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Friday, December 15, 2017
Episode 13,233
1380 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)

Now without further ado ...


Steve whispers to Tripp at the square. His son is working at the cafe today but Steve wants him to know he and Kayla confronted Kate! She threatened to have him sent to prison and Kayla fired. Tripp fumes it is not fair what she got away with regarding Theo, but sneaky Steve has an idea ... At DiMera mansion Chad and Kate are pleased with the specialist they brought in from Boston. He is their last hope for comatose Theo ... Meanwhile Abe informs Claire of said specialist at Theo's bedside. Claire is hard on herself for their argument. Abe says not to blame herself but she sighs Ciara sure does ... After Sami has departed, Ciara emerges and Rafe seems surprised to see her. She asks about Sami. He casually states she wanted to say goodbye as they are friends. Ciara flashes back to the words she overheard. Rafe asks if anything is the matter. Yup ... JJ is sprawled on his bed remembering in slow motion that he shot unarmed Theo in the chest. Abigail knocks at the door and refuses to leave ... The suited specialist is sorry to say even if he can help Theo he might never be the same ... At the hospital Lani and Val both hope the coma specialist will be able to save Theo. Val still blames herself for not succeeding in surgery and feels humbled by the fact that the Carvers forgave her ... Claire informs Abe that she wants to talk like Theo can hear cos maybe he can. She loves him and sheds a tear. Abe sweetly states perhaps soon he will be able to return the sentiment with words ... Ciara changes the subject by asking how to get her motorcycle license. Rafe explains and adds he still cannot let her have the keys as he promised Hope. Ciara sneers he certainly takes care of her mom. Rafe hears the sarcasm in her voice and wants to know what her problem is. She hisses he took Hope's job after he fired her. He tries to explain and gets interrupted by a call. He states he has to handle something and brazenly sits on Bo's bike ...

Jumpy Jen summons Kayla to the pub and shares her worries about JJ. Kayla feels badly about how hard Abe has been on him. She knows deep down he was just trying to do his job. Jen is all ears as Kayla updates her on the specialist. They need Theo to wake up for all their sakes ... Lani laments to Val that she is unable to mention JJ in front of Abe. She still loves him! Abe appears and grumbles about the guy who put a bullet in her brother ... Abigail knocks until tormented JJ opens the door with a sigh. She hugs him and suggests he shower and dress. They can go out to eat. JJ wants nothing and opens the door for her to leave. There stands Rafe with official news. Internal Affairs has completed their audit and decided his fate ... Back at DiMera mansion, Chad informs Kate he has to have a phone call with Belle before they head to the hospital. It is about Theo and the fact that Andre might have been the mastermind of his mission. Kate doubts it. Chad now gets a text and tells her Belle wants him to call. He walks away and suggests she go ahead to the hospital. He will see her there. Kate falls for his fake departure ... Rafe advises JJ to get dressed cos the report will be at his office in an hour. Abigail is upbeat but JJ points out he could be looking at prison time. Either way, JJ still has to live with what happened to Theo ... Chad meets Steve in secret outside the house, having been texted by the P.I. Steve notes he knows who sent Theo on his mission and he will have more soon! Chad wants answers. Steve the seasoned pro has orders on how to proceed ... Lani lets Abe know she loves JJ. Abe thinks it is best they are apart. Val wishes he would change his point of view. The specialist appears. Claire arrives and Abe is glad his son's girlfriend came. Val takes him to see Theo. Only Abe can join them. The specialist warns the women waiting that it could be hours ... Biker chick Ciara bumps into server Tripp at the square and asks after Claire. She gets catty cos she knows they fought before the shooting. She calls her a spoiled brat. Tripp defends her. She accuses him of caring for her a tad too much ... Steve pretends the butler let him and proceeds to confront Kate cos they have unfinished business. Kate rolls her eyes ... Tripp tells Ciara he is Claire's good friend. She thinks he is being a fool cos Claire is needy and leads on lots of guys. When she calls her a beech Tripp smashes down his dishes ... Steve assures Kate he convinced Kayla to withdraw with what she knows so Kate wins ...

Back at the pub Jen notices Kayla noticing her watch. She asks about Joey. Kayla admits it has not been easy. Abigail races in to tell Jen of the I.A. report. She also informed Lani ... Pale JJ slowly walks into the station. Lani calls his name so he turns around. She knows he deserves to be cleared. He thanks her and suggests she stick with Abe not him. She tells him about the specialist. JJ is hoping for the best. Lani lets him knows he can count on her anytime. From his office Rafe calls Abe about the report that will be delivered to him soon ... Tripp wishes Ciara would not be so down on Claire cos she is upset about Theo. Ciara snaps her too. Tripp warns her there is no reward in revenge and suggests she cut Claire some slack. However, Ciara is fed up with Claire and other Salem fakes like Rafe! She blasts Tripp for being after Theo's girl as he languishes in a hospital bed. Claire appears and blinks her pretty blue eyes ... Steve discusses the whole sordid blackmail with Kate and then some. He lists everything she did. Kate claims she loves Theo. Steve tells her off for convincing Theo to break into the commercial space and then blackmailing people to cover up. Kate hisses he and his son and Kayla should shut up. She hisses to get out of her house. Steve wonders whether Chad has heard enough. Chad emerges from the hall and eyes Kate with his cold blue eyes. YES, that is quite enough ... Ciara wants to know why Claire is not with the guy she professes to love. Claire calmly tells Ciara of the specialist and how she prayed. If Theo makes it she hopes she tells Theo all the things she has been saying to Claire cos she knows what he will say. That he loves HER! Ciara tries to imply she came to see Tripp. Claire exclaims they are friends. Bitter Ciara wonders whether that is how Tripp sees things ...

Jen and Abigail arrive at the station as a show of solidarity for JJ. Lani stands with them. JJ appreciates it and approaches Rafe's office. The new commissioner is holding the report. JJ asks him to open it. Abe steps in to also hear the results ... Kate is confused. Chad has heard every word of that conversation which was recorded on his iphone. Kate soap stares, realizing she was set up by Steve ... Ciara ends up alone walking through the park. She hates that Rafe the hypocrite took papa Bo's bike. She remembers overhearing him discuss sleeping with Sami and calls her mother to talk. It is urgent ... Abe is less than thrilled with JJ's presence. Rafe needs to read the report. Mayor Abe is still mad and demands to hear the decision. He wants justice ... Meanwhile the specialist has completed the procedure on Theo ... Back at the station Jen cries to Lani how sorry she is. Lani loves her father and brother but is also rooting for JJ ... Rafe reminds Abe it is not following procedure to read this to JJ with the victim's father in the room. Abe growls he has got every right to be here! Rafe takes out the report and Abe demands to know the decision ...


All the drama in Salem on Friday, December 15