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At the cabin, Mel and Ari gloat over being ahead in the poker game.
Mel suggests seven card STUD. Brady realizes she has been bad, counting cards. Nathan teases it must be his body driving women to desperate measures. The gang joke around. The guys want their
clothes back. Mel quips she will sell Nathan's. Ari has Brady's clothes and laughs the two guys will have to head back to Salem in their
boxers! Nathan must pay to get his clothes back. Mel offers to buy
him dinner with his cash. He is amused she can count cards. Brady
has an idea for Ari. He will buy her dinner if she gives his clothes
back. She accepts and they smile at each other. Nathan then drops a bomb on Mel. He is her nursing teacher's assistant and suggests she study hard for the upcoming test! The ferry comes and the gang  prepare to leave.
- At the hospital, Mel and Nathan later trade barbs. He reminds her to study and not to forget that she owes him a dinner!
- Meanwhile, Brady and Ari stroll along and make dinner plans. They stand close and he compliments her on her smile. Ari has a question. When Nathan had mentioned beer, Brady and Mel exchanged a tense glance. Brady comes clean about being a recovering booze and bad cocaine addict. He was in rehab and still goes to meetings. He is glad it came up as he wanted her to know. Now he talks food. Ari, however, does not think this is going to work, She no longer thinks they should have dinner ...
- At the house of Kiriakis, Bo implies Phil should walk away from papa Vic and Titan and all the power if he really wants Steph. In addition, if he cannot bear to lose said power, he should be honest with Stephanie about it. Phil sighs he loves her. But it is a tough decision. Phil refuses to give up the idea that he can have it all. Bo attempts to reason with him. Poor Steph was becoming someone she did not wish to be and
Phil should not do that to the woman he loves. Phil complains there is no job he would love more than Titan.
- At the pub, replay of Steph telling Vic the engagement is off. And he cannot stop her! Vic claims he is concerned for the people he loves and he is sad to see her and Phil break up. They are so in love. Steph talks survival. Vic wants a favor. "No," says she. The Greek tycoon looks her in the eye and asks her to consider what she is doing very carefully. Steph starts to talk about the Wizard of Oz and compares big bad Vic
to the wizard, adding she is not afraid of him. Vic patiently explains
that if she testifies against EJ, people she loves could be killed. Steph gets sarcastic. Vic praises her for being like her grandmother. Steph laments she should have listened to grandma Caroline in the first place. Vic, however, thinks she and Phil are deeply in love. Steph quips Vic will change his mind when he hears her testify against EJ tomorrow!
Vic thinks she would be wise to stop and consider what she is going to do. Phil approaches and growls at the Greek tycoon to leave it alone. They will work this out together, alone! Vic remains inside the pub and watches thru the window as Steph and Phil walk and talk. Caroline approaches his table. Despite the smile on her face, she makes no
secret of the fact that she is livid over Steph becoming a pawn in the war between the Kiriakis and DiMera clan. "Leave her alone!" Vic
does not think this is their history repeating itself. But Caroline insists
he must leave those two kids alone!
Outside, Steph lets Phil know she has an interview at the hospital. She is leaving Titan. And she will not change her mind about anything. He says he can leave the family for her if that is what she wants. She does not think it would work. She sniffles he must believe it is over and let her go. Time to say goodbye. He tells her goodbye and she unhappily walks away.
- Mel later joins Phil at the pub. He is a million miles away. He would like to know what she has on her mind. A great guy she met! Mel soon sees something is not quite right with Philip. "Stephanie broke off the engagement," he says. Mel assures him she will unbreak it again, cos
he is the only person in the world for her.
- Back at the hospital, the nurse compliments Steph on her super interview. Steph turns to leave and bumps into Nathan. She smiles ...
