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Tuesday, December 12, 2017
Episode 13,230
1460 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)

Now without further ado ...


At the station Eli updates Abe and informs him Andre and Kate claim to have been unaware of Theo taking action against the DiMera hacker. Abe is counting on him so Eli assures him they will uncover whoever sent his son into danger ... Kate apologizes to Theo's picture at the square and gets a heartfelt hug from Gabi ... Meanwhile at the lavish DiMera mansion Thomas gets a goodnight from Jen and Abigail as Chad takes him to bed. Mother and daughter talk turkey. Jen loves how happy Chad and Abigail are. Abigail is just worried about brother JJ. Jen updates her on him trying to resign to Hope but she has high hopes for Eric helping his tortured soul ... Eric sees what JJ has been reading on his ipad ... In his office Rafe argues with Sami, who has Hope's engagement ring stuck on her finger. Enter Hope, who innocently asks what is happening. She heard the commotion and wonders what Sami is hiding this time ... Eric realizes JJ feels shame and tries to make him feel better. He knows what it is like cos he killed his best friend and knows the hell he is going through. Theo, however, might make it. JJ wonders what if he does not. He is torn and tightlipped. Eric reasons talking is the only way. Besides the darkness will not stop his life from having meaning ... Sami babbles she came to say hello. Rafe anxiously agrees. Hope accuses her of trying to get Rafe to drop the charges against her! Sami denies it and flashes back to the affair. So does Rafe, who starts to stammer and pretends to advise Sami to talk to D.A. Justin. Hope compliments her jacket that is covering the hand with the finger wearing the telltale ring and reaches out to touch it. Sami pulls back and thanks her ... Colorful Julie has closed the club early. Dapper Doug hopes the romantic dinner for two is for them. She replies it is for Rafe and Hope. They had a bump with Hope returning his ring. Not everyone gets it right at first like them. Doug sneaks a kiss. Julie has a good feeling about Hope and Rafe's reconciliation. Nothing can stand in their way ... Sami babbles to Hope about her breakthrough with Will and sadly states she is giving him space. She fakes tears and asks for tissue. Hope turns for the tissue. Sami gets the ring off at long last. Then she uses the tissue Hope hands her and dries her eyes with a sly smile. Rafe soap stares ... After a call, Jen bears bad news for Chad and Abigail. She heard the DiMeras are now officially connected to the Theo case and asks Chad for a comment ... At Theo's shrine, woeful Kate reminds Gabi she offered to buy Gabi Chic. The girl needs time. Kate will meet her at the mansion tomorrow at 3, when she expects that answer. Ponytail Gabi will be there. Ponytail Kate is counting on it ... Abe asks Eli his own opinion on JJ's actions as they await the results of the internal investigation ...

Eric urges JJ to stop the self-isolation cos he is a good man. JJ gasps Theo has got to live. Eric notes Nicole forgave him for killing Daniel. JJ gasps Abe is never gonna forgive him ... Abe would appreciate Eli's off the record opinion. Was JJ right or wrong? Eli admits he believes JJ could have done differently and Theo's coma could have been avoided. Arriving Gabi overhears ... Jen is trying to give Chad the chance for a pre-statement. Abigail morphs into PR mode and notes Chad has no comment other than they hope for Theo's recovery and support the investigation. Jen insists there is more to the story. Chad suspects she will want to make the DiMeras look evil and reminds her JJ was the one who pulled the trigger ... Sami gets a hug from Hope and manages to hand Rafe the ring now hidden in the tissue. She then smiles and excuses herself. Hope thinks she was hiding something. Rafe acts innocent ... Jen apologizes but the reporters will dig and find the truth. Off the record Chad admits if any DiMera including Andre was to blame for Theo's shooting he shall take care of that person personally. It sounds ominous. Abigail looks worried ... Back at the square Kate is hard on Sami for sending Ben back to Will. Sami reminds her she also saved her son ... At Doug's Place Rafe enjoys the wine. Hope is impressed with their private table and the pink flowers. Rafe apologizes for his recent words. Hope does as well, adding their trust shall make them stronger. She wants to toast to that. Rafe emotionally reminds her he loves her and gets out the ring to re-propose. Hope giggles she already asked him to marry her but Rafe gets on a knee. Hope gushes yes and he slips the ring back on her finger. She smiles they are forever and they seal the deal with a kiss and I love you. Hope cannot wait for him to be her hubby and they kiss again ...

Gabi steps forward and announces to Abe that she and Arianna are both praying for Theo. Abe excuses himself. Gabi blasts Eli for making Abe hate JJ even more with what he just said ... Eric asks whether JJ reached out to Abe. Alas he had no luck. Eric tells him to give it time and concentrate on himself. He must make it through. JJ wants to end the conversation. Eric leaves him with a bible and a few more words of wisdom ... Kate suggests Sami stay away from Lucas. Sami boasts she got him back to rehab. Maggie is helping him check in as they speak. Kate is grateful but worried when she hears he was in an accident. Sami tells her about her tough love approach and lets her know she is leaving Salem cos the kids are waiting. Will and Lucas are going to need one another. Kate thanks her for helping with a heartfelt hug ... Doug and Julie congratulate Hope and Rafe again. Julie wants wedding deets. Doug wants Rafe to help him choose the champagne. Julie notices Hope's new glow. She has not been happier since ... Julie understands. Since Bo ... The guys have got the champagne and Doug has something to say to his future son-in-law. If he ever hurts Hope, he will have to answer to him. Rafe promises sir he has nothing to worry about and shakes his hand ... Abe arrives at Theo's shrine. Sami wonders how he is doing. There has been no change. Kate is sorry but Abe questions that cos she is a member of the DiMera clan married to Andre, whom he also suspects. He warns if they did anything that made Theo get shot then ... Sami insists Kate loves Theo too much to endanger him ...

Eli takes Gabi into an office and is sorry he upset her. She will not back down, still in JJ's corner. Eli suspects she is being led by her lingering feelings for her ex. She thinks he is being unfair cos JJ is still her friend. Eli takes it back and laments he does not wish to lose her. She feels the same way. He assures her their relationship is his priority. She is pleased to hear it and laughs she also has opinions. They will try to keep the opinions to themselves and kiss in bliss ... JJ paces in his dim room with his dark thoughts. He opens the bible and reads about an eye for an eye. Then his mind wanders ... Jen meets Eric at the flowery park. He sighs he saw JJ but does not bear good news. Her son refused his help. He has to forgive himself and it can take ages. Jen is desperate to reach him. Eric thinks only Theo waking up will help - or Abe forgiving him ... Abe threatens to make the DiMeras pay if they did this to Theo. Sami tells him Andre is probably the one lying. Abe walks away and Kate admits to Sami that Andre is not the one who is lying ... Rafe slow dances with the woman of his dreams. They discuss Doug the protective dad and she notes she knows Rafe would never hurt her. Doug brings the champagne with Julie and they toast to their happily ever after ... Sami tells Kate she knows she feels obliged to be the good DiMera wife and cover for Andre. She then walks alone through the square and slips her sparkling ring back on. She whispers to herself she sure cut it close ...


All the drama in Salem on Tuesday, December 12