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- Lonely heart Ben returns home and takes out the ring and other items connected to Ciara, including Alice in Wonderland. However, he seems to have forgotten the sequel. At that very moment Ciara spies the book on her night table ... Stylish Belle and furious Shawn discuss what to do about Jan, who will accuse John of trying to kill her if Shawn dares to arrest her ... John laments not knowing more to Marlena than the gunshot that haunts him ... Tripp announces he wants Allie to know something about Charlie ... In Rafe’s cozy kitchen Ava admits she perceived Tripp taking off in a hurry just before she came across shot dead Charlie! Sami confessed so she kept her silence. Nicole deduces she thinks Tripp did it ... Tripp admits to Allie he visited Charlie that fateful night... Marlena goes over the details with John. He cannot remember more than the horrible pain in his head and wonders what if he did it ... Belle points out Jan wants them to panic but they will not. Shawn believes in Belle, who believes in him. She goes to see her parents as Shawn heads to see his sister. They agree to rendezvous and come up with a plan ... Ciara stares at the book Ben left behind and remembers his sweet plea to please remember their love. Still alone in his room, Ben holds his book in his hand and senses her. Ciara suddenly feels the past when she reads as Ben also remembers. He was at the glass wall and she raised her hand to touch his through the glass. They were both through the looking glass. Ciara now repeats he found her and holds up her hand, but the wall is not there for she is in her hospital bed ...
- John reasons he was enraged enough to do it. Belle arrives and he asks about awake Jan. She warned she would accuse John of attempted murder if Shawn arrested her ... Free stylish Sami shows up at Allie’s door before Tripp can continue his tale ... Nicole deduces Tripp offed Charlie but Ava disagrees. They all threatened Charlie! Nicole has no idea Sami has been released and insists on revealing Tripp’s secret visit to Rafe ... Rafe interrupts with news - Sami was set free for she was on a flight when someone fired the fatal shot. Ava immediately asks about other suspects ... Allie introduces somewhat surprised Sami to Tripp. She feels badly he was wrongly accused about Allie. He assures her they are good now and Allie sweetly agrees. Sami is not sorry about Charlie. Tripp gets it ... Belle joins Marlena and John, who wants Jan stopped stat! Belle tries to be calm about it. Ben comes by with his book so Marlena steps in the hall for a word. He murmurs he got a message from Ciara ... Ciara has tears in her eyes as she stares at the book. Enter concerned brother Shawn. She asks after mama Hope and wishes he would call her. He tried but she must be in an out-of-service area. He will resume his search for her after he handles a problem in Salem. Ciara misses her mom. He asks about the book. She updates him on the items Ben brought by. He forgot this one. She denies having any real memories ...
- Ben is convinced he connected with Ciara after accidentally leaving Through the Looking Glass with her. When he opened his book he remembered the dream he had when they met one another at the looking glass. It was a sign! Marlena has not heard from her but Ben believes the road to her memory return is just beginning ... Belle ends a work call and tells John the good news that Sami was released. John asks about suspects. Belle alludes to Charlie’s endless enemies ... Allie gushes how great Tripp is with Henry. Sami is happy to hear it and updates her curious daughter on how the timeline revealed she could not have been with Charlie when he was shot. That means after Allie left and before Sami arrived was when the killer struck ... Rafe notes he has nothing new and needs to eat something before getting back to the case. He offers to make tacos and invites Nicole. After he steps away, Ava implores Nicole not to implicate her good son Tripp. They step outside to talk. Ava warns she would ruin her life as well as Tripp’s ... Sami wonders about other suspects. Henry cries so she scurries off to hold her beloved grandson. Allie is all smiles, then solemnly turns back to Tripp. She wants him to continue his story about when he saw Charlie that night and hopes he did not do it ...
- Belle informs John she has concerns about Jan getting to fragile Claire again ... Marlena believes Ben does have a connection with Ciara. He wants to go see her again. She suggests he wait a wee longer. True love lasts ... Shawn bore witness to Ben’s devotion to Ciara and argues he saved her. She calls him crazy cos he claimed they have a psychic connection. Shawn advises her to discuss with Marlena. She admits she already did, and she suggested hypnosis ... Allie assures Tripp he can trust her. Sami interrupts holding the baby. Tripp hastily excuses himself ... The gals go inside, where chef Rafe awaits with his tacos. He wonders what Nicole wanted to tell him. She fibs it was about Duke the teddy bear getting a little torn, stammers she will sew it back and hastily excuses herself. Ava is visibly relieved ... Belle will deal with Jan. John gets cryptic about taking care of it and insists Shawn lock the loon up ... Marlena is with Ben when she gets the call from Shawn about Ciara agreeing to hypnosis ... Sami concludes Allie can forget the Charlie Dale drama now. Allie soap stares ... Nicole runs into Tripp at the square, mentions Sami being set free and adds the real culprit will be caught soon. Tripp stammers in agreement and takes off ... Rafe and Ava are taco-ing together. When he mentions Tripp she gets tense and emotionally reveals her relief Charlie is gone. She would not care if the commissioner dropped the case! Rafe sighs he loves Allie and wishes he could, but he is bound by justice ... Haunted hero John hears another gunshot and announces he must pay for any crime he committed ... Ben grabs Marlena in a bear hug when she announces Ciara agreed to hypnosis. Meanwhile sleeping beauty Ciara holds Alice Through the Looking Glass close to her heart.


Luv Cathy

The Salem Story on Monday, April 5, 2021