- At DiMera mansion, Nicole informs a stunned EJ that Steph has broken up with Philip Kiriakis and will be implicating Elvis in her kidnapping at the custody hearing tomorrow! She will help Sami and
get back at Elvis in the same breath. Elvis calls it unfortunate. Nicole wonders what he intends to do about it. He yells that Steph must be hysterical and perhaps Philip is putting her up to it! Besides, the judge
is on their side. Nicole is doubtful. Elvis snaps he does not like her attitude. She warns him that Steph has NEVER told a lie in her life
and she wants to help her cousin. "She is one hell of a witness!"
Elvis calls Nicole disloyal. She insists she is worried. What if the judge decides to rule against the crime family? Steph will testify in open court so the press will get wind of it, not to mention the D.A., who will not
let it slip. Nicole begs him to think of what he plans o do. He solemnly ponders her words. Nicole later returns with baby Syd, to show him what is at stake. Elvis reminds her she originally supported him in his bid for custody. She cries she just does not want him to go to jail. He points out this is not just about her and Syd, as he has another child. Nicole understands and implores him to also do right by Johnny. He insists he is and that is why he does not want him raised by his lying mother. Nicole does not think his wanting to hit back at Sami will work in the long run. "You're just furious that Sami played God, and what's Johnny gonna think when he finds out?" Elvis has a drink. Nicole is afraid he will end up in jail, or if not, Johnny will hate him for taking him away from his mother. He is Stefano's grandson so his hatred will be cold and unyielding. Elvis suspects she is talking about her own feelings. Nicole sighs she could never hate him. She loves him and he and Syd are her whole world. She understands about loss and fighting
to keep what one has, but what if things do not turn out the way he hopes? She cries and begs him not to risk losing what they have. Elvis relents. He is sorry. He does trust her and sees she is trying to help.
The mood becomes happy again. She is on his side and has said what she had to say. She asks him to just be himself - the man she loves. They hug on it.
- At the park, Hope is with Ciara. She gives her Mr. Giraffe to play
with instead of tommybear and reminds her to play where she can see her. Ciara skips away to play. Hope soon talks with another mom, Ellen, who promises to watch Ciara until Hope comes back from a meeting with Bo. Ellen has noticed something is bothering her friend. Ciara plays and later makes a trade with her friend. She exchanges the giraffe for a teddy bear she thinks looks like her tommybear.
- At Java Cafe, Hope and Bo are at a table. She calls him a good man for trying to talk to Phil, but Bo is exasperated. "I just wanted to smack him upside the head!" He should have walked away from the Kiriakis power to be with Steph. BOPE are mighty impressed with Stephanie's return to honesty. Bo believes Phil could be happy like him if only he gave up the Kiriakis power for the woman he loved. The conversation soon turns to the latest vision Bo had of Ciara. Hope is worried that something might happen to her. After losing Zack ... she could not go thru it again. Bo and Hope eventually head for the park to pick up Ciara, who, unbeknownst to them, has "tommybear" in her backpack.
- Back at DiMera mansion, Elvis tells Nicole he does not wish to put
his family thru the trauma of the custody trial. He will do what is safer and he will come to some arrangement with Samantha. However, he will never forgive her. "If anybody ever betrays me like that again,
they will be punished ...!"
Nicole's eyes fill with dread as she remembers her own betrayal!

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Mel tells Brady she is doing damage control. He disagrees and insists
he can handle his own life, but she explains she is working for Philip right now.
Steph tells Phil on her cell. "We need a clean break, okay. Don't
call me again."

You need to call someone up to do your dirty work for you.
Are you afraid to break a nail or something?

ELVIS (seething)
No, I'm not!

Thursday, July 9, 2009


At the house of Kiriakis, manservant Henderson opens the door to Steph. Phil appears, pleased to see her, though she did not plan to see him. He whips out a velvet box. "Peace offering." A necklace with the Greek symbol for eternity. Steph refuses to accept the gift. Fact of the matter is she only came by to return her car key and car. It is over. He will not listen, however. Steph cries she cannot sleep or think straight. He laments she is the only woman for him. Simple Steph does not wish to live without him but does not know what else to do. He suggests
they run away to Greece together, like she asked before. She starts to cry more. They kiss. The prodigal son vows he would do anything for her. He wants her now. Sniffling Steph pulls away and announces she can only be safe without him. He needs to accept it this time. Exit
Steph, who does not want to live as a frightened Kiriakis.
