and wants answers ... Claire cries to Ciara the procedure did not succeed. Ciara blasts her for getting mad at him about buying her new followers. Claire tells her Tripp told her she overheard her private conversation. Ciara scoffs Tripp is acting like the new boyfriend ... Kayla gets a text from Jen and praises God to Steve cos JJ was cleared ... Jen returns to JJ's room with him and softly suggests they celebrate but he thinks there is no good news for Theo. He opens his bible and then shuts it, putting his weapon on top. Jen takes a call. JJ stares into space ... Steve wonders how Abe will react to the report. Kayla sighs not well but she thanks Tripp for trying to protect her. Tripp thanks Kayla for protecting him. Steve grins they have come a long way ... On the DiMera couch, Chad notes the news about JJ is good. But Abigail worries her brother will not take Theo's bad news well ... Jen sadly states to JJ that the news about Theo is not good ... Lani overhears Abe growling he will get justice for Theo ... Back at the nurse's station, Claire tells Ciara to grow up and walks away ... Rafe pours himself a coffee. Hope asks if he had any conflict with Ciara cos she wanted to tell her something about him. Rafe has no idea but suddenly remembers Ciara saw him with Sami the last time they spoke. Oooo ...


All the drama in Salem on Monday, December 18