Days of Our Lives Summary September 21, 2009!
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Monday, September 21, 2009
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- Chloe begs Lucas to do the right thing and stop Kate! She tries
to get out of bed so Lucas summons a nurse to stop her from ripping out the IV and leaving.
- At the motel, Stefano informs Kate his reach is long. Not to
worry about Jonas. He calls a contact and then assures Kate he
will be found within 15 minutes. Jonas will be intercepted and eliminated before he gets to the hospital. Knock knock! It is Housekeeping. Stefano wants the entire room cleaned and the cleaning service he ordered removes DNA as well as fingerprints! Kate coos she came to the right person. Ring ring! Tis Lucas with
news. Chloe has been sedated. He tells Kate of Chloe's accusation that she must have poisoned her. He sarcastically asks if she tried
to kill his wife. She reminds him the last time he said that, it hurt her. He is sorry he brought it up. She asks him to tell her when Daniel arrives at the hospital .
Meanwhile Daniel staggers thru the park and falls in some bushes. He raises his groggy head and stands up, determined to keep going.
Daniel eventually staggers into the hospital. A cop on Stefano's payroll intercepts him in the hall, after calling Stefano, to inform him the target is there. Dan breathes to the cop he is not the bad guy. The cop says he wants his statement, yet before he can haul him outta there, Lucas approaches and starts to trash talk the doc. The officer says he will need statements from both of them. Lucas morphs into a tough guy. "You want my statement?" POW! Dan goes down from the punch. Knocked out again!
- At Kiriakis mansion, Phil ends a call with Brady when Roman shows up. He is looking for Kate, who is now a person of interest!
- At the police station, Maggie has good news for Mel and Nath. They are being hailed heroes, and Micky is still working on bail.
All of a sudden a cop comes along and informs Nath he is free to go, though Mel stays! Roman arrives and explains. Nath can be
released as he has no criminal record, unlike Mel,who has a record in Europe. She will have to spend the night in jail,  unless she can come up with the ten thousand in bond. Nathan declares he will get the money and takes his leave. Exit Roman. Moments later, much to Mel's surprise, Phil shows up.
- Chez Maggie, Nath is ready to go out and pawn some of his belongings, including his guitar. Maggie stops him. She had said she would write a check. Nath explains he feels responsible and wants to bail Melanie out. Maggie wonders if what he really wants is to
be Melanie's savior! She reminds Nath that from the moment she set foot in Salem, Melanie has been infatuated with Philip Kiriakis. Nathan indicates he does not think of her that way, though his eyes betray his emotions. He can take care of himself and tells Maggie not to worry. She quietly accepts his answer and he leaves to take care of Mel.
- Meanwhile, back at the police station. Phil hands Mel a mug of coffee and drawls he is there to pay her bail. He is surprised she never told him she was arrested. Phil notes how amazing it was for Nathan to risk everything. Mel points out it was Dan's idea. Phil, however, still has doubts about the doc and gets annoyed at the thought of him suggesting Kate was the one who poisoned Chloe! He wants to know if Mel believes it. Mel sidesteps. She is not acquainted with Kate. The prodigal son insists his mom is innocent. Mel understands. But if his mom is in trouble cos Mel helped Daniel prove his innocence, perhaps he should not bail her out
after all. He insists he will bail her out. She questions what his parents would say. Perhaps he should walk away, since all she
does is cause trouble. Phil puts his hand on her shoulder. He will never walk away from her. He tells her to hang tight and saunters off. Mel smiles. Enter Nathan. He got the money. Mel now tells him Phil is taking care of it. Nathan's face falls.
- At DiMera mansion, Stefano pleasantly toasts "Katherine" and they drink to her freedom. The phoenix now states his price by showing her a lengthy document. Kate reads it, her face filled with dismay. "I didn't expect that."  The phoenix reminds her if she walks away ... Kate angrily sends the chess pieces flying off the table with a sweep of the hand and exclaims alright, he wins! Stefano takes her by the shoulders, warning "You will watch your temper and you will treat me with respect." Kate relents, her eyes filled with frustrated tears. The phoenix chuckles at her reluctance. Does she fear what her family will say about her being in bed with the so-called enemy? She admits their relationship has always been complicated. Her family will simply have to understand. He orders her to sign. She complies and glumly hands back the lengthy document. Stefano says she has made him a happy man. Ring
ring! He answers the call. "What?" He has no desire to hear any excuses and orders his man to remain on scene and keep him informed. He then turns to Kate and updates her. There has been
a slight problem. Kate sighs.  Did his people find Daniel or not? Stefano warns her her phone is about to ring. And so it does. Tis Lucas, who announces he just got arrested for punching Daniel. Kate wants to know where he saw him. At the hospital. Kate tells Lucas she will meet him at the police station and prepares to leave. "Not without me, darling,"  commands Stefano.  They head for the front door together and then Phil calls Kate on her cell. He warns her that Roman is looking for her as a person of interest in Chloe's poisoning. Phil does not believe she did it. She promises him everything will be fine and ends the call, leaving with her new protector. 