- Down at the pier, Bo runs into smug Victor. Bo brings up the feud,
yet the Greek tycoon claims there is no longer any feud between the Kiriakis and DiMera clan. Bo accuses him of threatening Stephanie
into staying silent. Vic calls Steph family and claims he only comforted her. She and Phil are happily engaged. Bo talks justice against the likes of EJ DiMera. Victor mentions peace and warns Bo to drop it.
- Bo later makes for the house of Kiriakis, where he finds Phil alone, drowning his sorrows. He says he ran into Vic, who told him to back
off so he and Steph could be happy. Phil updates Bo. There is no more him and Steph, all because of what is means to be connected to Victor Kiriakis! Bo recalls how he himself once turned his back on the clan
and advises his brother to decide what he really wants - money and power or Stephanie ...
- Outside the Horton cabin, nekid showering Mel is shocked to see Nathan, who is shocked to see her!
Inside, Ari and shirtless Brady come very close to kissing, but are interrupted by the sound of shrieking Mel. They race out to see what the commotion is all about. Brady grabs the peeping tom by the scruff of the neck until Mel points out he is her roommate. Brady realizes this is "the guy" and mutters as much. The fellas start chatting. Shivering Mel is annoyed. The party give her her privacy, but first Nathan would like to know what Brady meant that he was the guy. Mel quips he is
the guy who is super egotistical. He chuckles they need to stop meeting this way and pauses before returning inside. "Lavender, my favorite!"
he teases.
- Back inside, dressed Mel joins the group. Brady is curious how Nathan got there. By using the Horton motorboat, which was on its
last leg. The television does not properly work. What to do? The gang decide to play poker but Mel thinks they should raise the stakes with strip poker! Boys against the girls. The game gets underway. The guys soon lose some items of clothing and Mel gets a full house. The guys are down to their boxer shorts. The game continues ...
- At the Java Cafe, Mia denies that Chad is her boyfriend. Chadman shrugs his shoulders and admits calling himself her boyfriend is an old habit he cannot seem to break. Will gives him the evil eye. Mia says
she cannot talk as she is at work now. Chad expresses his displeasure that she can talk to this dork, but not him! Will tells jerk to leave her alone. "Catch you later, babe," Chad drawls at Mia and walks away, shoving past Will, who wants to know why she never told him about this guy. Mia serves Will, who wants to talk Chad. She pretends he
was only someone she went out with a few times and calls him a psycho. Meanwhile, Chad glares from across the room. Once Mia is
off duty, she and Will decide to go play goofy golf. When she goes home to get changed, Chadman approaches Will. They face off. Will warns him to stay away from Mia. Chad will not and boasts how
much she was into him once upon a time.
- Meanwhile, Mia is alone at Maggie's, remembering how much she cared for Chad in high school. And now they have a baby in Salem!
- At DiMera mansion, Nicole ends her almost call to Sami and smiles
at EJ. He wants to know why she was on the phone to Samantha. "Answer my question," he demands. He raises his voice and accuses
her of keeping something from him. He intends to find out what it is! Nicole pretends Sami has been calling her, to ask her to convince him
to drop the custody suit. Elvis is baffled that she would call Nicole. Nicole points out they are both mothers and perhaps she thought she would be sympathetic. Elvis hopes she is no longer sympathetic, but
she evidently is. EJ loses his cool. "So you're on her side!" His face turns red and he continues to yell about Samantha not telling him about his child until after she was dead. Nicole yells back. When Elvis hears he is her priority, he apologizes for taking out his frustrations on her.
He is sorry Samantha is harassing his wife now. "DAMN HER!"
