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- Paulina has room service and red wine waiting for Abe’s lunch appointment. She shoos spoiled Chanel away from the food ... Jack is at Julie’s Place, where she shares all the latest on audacious Paulina ... Lani stares at the check she wants to return to Paulina. Eli would rather keep it ... At the square café Claire and Theo talk Ciara. He assures her her old pal will be more pleasant when she remembers her. The world is always better with Ciara. Claire questions him on his feelings ... Ben marvels to hypnotist expert Marlena that Ciara is going to get her memories all back ... Theo insists Ciara is a friend. Claire senses he still cares. He complains he has enough on his plate with a girlfriend from the past who showed up in Salem. Apparently she has family here. Claire is curious but Theo knows not their names ... Paulina suggests Chanel go search for a job while she has her lavish biz meeting ... Lani thinks the gift is too lavish, but Eli argues college costs. They could use their hard-earned money for other family things ... Ben has high hopes and Marlena invites him to wait outside Ciara’s room ... Claire is grateful Theo is treating her to lunch unlike that girl who tried to stiff her with a big bill. Ben calls with big news. He is heading to the hospital where Ciara is about to be hypnotized. Claire is on her way. Theo seems disappointed ... Chanel happens by, puts her hand on his shoulder and flirts like there is no tomorrow ...
- Julie is stunned as Jack tells her the sad strange story of Sarah leaving her groom for Rex. Xander said she could not get over the baby switch. She wonders how he fares. Suddenly Xander staggers in slurring for a drink. He slams the door in his drunken despair and demands a double scotch. Julie politely and petulantly refuses. Jack offers to take him home and ushers the defiant dumped groom out ... Lani recounts how Paulina gave her a pony and more gifts, but her mother made her return them. Eli believes the college fund is different for tis a better future for their twins ... Abe arrives at the square and Theo introduces smiling Chanel his ex. Abe is happy to make her acquaintance and heads off for his meeting. Theo is surprised Chanel stayed in Salem. He is heading back to South Africa in a few days. Chanel asks to come with and flirts fate brought them back together. She asks to move in with him as well ... Claire approaches Ben outside Ciara’s room, anxious for word. He tells her they must wait ... Inside her room, Marlena prepares Salem patient Ciara for the flooding back of memories. Time to close her beautiful eyes and hear only Marlena’s voice. Tis the summer of her motorcycle crash ... Theo is suspicious of Chanel’s motives, given she dumped him before ... Paulina has ribeye steak and red wine waiting for Abe to accompany her pitch. Health concsious Abe explains he already did what he can for the lease she wanted but Paulina has an even bigger pitch to present ...
- Lani fears Paulina always has an angle. Eli convinces her there is nothing aunty could possibly want from them. They both look at the blank check on the table ... Marlena takes Ciara back to summer 2018. Ciara was speeding away on her bike, upset about catching Claire with Tripp. Things go black. Marlena asks about after the accident, where she woke up. Ciara draws a blank. Marlena mentions the cabin and Ciara suddenly sees herself on the bed. She hyperventilates in horror ... Jack accompanies hot mess Xander to the park. He refuses to return to his room for he saw a vision of Sarah there in her dress. He takes a bottle from his pocket and tells Jack to leave him be unless he wants to drink together ... Eli and Lani are surprised to see Theo with Chanel at the square. Lani explains the complicated family connection. Eli suspiciously calls it a coincidence ... Mayor Abe is impressed with Paulina’s preparation when she presents a report on her plan for the town square. Her dream is a diverse indoor marketplace. He admits he would like to see more black-owned businesses. Paulina adds women and LGBTQ to the picture. She talks diversity for the jobs as well and positive publicity for scandalous Salem. Mayor Abe is mighty intrigued but what could he do? She sighs the town square is a historic property so Abraham would need to approve - aka fast track - her re-zoning application ... Claire waits with Ben, who suggests Marlena might start with when Ciara woke up in the cabin. Oh oh ...
- Ciara gasps as she remembers the smoke making her cough, the fire in the cabin. Marlena gets her to come back. Ciara believes the fire was set by Ben ... Eli apologizes for the other day. Chanel insists it is alright. Theo wants to know more and learns her mom confiscated her credit cards. He concludes that was why she wanted to reconcile, pays, and leaves in a hurt huff ... Paulina suggests an exemption for the greater good. She does not deny she will make a profit and likens it to oxygen. Abe chuckles and argues even if he approved, the building owners would have to agree to sell. Paulina is confident she can make that happen and sweetly asks Mr. Mayor if they have a deal ... Marlena denies Ben was the firestarter. Ciara demands a name. Now ... Xander is snoozing on a park bench when Chanel stops and complains out loud about her family conspiring against her. Xander wakes up and offers sweethot a swig ... Theo storms into Julie’s Place wanting a whisky sour. He was horrified to hear his ex was really Paulina’s daughter. Julie is all ears ... Mayor Abe agrees to assist and offers his hand to shake on their deal. Paulina gets her arms around him until ... Knock knock! Tis stunned Lani and Eli. Abe smiles he will be in touch with Paulina later and exits ... Eli and Lani are here to accept her generous offer for the twins. Powerful Paulina is over the moon ... Claire notes no news is a good sign so far, since the hypnosis is working, and tells Ben ... Ciara threatens to check online and implores Marlena to tell her who tried to burn the cabin down when she was in it. CLAIRE.


Luv Cathy

The Salem Story on Tuesday, April 6, 2021