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- EJ and Sami are interrupted by Rafe.
See Monday!
- Kate fills in Phillip that surrogate mom Vivian is back in town.
  Phil suspects she is jealous. Vivian then coos to Phil that she
  is his mother and she is there for him. He advises her to stay
  out of his life and he already has a mother, so there! Viv seems
  genuinely concerned that he needs a mother who will accept him.
- Nicole's mother Fay arrives on the scene. Fay (played
  by Valerie Wildman - pic above) was the former lover of
  Abe Carver!
- Nicole contacts mama Fay and asks for her help. She lies,
  claiming her husband abused her! Fay agrees to assist her
  in her plan to leave the country and gives her all her money!
  She also arranges for Nicole to get fake passports.
- Stephanie decides to throw in the towel with Nathan after
  he lets her know he has chosen to be with Melanie. She is
  quite certain one of them will get hurt ...
- After EJ gets a call from Nicole, he gives the cops his
  phone so they can trace her. Turns out the trace was lost
  when Nicole hung up her satellite phone. And the convo
  did not go well. He threatened she will be found and punished!
- EJ rejects Stefano's offer of help and warns if he gets his
  thugs involved, he will never be able to see his grandchildren
  again! He also informs Stefano that he wants to run his own
  operation. Stefano worries that EJ's rage toward him might
  never end.
- When Sami loses it, EJ tries to calm her down, but cannot.
  Rafe takes over and gets her to calm down.
- Sami and EJ agree that when Sydney is back, they will
  put the past behind them. She appreciates the fact that
  he chose to involve the police as it must have gone against
  his instincts ...
- Nicole calls Brady, and he implores her to do the right
  thing. He then tells the gang he thinks he got thru to her,
  though her phone died mid-convo. She has a bus ticket to
- EJ gives Brady a piece of his DiMera mind and they clash
  over Nicole. Of course, Brady is about the only person in
  town who feels some sympathy for the felonista.
- Sami, Rafe, and EJ decide to venture to Cleveland together
  to track down Sydney and Nicole ...
- Nicole is IDed by the hotel manager.
- Carly makes a bold move!
- Nicole considers giving Sydney back to Sami and
  gives her a call to set things in motion ... but even the
  best plans can run amuck! Not long afterwards, EJ heads to
  the hospital, where Nicole lies unconscious.
- Ari is eager to bring down the mysterious new drug lord and
  Roman warns her it will be extremely dangerous.
- Ari admits to her sister that she is working undercover!
- Gaby thinks Ari should fight for Brady!
- Brady and Ari also try to find Sydney! Things may start
  looking up for the pair again, despite his feelings for Nicole
- At the Cheatin Heart, Phil drowns his sorrows and runs
  into Melanie, whom he tells the tale of how he was a
  stolen embryo. They get closer and then ... Nathan enters and  
  interrupts their Phelanie kiss! Nathan demands answers from
  Melanie. Phil thinks Mel should be honest with him.
- Phil gets a chance at romance when Melanie dumps Nathan!
  Nathan warns Phil he will be watching him and he had better
  not hurt Mel!
- Hope wants answers from Carly.
- Bo is disappointed that Hope still refuses to come home.
  She believes he still has feelings for Carly and vice versa,
  though they both deny it. Roman talks tough with Bo
  about saving his marriage.
- Lucas will be on screen again, back from rehab, and how
  dismayed he will be that he told Chloe Sami's secret, which
  led to the baby switch!
- Mia gets mad at Carly!
- Will is mad at Gaby for helping Nicole, but says he is
  sorry when he learns she did not know who she was.
- Carly and Bo are seen embracing.
- Kate tells Stefano that his ex-wife Vivian is in town, cozying
  up to his nemesis Victor! Meanwhile, Viv and Vic are
  becoming quite a team!
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