Nicole calms him down and he praises her for her patience. He is sorry he has been impossible lately. She understands, as he lost a child he never got to meet. Elvis reminds himself he has her and Sydney and a wonderful son. Nicole brings up the fact that this is about more than Grace dying. It is about DECEPTION. Elvis gets teary-eyed and does not want to talk about Samantha. They hug. Enter the phoenix, who praises "the mother of our Sydney," a hint of irony in his voice. Elvis gets a message about the custody case and leaves the room to use his cell. Nicole and Stefano take a seat. He wonders just what her latest devilish exploits might be and laughs, recalling her scarf and sunglasses for a disguise when she arranged for Giovanni to secretly meet his mother Samantha. He knows all, and she is slipping! The phoenix shudders to think what wrath she would incur from Elvis if he knew
the whole truth! Nicole considers and reminds him that he too is
keeping the secret of Sydney and Grace from him! Stefano assures
her he is still her ally, but DiMeras will choose their own blood when forced to make a choice. Miffed Nicole does not want to hear more
and goes outside. Stefano sighs, picks up a wedding picture of Nicole and EJ, and mutters that woman will not deprive him of his progeny (descendants). Enter Elvis. "Are you talking about Nicole?" The
phoenix covers that he was referring to Samantha. EJ remarks that Stefano did not seem bothered by Grace's death and then wonders if
he is just paranoid. He admits he does not understand why Nicole
thinks he is being hard on Samantha, who deceived him and therefore does not deserve to raise his son!
- At Brady pub, Nicole comes across Steph. Mrs. DiMera is looking
for Brady. Steph has not seen him and laments she and Phil are over,
as she called off the engagement. "What happened?" asks Nicole.
Stephanie retorts she cannot live like a Kiriakis. She would have been expected to put the Kiriakis family interests first by lying about E.J.'s involvement in her kidnapping, instead of doing right by her cousin Sami. Nicole's face falls. Does this mean she will testify against Elvis
at the custody hearing tomorrow? "I'm gonna do what's right," quips Steph. Nicole takes it all in and then reacts. She cannot testify against EJ. There is no proof ! Steph suggests she find her conscience. Nicole warns she will do anything to protect her family and storms off as Victor enters. The Greek tycoon sits across the table from Steph and remarks it did not sound like she and Nicole were about to sign a treaty. Steph gets uncomfortable and then declares she and Philip are over,
but Victor refuses to accept her decision ...!
- Nicole returns to DiMera mansion, where EJ is going over custody papers. She nervously announces they have to talk about this situation with Sami. "Everything's changed ...!"

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"I couldn't do it, Brady. I couldn't go through it again," Hope
frowns at Bo.
"I'm sorry but I don't think this is gonna work," Ari informs Brady.
Steph implores Phil to let her go and just say goodbye.
"EJ, is that what you want? Is that what you want for your son?" whispers Nicole.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009


'Tis morning in Salem and its surroundings ...

Ari enters the Horton cabin, only to be followed by Brady. "What the hell are you doing here?" they say in unison! Enter Mel, who eagerly greets them both. They now realize she is trying to fix them up. Brady is not amused. Arianna tries to be upbeat. Mel denies there was any matchmaking going on. They stare at her. She suggests they get started. Ari announces this does not work for her and starts to leave, until Mel brings up the all important fact that there will be no ferry leaving until tonight. They are both miffed. Mel smiles and suggests they work in silence. Shirtless Brady later pours himself a lemonade and asks Mel whatever possessed her to do this. As Ari is not present, Mel confesses she wants to do good. She giggles she will butt out of his love life in the future. Enter Ari, who climbs up on a chair, only to be bumped off by Mel so she falls into Brady's arms!
