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Wednesday, December 13, 2017
Episode 13,231
1530 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)

Now without further ado ...


Hope and Rafe wake up together and she admires her engagement ring. Last night was perfect. Rafe wishes they had not fought but Hope loves their new honesty. Rafe blinks and flashes back to his fling with Sami. Hope asks if anything is bothering him ... At the festive square fur coat Eve is pleased as punch to greet Gabi, who curtly congratulates her on having married Deimos. Eve is sorry about Eduardo being in prison and points out they were both left by him. Gabi is sorry as she remembers that Eve lost a child recently. Eve admits she will never overcome but she has friends and some family. Plus she plans to make her an offer she cannot refuse ... At the Kiriakis manion, Brady ends a call with Paul. He is after a few skeletons in a closet. Sonny, standing nearby, leaves Will another message. Brady sniffles and suggests he might not be interested ... At the pub John grins at Paul and hopes he and Sonny worked it out. Paul sighs they are officially over ... Sami arrives at Marlena's door with a bag of gifts. Marlena graciously accepts them but closes the door, much to her daughter's dismay ... Lucas is sweating in a bed and shaking through his withdrawal. Kate stands nearby and praises him for doing what was right ... Rafe is relieved he did not lose Hope forever and loooooves her. Hope talks wedding date and they get frisky again ... Sami knocks on the door once more. Marlena opens it again. Sami wants a word with Will. Marlena does not want her headstrong daughter to force a reconciliation. Sami gasps but she and Will were in a good place. Will agrees from inside and smiles they now have an understanding. Marlena smiles sweetly and lets her in ...

Back at the pub John is sorry. Paul shuts his laptop lamenting Sonny chose Will. Paul adds Will is not really into Sonny cos he came onto him! John is surprised to hear Will kissed him. Paul suspects he was simply trying to find himself. He would rather focus on work. He mentions Eve and John asks what she has. She could have a case unless they find something on her. John is up for the challenge with his son ... Eve boasts about Basic Black and offers to buy Gabi Chic and hire its creator. Gabi counters Kate already made her such an offer with Countess W ... Marlena is pleased about the new Will Sami peace plan. Sami adds Justin fixed her legal issues so she is free to head home to the other offspring. She wants Will to open his gift from her today. Marlena takes the rest of the gifts into the other room. Sami tells Will to open what was already his. Tis a journal she gave him when he was a teenager, when he knew he wanted to become a writer. Will is sorry he does not remember. She tells him to read the entries he wrote and write more, like the story of the life he would like to live. Will's face falls ... Sonny gets testy with Brady, who rubs in that Will does not seem to return his enthusiasm. Sonny gets in a few jabs of his own so Brady blurts out that Will went after Paul. Sonny soap stares ... Kate lets shivering Lucas know they all love him. The detox is difficult. Kate promises the best rehab facility afterwards. Maggie enters and notes his commitment to getting sober is what matters most and that is something money cannot buy. Maggie lets him know many love him. Lucas feels like a loser for letting them down. The redhead gives him a pep talk but he feels beyond forgiveness ...

Eve is relieved to hear that Gabi has not accepted the other offer. She quips it could be hard working with Chad but Gabi feels it would be harder dealing with the wife of a man who tried to kill her! Eve sweetly suggests a fresh start ... Sonny reasons Will did not even remember Paul. Brady sarcastically states Paul told him Will sneaked a kiss. Sonny wonders what his game is and refuses to believe it. Brady adds Will is acting like a single guy, not someone married to Sonny. He warns him to watch out for that past history between Will and Paul. Sonny looks stressed ... Will admits he is not certain of his future. Sami says to keep her posted. The gift of speaking with him was great. She leaves him her phone number. Will remembers the ring he found on the floor of her hotel room, which she said was the one EJ gave her, and notes it does not look like the one she is wearing now ... Hope wishes she could keep loving Rafe all day. Shirtless Rafe talks reality, the fact that Internal Affairs will have something on JJ today. Hope hopes for the best and teases Rafe for helping get Sami's charges dropped. Rafe insists he was not involved ... Sami states she has more than one ring and wants to get some of his storage items she has in her car. Will offers to pick them up so she hands him her keys. Marlena calls their reconnection a Christmas miracle ... Sonny accuses Brady of trying to undermine his faith in Will. Brady notes Will did that. Enter Paul. Brady wants brother to confirm what he told Sonny. Paul is not pleased he betrayed his confidence. Sonny asks Paul if he kissed Will. Paul replies no, but Will certainly kissed him! Sonny is stunned ...

Eve would rather not discuss Kate and claims she and Gabi are family, as Paige was her half-sister. Together they would have set the world of fashion on fire! She acts like she considers Gabi a daughter as well ... Sonny cannot believe it and is mad Will went to see Paul at all. Paul tells him Will was the flirt. Sonny accuses him of keeping secrets. Paul points out he is not trying to come between them. Sonny snaps he and Will shall be together regardless of what they say! He storms out. Paul is less than thrilled with Brady's big mouth ... Woman in red Marlena shall miss Sami. She misses the kids. Sami updates her on convincing Lucas to get sober. She is so happy Marlena will be here for Will. Always. For her and all the kids. Violins play. Sami cries she loves her mom. They shall miss each other and emotionally embrace. Will returns with cool John and a box. Sami hopes John will hold down the fort after she goes. John grins roguishly. That's a fact! He hugs her when she thanks him for his help in Memphis and lets her know he is on her side always. Sami knows. Will admits he is feeling a tad sad she is going. John holds Marlena as they watch the emotional moment. Sami wants Will to know his future is bright. He gives her back her keys and she turns to go. Then he hugs her and she sobs tears of joy. Bye mom, he whispers ... Rafe wants to talk about his future bride, who now has her mind on wild child Ciara. Last night she ignored all her calls and texts. Hope is baffled she did not complain about losing the bike when she took away the keys. But she seems to keep making Ciara mad these days. Rafe suspects it is simply a stage and seductively suggests banana pancakes. But first the happy couple shall shower together ...

Brady stands up in front of the fireplace and apologizes to Paul. His brother is all about business now. He bears interesting information on Eve Donovan Kiriakis ... Eve states the cops suspect Theo was working for DiMera when shot. The DiMeras break the law, which Gabi should consider before working with Kate. She leaves her to make her decision ... Sami stops by to see Lucas, who is sitting up and feeling sick. She puts her head on his shoulder and promises he will make it. He whispers if he does it is thanks to her ... Busy Kate meets Gabi at the square. Gabi will light a candle for Theo again with Ari. She asks about what happened down at the docks when he was shot. Kate just wants her business answer. Gabi notes she needs more time as Eve has also made an offer to buy Gabi Chic ... Brady reads the file from Paul and laughs Eve has been baaaaad. Enter Eve and he offers to share but she should sit down first ... Hope and Rafe are surprised to see Bo's bike when they walk through the park. It seems Ciara stole the keys back ... Sami covers Lucas as he shivers. She got the tablet he ordered for Ali. Lucas wants to be the best dad to Will and Ali. Sami smiles Will spoke with her about a long distance relationship. However he still needs his father. Lucas won't let her down ... Will takes his baby things out of the box and is surprised to see his separation agreement, a legal document. Knock knock! Tis Sonny, who dramatically declares he wants his hubby back ...


All the drama in Salem on Wednesday, December 13