- Still at the police station, Roman has Mel sign for her release as Phil stands by and thanks Nathan for what he did for Chloe. Nath suggests he thank Dr. Jonas. Roman grins and tells Nath and Mel
to stay out of trouble. Phil and Nath argue over who gets to take Mel home. Nath issues a warning. He will not tolerate him playing games with her. Furthermore, if he is not really interested in her,
he should back off. Phil wonders if Nath is interested in her. Nath declares he is! Mel stares wide-eyed at her competing suitors.
- At the Brady house, Hope comes home with Ciara, who has just had a therapy session. Hope sends her upstairs to pack and then tells a stunned Bo "We're leaving." The doc suggested a new environment for Ciara, given what happened there. Hope intends
to take her to Doug and Julie's vacation house. Bo states he can take two weeks off. Hope, however, does not want him to come with them! Dr. Hancock also said that Ciara has been sensing the tension between the two parents. Bo disagrees. Hope looks at him accusingly and reminds him "You gambled with our daughter's
life." Bo gets exasperated. He loudly complains she keeps trying to put him thru hell, instead of being happy their daughter is home. Only Dean is to blame. Not him and not her. But Hope is firm.
She points out that even now, Ciara can hear him. Bo retorts she did the same - leaving after blaming him - when Zack died,  and they almost lost their marriage that time so now what! She throws back at him that he lied to her about the Zack incident and then let Billie and Chelsea lie to her as well! He admits he made some bad choices in trying to protect her. He adds that they worked hard to make their marriage strong again. She alludes to the fact that she
no longer trusts him. Bo is offended. What about how he feels or how Ciara will feel that he is not here? Knock knock. The commissioner impatiently opens the door. "What!" Enter Justin, after Hope asks him in and declares she and Bo are done. Bo
slams the door and angrily asks Justin if he is going with Hope and
Ciara. The discord continues. Justin did not know they were going anywhere. Bo thinks he is covering. And what does he want? He needs to speak with Hope. Bo gets a call. He wants Jonas found and walks out, chastising the detective on the other end for being ineffectual. Justin advises Hope to go after Bo. Hope looks very unhappy. To stay would be bad for Ciara. She claims this is not about her leaving Bo. The time away will help hem. Justin implies he already knows that time away does not help and departs.
Later on, Bo and Ciara are playing cards. She wins and he hugs her. She gives him a kiss as Hope comes down, all packed. She sends Ciara upstairs to get her tommybear. Jealous Bo asks what Justin's advice to Hope was. He thinks they will be spending the night together. Hope tells him Justin advised her to stay with Bo, but now she realizes more than ever that she has to go! Ciara comes downstairs and Bo tells his little girl goodbye. Ciara wants mommy to hug daddy goodbye. Hope complies and then walks away with her, Bo watching from the doorway.
- At the hospital, nurse Maxine has a look at Dan's x-ray as he sleeps in a bed. Someone hit him but good before Lucas did! The nurse returns to the waiting area. A door opens and Chloe shuffles out looking for Daniel. Maxine offers to take her to him. They
enter the room of the sleeping doc and Maxine gives them a moment. Chloe sits down and strokes his face. Daniel opens his eyes. "Chloe, please tell me this isn't a dream."  She hopes the
same thing. "I love you," says she. He breathes he missed her
much. They kiss.
- At a holding room in the police station, Roman chastises Lucas. Kate arrives. Roman must check something out for a moment and advises then to stay put. Kate asks Lucas if he is alright. Enter Stefano, as a supporter, she explains. Kate has wonderful news. They are getting married. A frown creases Lucas' brow. The phoenix grins like a cheshire cat ...!

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"I think this is something that I need to settle with Philip on
my own," Brady informs Victor.
"You were upset because you think I said it against your mom,"
Mel says to Phil.
Lucas faces off with Kate. "How could you marry a man who
tried to kill your own son!"