- At DiMera mansion, pretty young mom Nicole steps out of the room to fetch Syd's bottle. Syd is in her playpen, but when Nicole returns, there is no Syd in sight and her stuffed animals are on the floor. The patio doors are open. Nicole yells for Mary, who has not seen her. Nicole panics. Mary calls 911 to report a missing baby. Now Stefano arrives carrying little Sydney. They have been spending some bonding time together and he hopes they can make it a morning ritual. Like hell they will, retorts the nervous mother! She catches herself and then apologizes. The phoenix reminds her she is in his house. "I own you
and this child," he finishes. Nicole does not like to feel like property
and now understand Sami a little more ...The phoenix is not impressed she has any sympathy for the woman who tried to keep Elvis' child from him. He also disapproves that Nicole does not appear to want Sydney raised as a DiMera and points out that Sydney is HIS blood,
not hers.
- At Java Cafe, EJ gets Johnny a donut. It will be their secret that he
has a donut before breakfast. Little Johnny munches on it and then whispers "Mommy."  He smiles he has a secret about his mommy,
too and giggles, Johnny style! Elvis takes it all in.
- Chez Sami, she wonders why Emily died the day she was supposed
to marry Rafe. Enter Rafe, who has jogged over to see her. He recalls she was quiet at dinner the night before and perceives something is wrong. He is then sorry as he assumes it is over Johnny. The pretty young mom admits she is worried EJ might find out Nicole brought him by. Rafe assures her no court would grant the likes of Elvis custody anyway. He walks off to shower and gallantly promises he will make her breakfast. Sami hastily stuffs Emily's card back in his wallet. Enter Will, who catches her in the act and demands to know what she is doing! Caroline had convinced him to come see her. Will calls her on going thru Rafe's wallet and accuses her of lying yet again when she stammers she was looking for a few dollars, which Rafe knew about. He adds she is probably right not to trust Rafe even though he is all she has left. Sami insists she trusts Rafe ... Shirtless Rafe saunters out and greets Will, who grunts and leaves. Sami is exasperated. Rafe asks
what happened. He sees his wallet has been tampered with and picks it up. "Sami, what have you done now?" The memorial card is sticking out. Sami explains. She does respect his privacy, but he is keeping something from her that is clearly important to him. That is why she cares about it. Perhaps she does not know him very well after all.
- Chez Maggie, Mia hops thru the kitchen and departs for work as Nathan walks in. He tells curious Maggie he had a nice meeting with Alice. And she gave him something - great grandpa Tom's medical bag. She insisted he take it. Maggie is glad, though Nathan appears unsure
he can live up to the standard. Being a doctor is complex. The pressure is on for him to be a hero at Salem U Hospital already. They discuss
the greatness and humility of Dr. Tom Horton, whom he never met. Maggie feels Nathan did the right thing by taking the name of his mom
- Horton. He agrees it is quite a legacy. Maggie advises him to remove the pressure of living up to Tom and carve out his own way. That would make Tom proud.
- At Java Cafe, Mia puts on her apron, ready to start her shift. Chad approaches and she tries to give him the brush-off.  Mia is dismayed
to learn he now works there and just finished his first shift. She sighs. Chad had thought she would be pleased about their working together again. She lectures him for assuming she would be happy to pick up where they left off after he disappeared and she did not hear from him for over a year. Chad says he does not think like that. Perhaps they
can at least be friends. Mia is not interested. She explains she has been thru a lot and has changed. She alludes to the fact that he never called and he points out he was at military school. His parents did not allow him to have anything to do with his old life, yet he thought of her every day. Did she think about him? "No, I didn't," lies the teen, touching her belly as she remembers being pregnant. Chad is glad he found her and he knows she really had been thinking of him. She flashes back to their school moments together and asks him not to discuss it now, as she cannot lose this job. Chadman says he will see her tomorrow and
walks out as Will enters. Mia tells Will she cannot talk at the moment. He retorts he is not really in the mood to talk. Moments later, Chad comes back for his car keys. He spies Will standing with Mia and wonders if this is the reason she has been blowing him off. Will wants to know who he is. "I'm her boyfriend," announces Chad. Will looks him up and down.
