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Thursday, April 12, 2018
Episode 13,315
1000 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)

Now without further ado ...


Kate wonders about the secret DiMera door. Enter P.I. Paul and he can see she has something on her mind ... At the park Leo complains about Sonny giving him the royal brushoff now that he works at Titan. Vivian orders him to have another tryst with Sonny as part of her wicked plan ... At the Kiriakis mansion Arianna has been put to bed. Sonny and Justin talk about the tragedy of Gabi. Justin admits the girl is not doing well ... At the pub Will enjoys a meal with new boss Adrienne – until she brings up an article she wants to him write about himself. This was not what he was expecting ... Rafe has defiantly placed Hope’s signed annulment papers in the trash. He refuses to give up on them, gets seductively close and then goes. Hope cannot help but grin ... As Viv bugs Leo to bed Sonny, Sonny opens up to Justin about Leo now working for him. Justin agrees it is unwise to have a workplace romance ... especially if you happen to be the boss .. Will thinks he is not so exciting a topic. Adrienne explains she actually wants him to investigate his own death. Will the writer gets less interested by the Salem second ...

Kate becomes impatient for an update from Paul. He tells her he tailed subject Vivian to the Kiriakis mansion, where she tried to reach out to Maggie and Victor. It was odd. Kate is disappointed there is nothing more concrete to report and lets him know he should have come up with more. Paul points out he and John have more than one case and things have been hectic with Steve not being around. Kate gets fed up and wonders whether she should fire him ... Justin wonders whether Sonny could terminate Leo’s Titan employment. Sonny would rather not do that. Justin thinks all is not lost but Leo should be the one to leave Titan if they want to keep seeing each other. Vivian now makes Leo call Sonny for another café meet up. He insists he see him soon ... Rafe later arrives to discuss the travesty of Gabi with Justin, who assures him he has already begun the appeal process. Rafe wishes he had been able to find something to save her. He also asks him to be his lawyer as he fights Hope’s attempt to annul their marriage ... At the station Ciara wishes her mother would give Rafe another chance just as Shawn suggested when she was in Hong Kong ...

Will thinks his meeting with Adrienne has taken a macabre turn. She insists she is interested in the medical perspective of how Rolf revived him, regarding that injection ... Working girl Claire has bickered over the Bella contest with Ciara at the square. She now tries to get Tripp to help promote her on a social media video she is making ... At the park Sonny meets Leo as Vivian spies on them from the bushes. Sonny becomes suspicious as Leo has chosen a somewhat secluded spot. He steals a kiss and Sonny is appalled – even more so when Leo suggests they keep their relationship a secret and invites him back to his place ... Will makes it clear he would rather not interview crazy Susan as part of any article ...

As Claire begs Tripp to help her, Ciara boasts to Hope how she is beating her. Hope cannot condone her attitude. Ciara quips Claire was the one who started this war ... Justin patiently informs Rafe that there is really nothing he can do to prevent Hope’s annulment. However he can stall. Rafe likes the sound of that and alludes to him and Adrienne being romantic role models. Justin gets some things – or people - are worth fighting for. Rafe feels the same way ... Adrienne insists that Will seek out Susan for an interview due to her direct connection with the late Dr. Rolf. He laments he knows she is still in the loonie bin and has not recovered from her break with reality. Bad karma ... Kate is convinced her clan faces a clear and present danger. Paul points out P.I. work can take time so she should be patient. She decides to give him a chance after all and makes reference to how happy he seems to make Will ...

Sonny refuses to be Leo’s secret lover and warns him papa attorney Justin was also against such an association. He suggests he quit if he wants them to keep seeing one another. Leo is not in the least bit interested in that idea ... At the pub Kate and Will end up having a drink and a conversation together. He appreciates her offer that he work with her but just started a new writing job at the Spectator ... Tripp feels as a friend he would rather not come between Claire and Ciara. Claire feels sorry for herself. Ciara is smug as a bug until she later finds out Tripp decided to vote for Claire ...

Claire finally gets some facetime with Theo after she heads home. She slyly suggests he get her more followers so she can win the contest. He got her extra followers before ... Kate agrees with Adrienne’s interest in anything that could make medical advances, even if it includes investigating Dr. Rolf’s injections. As a survivor of cancer she feels rather strongly on the subject and says so to Will ... Rafe smugly tells surprised Hope that he has a lawyer regarding her annulment ... Vivian emerges from the bushes after Sonny has stormed off. She leers Leo needs to do something! They walk away in different directions as though they do not know each other well but Paul has overheard and now has a very hot lead indeed ... Meanwhile Sonny storms home and complains to his content parents about Leo’s nerve. If only he knew the truth ...


All the drama in Salem on Thursday, April 12