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Monday, December 11, 2017
Episode 13,229
1460 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)

Now without further ado ...


At DiMera mansion Andre suggests he and Kate revisit the scene of the crime regarding Theo. Kate is a wreck but not about Andre. She confides to him about Tripp probably telling Steve everything already. Meanwhile at the pub Steve tells Kayla what Kate did ... At the square Christmas shopper Hope is on the phone with Rafe, happy they are fine. He suggests they dine at Doug's Place tonight, then has to end the call. Hope gets an unexpected call now from unshaven JJ, who asks her to come over to talk. It is serious ... Eric bumps hasty Jen at the square and helps pick up her papers. She praises the miracle of Will. Eric admits the amnesia is hard but he has high hopes for him with Sami ... Will visits Sami and informs her Eric advised him to come here before he cuts her out. He notes her twin knows her well and has heard some of the stories about how she defended him. He is willing to listen even though he thinks she is a loon. Sami gets emotional and sadly states she is leaving Salem ... Jen organizes her envelopes at a table with Eric at the square, aghast at what Sami did. Eric explains she was desperate. Jen too wishes she could help her son. Eric reaches out and takes her hand for moral support... Hope arrives at sleepless JJ's door. He blames himself for her job loss and hands her an envelope ... Sami smiles she has to return to the other kids before the holidays. Will gets it. She wishes she could bring them here but she hauled them all over looking for EJ. Will wonders what they know about now. Just that she is away on an adventure. She adds she thinks it will be best for him that she is not here. Will blinks when she gets teary about his need for space from her ...

Hope opens the envelope and refuses to accept JJ's resignation. They must let the process proceed. JJ blames himself for ruining another life after Theo ... Investigative Eli updates Rafe at the station. Theo's laptop indicated he was researching an attempted hack at DiMera. Rafe suspects someone sent him to that office ... Andre has heard Kate's whole story about blackmailing Tripp, whom she senses will spill to Steve and Kayla. Andre muses Chad would kick her out if he knew. Kate feels blue but Andre wants her to protect herself. He knows how ... Kayla is horrified to hear how Kate blackmailed Tripp, who was trying to protect her reputation. She is both troubled and touched. But the buck stops here! She wants to confront Kate. Steve follows her out the door with worry ... Eli informs Rafe that Theo used the company card to get the lock breaking device. Rafe asks about the office he was after. It was leased by a company called CFR Partners. Acting Commissioner Rafe appreciates the good work ... Hope is convinced JJ did the best he could. JJ says to stop and shows her the door as he longs to be alone. He gets furious when she offers to call Lani and laments they are over. He already hurt her enough and repeats to leave ... Will sees this is not easy for Sami. She cries she loves all her kids and she can be selfish and a control freak. She would do anything for them. Will nervously notes Eric told him. He refers to her as interesting, as well as the photos of the wedding, when she became his biggest champion. Sami smiles she is still proud. Will heard she goes to extremes when trying to help loved ones and admits Ben did make him remember a bit. Sami gasps in glee. Will feels he has not been fair for lashing out at her. She understands. Like mother like son. They both have their fair share of regrets. They apologize to one another. Sami wonders what comes next with their relationship. He wants to take it slow. She tells him to keep in touch or better yet come with. He believes his best shot at remembering is to stick around Salem. She tells him he can come see the others anytime. Will appreciates it. She hopes they are good. He grins they are on their way. She accepts that. Will senses they have had such conversations in the past. Sami does not deny it ...

Jen happily gets help from Eric with the Christmas cards. Hope arrives and announces JJ is in a bad way. Jen's face falls. Meanwhile JJ is a wreck in his room. He tries to listen to music but the memory of shooting Theo haunts him. He hyperventilates and rocks like a man who is losing his mind. He remembers in slow motion that Theo had no gun. Then he throws away the earphones and tangles with his conscience ... Back at DiMera mansion Kate marvels at Andre's support. He suggests they work togetha to find the hacker. All of a sudden Kayla storms in and confronts Kate for her blackmail. Steve warns them Tripp told him everything. Andre insists Kate was not out to get anyone. Steve snaps except his son. Kate felt he was out to get her. Kayla quips he was after the truth. Enter Eli, wondering whether he arrived at the wrong time. Andre grimaces. This does not look good ... Kate politely points out the guests were on their way out. Kayla asks about Theo's shooting. Eli admits he had a few questions. Steve wants to get going with Kayla, who stops to announce to Eli ... Jen laments JJ blames himself and is falling into a black hole. Hope informs her he ended things with Lani. Jen wants to see her son but Eric suggests he speak to him as promised. Jen appreciates it. Eric will be in touch and heads off to save another soul ...

Over the phone Rafe orders pink roses for tonight and looks in his coat pocket for the engagement ring he plans to place back on Hope's finger. It is gone ... Meanwhile Will picks up the ring from Sami's floor. She lies that was the one EJ gave her and takes it back. They agree to see each other again before she goes and shake hands. Sami starts to cry. Will watches her with affection ... Eli waits for Kayla to have her say. Pause. Steve gives her a look. Kayla mentions Theo's condition, the fact that Abe is praying, and urges him to hurry. He agrees and she leaves with Steve, not getting why he wanted her to say nothing. He notes Andre and Kate know too much and assures her there is still something they can do ... Andre and Kate act surprised that Theo was after the DiMera hacker and even used the corporate card. Kate feigns cluelesslness. Eli reminds Andre he contacted Theo for help on the matter. Andre smoothly states as he must know from Theo's phone, Theo neva returned that call. Kate pipes in they would both have stopped Theo from doing anything dangerous. Andre smiles in agreement ...

Hope thanks Jen for trying to make her feel better and is happy to hear she reconciled with Rafe. Hope thinks everything is perfect and there are no more secrets ... Rafe shakes his coat like a maniac. Sami slips into his office and shows him the ring on her finger. She updates him on Will finding it. Rafe wants to hear how the meeting with Will went. They had a breakthrough. So did he and Hope. Sami is happy for him. He waits for the ring. Sami huffs and puffs and tries to pull it from her finger. It seems to be stuck. Rafe starts to sweat ... Andre elegantly sees Eli to the door and promises to let him know if there is more. Eli is counting on there being more. Once he has left Kate calls Kayla and warns her what could happen if she did not keep her silence. Kayla, however, knows Kate's involvement could help JJ's case. After the call, Steve assures her the truth will all come out ... Eric arrives at JJ's door to talk to the tormented soul. He has been there, he understands ... Will picks up a picture of Sami smiling with him and tells himself she might not be so bad ... Sami struggles with the ring. Rafe says to pull harder and tries to help but her finger is getting swollen. He wishes she had put it in her pocket and they bicker. Hope arrives as Sami is turned to the door and asks what is happening here ...


All the drama in Salem on Monday, December 11