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Thursday, December 14, 2017
Episode 13,232
1430 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)

Now without further ado ...


Brady taunts Eve about her time away from Salem. She failed to mention a big secret and Brady threatens to hand her file over to the commissioner unless she signs back what she took from the family ... Hope starts to rage about Ciara to Rafe. Here comes the wild child ... Will confronts Sonny about their legal separation papers. Sonny calls the day he signed the worst day of his life. He did not give up on them then and he is not giving up on them now ... Sami enters the pub with Christmas bags. Eric greets her over coffee and calls her nice. Roman smiles, having put the cookies on the table. Sami is here to bid the family farewell. Roman and Eric both look a tad disappointed ... Ciara smugly states there was an extra set of Bo's bike keys. Hope is maddened as she has no motorbike license. Ciara talks back so Rafe lets her know she should respect the law and her mother ... Will asks about Paul. Sonny replies they broke up. Will deduces he did the breaking up. Sonny gushes he loved Paul but will always love Will and looks forward to making him love him again. Will sighs there has to be chemistry and stuff. Sonny suspects he has the Paul kiss on his mind. Naturally he is not giving up without a fight ...

Ciara gets sarcastic with the comiss, who wants a word alone. Hope complies and walks away. Ciara thanks Rafe for his help and gets on the bike but Rafe is on the mom's side. Always ... Roman and Eric sit with Sami and suggest she stay. Alas the other kids are restless and miss her. She emotionally loves and thanks them for everything. Roman gives the twins some time alone and heads out to the kitchen to make a sandwich, a tear in his eye. Eric states Will is not settled. Sami gasps Will has got to find himself. Eric will watch over him. She was counting on it ... Will finds out that Paul told Sonny that Will was the one who kissed him. Sonny wants to know why. Will plops in an armchair and points out he went there to talk history and felt like kissing Paul, who opened the door in nothing but a towel. Sonny asks if he has feelings for him too. Will muses maybe ... Eve doubts Brady has any dirt. He threatens to read it out loud. She helps herself to a much needed morning drink and dares him to share. Brady is happy to oblige. As it turns out Eve has a history of seducing older men and stealing their money. He even procured her aliases and pictures as proof. Brady notes she has now been busted. Eve airily asks how he found out. Brady notes she was not that smart and was even sued. She smugly states they settled so it cannot be used in court. Brady refuses to let her get away with it. She offers him her drink and he glowers at her ... Ciara feels betrayed by Rafe. He understands the bike reminds her of Bo but she needs a license before she rides. He gets the keys back and assures her he cannot replace Bo. Hope comes back and Ciara rages he will never be anything like her dad. Then she bolts. Hope tries to follow ...

Back at the pub Eric presses Sami about that mistake she mentioned. She explains it ended well and changes the subject to his lonely heart. She knows he is not over Nicole and lists all his qualities. He compliments her right back and they embrace. Sami cries. Roman comes back with the bagged sandwich and a see ya around. They exchange I love you mores and Roman assures her they are all looking out for Will. A piano tinkles ... Will is sorry if he hurt Sonny but he cannot lie he was not attracted to Paul. Sonny sadly states he would rather speak of them. Will reasons it seems they went south and he has lost that lovin feelin. However, Paul is handsome and nice. He feels he just came out of the closet and is not ready to rush into another romance. He offers Sonny a handshake and hopes no hard feelings. Sonny responds with a kiss ...

Ciara storms into the pub. Eric stands up and offers to help. She wants wheels. He counters she is in no condition so she asks for a drink ... Eve waves the bourbon under Brady's nose and states she saw him drink before. Maggie would not approve! He claims it is under control so she coos she can tell Victor or better yet Sonny ... Will warmly kisses Sonny back and then smiles. Sonny gushes he can see he feels it too. He implores him to give their intense connection another chance. Will soap stares ... At the park, Sami runs into Rafe with the bike and teases him. She is impressed with Ciara wanting to be like rebel Bo. Rafe complains her acting out is driving Hope crazy. Sami sides with the rebel. Rafe teases she is passing the torch. Sami now says goodbye ... Will withdraws and Sonny wants to know why he keeps fighting the feeling. Will tells him about the journal, that Sami suggested he continue the story of his life. He reminds Sonny he cheated on him and sighs a happy ending was not in the cards ... Brady is not worried about Sonny and notes Victor knows he has the odd drink. Maggie would not even believe her. Eve thinks they have nothing on one another. Brady fumes only for now cos this is not over! Eve drinks and smugly states he must be mad Victor is playing him and Sonny. She warns Victor has given up on him as CEO if he does not seem to care about his drinking ... Sonny admits he has made mistakes but Will believes he made bigger ones. Sonny wants a new future. Will asks whether it could be a slow start over. Sonny flashes his winning smile. All he wants is a chance. Will asks what step one would be. Sonny invites him to move into the Kiriakis mansion, separate rooms for now. Will starts to smile ...

Ciara complains to Eric that Hope acts like she is a child. She calls her too overprotective cos she rode a bike around Hong Kong. Eric suspects she is lashing out cos of Theo. She gets even more upset and thanks him for the drink before departing ... Meanwhile son Shawn updates Hope on Ciara fighting with her boss in Hong Kong but that was all. Hope sighs her girl went through much. Shawn gets she means Chase and hugs her, also wanting to help his sister. He is relieved to hear at least Hope and Rafe worked things out ... Rafe and Sami refer to their secret. He is relieved Hope is wearing his ring again and Sami is happy for him. She has no regrets. However, Rafe hates hiding the truth. Sami talks him out of coming clean and he agrees no one needs to know about that one night stand. Time to say goodbye. They share a hug and he tells his ex the town will not be the same without her. Sami proudly lists her latest accomplishments. Now she is off to her kids. Rafe can count on her coming back again cos Salem will always be home ...

Sonny states his heartfelt case to Will, who does not deny their connection now. He agrees to give Sonny another chance. Sonny loves that they will be living under the same roof. Will hopes he can help him figure out the future. Sonny nods eagerly with stars in his eyes ... Brady refuses to listen to Eve cos he and Victor are fine. She leaves him with the drink and takes her file ... Hope happily flashes her engagement ring to Shawn. If only Ciara were happier! She goes to find his sister before she does something she regrets ... Rafe and Sami both believe they deserve a happily ever after. Rafe reminds her she left something off her list and sighs it would be over if Hope found out about their affair. Sami will take that secret to her grave. He gets a quick kiss and tells blue eyes goodbye. Then he turns, unaware that Ciara spied and heard the entire scene from behind the bushes ...


All the drama in Salem on Thursday, December 14