- Elvis returns home to DiMera mansion and asks how things are. "Delightful," quips the phoenix. Nicole states Syd was just having some quality time with grandpa. And how is Johnny? Elvis states it was interesting, as he had not realized the secret she shared with the boy concerned his mother Samantha! Nicole acts innocent. Elvis wants answers. Nicole pretends she blurted out something about Sami being impossible and then felt bad about it, so she asked Johnny not to repeat it. "That's it?" probes Elvis. Indeed, says she. Stefano points out it was supposed to be a secret after all, but his eyes are filed with suspicion. Nicole is sorry and apologizes for badmouthing Sami in the little boy's presence. EJ appears to believe her and becomes distracted when pots and pans are heard clanging. He heads off to help Mary with Johnny. Stefano slowly approaches. "Please tell me, Nicole, you would not be foolish enough to lie to my son again now, would you?"  He warns her to be aware of where her loyalties should lie. Nicole proceeds to complain about Rafe nosing around and getting close. Stefano assures her he will handle that one!
- Chez Maggie, Nathan is about to head for the cabin. Maggie lets him know Mel has invited friends to the cabin so they have been uninvited. He, however, seems to want to smooth things over and make sure she accepted his earlier apology ...
- At the cabin, shirtless Brady puts down Ari. They smile knowingly
at Mel, who acts innocent. When Mel bends over, Ari pretends to accidentally spill dirty water - on her head! Brady watches and grins. Mel shrieks and goes outside to shower. Brady teases Ari, who laughs she had it coming. They agree she is sweet but annoying, They now decide that they do not have to walk on egg shells, as they know they are not interested in each other. He gently wipes some paint from her face and she thanks him for catching her. Their eyes lock.
- Outside in the shower, nekid Mel gasps when Nathan walks up and gets an eyeful!
- Back at Sami's place, she accuses Rafe of shutting her out. while he accuses her of not trusting him. She insists she does. Besides, in the custody hearing. they might come after him. Is there a chance that she could lose custody of Johnny because of one of his secrets? What secret, he wonders. Sami points out Emily died young and she does
not understand why he cannot talk about her. Rafe now agrees to tell her everything. He admits Emily was the love of his life and she died unexpectedly the day they were to wed. Sami is sorry. She wonders why he never told her before. "Because it hurts," says he. She asks if there is anything else he would like say. He replies there is not, though Sami clearly has her doubts. Nevertheless, she states she is sorry for
his loss and will not press. She loves him and does not know what she would do without him ...
- Back at DiMera mansion, Nicole is curious how the phoenix intends
to take care of Rafe. He declares there are two ways to eliminate an enemy. Either take his life or make it not worth living. One must simply keep one's hands clean. Enter Elvis, who wishes to talk to wifey alone. Once they have their privacy, he tells her he realizes he has not been easy to live with. And he loves her. He also loves how patient she has been with Johnny. He wanted to show her how grateful he is and gives her a box. Her locket with a new chain and picture of both Sydney and Johnny inside. They hug, declare their love again, and share a tender moment, though Elvis looks preoccupied. He announces he feels lucky to have Nicole after Samantha and all her lies ...
- Meanwhile, Stefano is on his cell in the hall, finding out exactly what happened with Rafe Hernandez and Emily Hudson!
- Back in the living room, Johnny is heard calling out for his daddy so Elvis takes his leave. Nicole promises to wait, but when he is gone
from the room, her smile fades. She looks at a picture of Johnny and promptly dials Sami on her cell. "We need to talk about Johnny," she tells her former nemesis. All of a sudden, EJ reappears in the doorway, folds his arms before his chest, and stares at Nicole, who realizes he
has overheard ...!

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Brady asks Mel if she has any better suggestions. "How about strip poker?" she grins as Ari looks and Nathan nods.
"Why don't you just leave her the hell alone, jerk!" Will yells at Chad.
"The only way I can be safe is if I'm not with you." Steph moans to Phil.

Monday, July 6, 2009


On the Kiriakis terrace, Lucas boasts to Kate that the preview focus groups for the show loved Chloe and Daniel together. Ring ring! He takes the call and goes inside. Kate gloats the end is near! She flashes back to her wicked ways of poisoning the apple, encouraging Chloe to eat it, etc. "First Chloe, then Daniel," the black widow seethes. She takes out her edited recording which sounds like Daniel is threatening Chloe to do what he wants or he will make her pay. When it is over, Lucas returns. He asks what Daniel was saying and why she had him recorded. She covers by claiming she records all strategy meetings.
After all, she wants the show and his lovely wife to succeed ...
- On Chloe's doorstep, replay of her collapsing in Dan's arms. He begs her to hang on and open her eyes! She opens her big eyes and he
makes her stay awake. Daniel lifts her in his arms and races for the hospital! Once at the hospital, she is placed in a bed and Dan insists
she stay awake. The nurse will test her blood. Dr. Lexie watches.
Chloe has severe abdominal pain. They do not yet know the cause.
Dan is emotionally involved and Lexie cannot help but notice. Her high fever is dangerously bad. Lexie feels her husband should be there. Dan tells her to have someone call him and returns to Chloe's bedside. "My heart is pounding so fast," says the Salem patient as Dan squeezes her hand and the nurse holds a compress on her head. She moans she is in pain. Dr. Dan explains something is overwhelming her system but they will get thru it. "I'm glad you're here," Chloe whispers.
- Back at the Kiriakis terrace, Lucas notices that Kate keeps looking
at her watch. They are supposed to go over more advertising. All of a sudden, Lexie calls Lucas and summons him to the hospital. He is on his way! Kate accompanies him, muttering she would not miss this for the world.
- Lucas arrives at the hospital with Kate, as Lexie and Maggie await. Lexie tells him she collapsed and promises they will figure out what is wrong. He fears the cancer might have returned. Kate peers through
the window and sees Daniel standing at Chloe's bedside. She silently hopes that by the time they figure out what ails Chloe, it will be too
late! Dan emerges with the news that the fever is down and Chloe seems better, though they do not know what caused it. Maggie is relieved. Lucas looks concerned. Dan explains the blood work came back negative so he has sent it back to be re-tested. Lucas goes in to
see his groggy wife. Kate asks about the blood work. Dan is baffled
that it yielded no results as he is convinced she was poisoned! Kate tells Daniel he must have been pretty concerned. Dan gets testy and walks off. Kate thinks he is acting too concerned and that is just purrfect!
Inside the Salem patient's room, Lucas asks how she is feeling. Better. She felt like someone had tried to squeeze the life out of her. "Thank God for Daniel," says Lucas. Enter Kate, who teases her for stealing
the spotlight. Lucas suspects it was due to overwork and wants her to cut back on her schedule. Kate suggests they wait to see how she feels in the morning. Chloe admits she feels much better now, like a miracle. "That Dr. Dan is a miracle worker, isn't he?" Kate remarks "Thank
God he was by your side!" She is sure Daniel will work to get to the bottom of this. Chloe states that they are working together now, so she would rather have another doctor. Kate tries to talk her out of it, but Lucas agrees with his beloved.
At the nurse's station, Maggie approaches anxious Dan and wonders
if he should be Chloe's doctor. He insists he must and it is his decision! Lexie approaches with the results of the second round of blood work. Dan has a look and sighs in exasperation. "This cannot be possible!" Everything seems normal. Dan wonders how she could have wound
up with the symptoms of poisoning after taking a bite of an apple. "Clinically impossible," agrees Lexie. Dan declares he will call in a specialist. Lexie gives him the name of a specialist who is an expert in toxins. Once she is gone, Maggie approaches again. She understands how hard this is for him. Dan now worries that his proximity will cause problems for Chloe from Kate, so perhaps he should remove himself from the case. Maggie too has noticed how Kate has been goading him and cannot make any sense of it. Surely she would never tell Lucas of their affair. Meanwhile, Kate silently vows that next time, Chloe's predicament will be MUCH MUCH worse!
- Chez Sami, replay of her finding Emily's death announcement in Rafe's wallet. Out walks Rafe in a towel. Why does she have his
wallet? Sami makes a sheepish face and points out she only has two dollars, handing back the wallet. Rafe only has four bucks so he will pick up the Chinese food, as there is an ATM next to it. Sami gasps in agreement. Rafe asks if she would care to join him in the shower. She will be right there. Rafe saunters off to the shower. Sami whips out the card and growls why did she have to find this thing! They are later dressed and happy together after the shower. Rafe commends Sami on not pushing him about the girl from his past. He loves her. She loves him, too. Exit Rafe. Sami studies the card and growls again.
- At the pub, Max is back at work. Bo calls. He is on his way over to say goodbye, as Max is taking the redeye to London. Max wants to ask him something, too. Enter Caroline. She wonders what she will do without him. She will miss him as he is her youngest. All will be fine with the new manager. Ari overhears and looks surprised. Caroline chides him for not telling her yet. Max announces their new manager is going to be her! He tells her why she would be perfect - and she gets along with Caroline. Ari accepts and they shake on it. Bo soon arrives and teases Max about when he will start speaking with a British accent. Maxman becomes serious.
- Chez Maggie, Nathan returns from a jog and helps himself to a beverage in the kitchen. Mel is weepy over big bro Max leaving town. He is all she has, the only person who cares about her. Nath reassures her there are others who care. He offers to take her out for a bite to
eat after he showers. He thinks she should stop being down on herself. Exit Nathan. Mel continues to cry.
- At Brady pub, Max and Bo sit at a table. Max nervously asks Bo to give him his blessing for him and Chels to be together. Bo quips he will not as it would not mean anything. They do not need his approval to be together! In the past, he was a tad overprotective, but things are now different. Bo realizes that Max would need only Chelsea's blessing.
And if marriage is in the cards, they will either have them back in
Salem for a big celebration or head over to London for the big event. Enter Mel, who has overheard and cannot conceal her displeasure.
Max takes her aside and sad Mel cries he will no longer care about her
if he gets married. He assures her he will always be her brother. She sniffles she knows she is being selfish and just wants him to know she loves him. The siblings hug. He promises he is not abandoning her and notes the new guy and her seem to be getting along. Meanwhile, Bo chats with Nathan and wonders if he has heard about Melanie. Indeed he has heard the whole story! Max's taxi eventually arrives and he bids farewell to the gang. Mel promises to be good. Caroline hopes he will
be happy. She knows Shawn is looking down on him and he is proud. Exit Max, glancing back and then waving goodbye one last time.
- Rafe runs into Ari on the pier and she tells him her good news about being the new pub manager. He offers his congrats. Ari glumly notices that he is carrying a lot of Chinese food and must have reconciled with Sami. He says they have agreed to leave the past in the past. Ari calls him dumb for actually believing she would stop digging over Emily. He thinks she should give Sami more credit than that. They had a talk. Ari is doubtful. How many times has that woman already promised him
one thing, only to do the opposite? She is probably doing an internet search as they speak! Rafe claims he trusts her. Besides, sometimes he feels perhaps he should tell her about his Emily. Ari is against it. They should keep this to themselves! Rafe agrees ...
- Back at home, Sami continues to obsess over Emily's card. Unable
to resist, she sits at her computer and starts to search on the internet
for Emily Hudson. Success! But she is shocked to discover that Emily Hudson tragically died on her and Rafe's wedding day ...!

Next on Days of Our Lives
Will jealously asks Chad who he is as Mia watches. "I'm her boyfriend!" Chad declares.
Nathan happens upon a shocked, showering Mel outside the cabin!
Stefano faces Nicole. "You would not be foolish enough to lie to my son again, now would you?"
"Is there a chance I could lose custody of Johnny because of one of your secrets?" Sami asks Rafe.
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