Days of Our Lives Spoilers
May 11-15, 2009

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- Victor gives EJ an ultimatum - sign over the family business
  or Stefano could be toast! He will give Stefano enough insulin
  for 72 hours, but by then if Elvis hasn't signed ...!
- EJ refuses to play and hatches his own plan ...
- Vic informs Phil he is about to neutralize the DiMeras for good!
- Billie's prognosis improves.
- Rafe tells Sami he is in it for the long haul.
- Chloe and Daniel try to figure out what Kate is up to. Lucas
  senses something between them ... Lucas also demands Kate
  tell him why she suddenly hates Chloe. Kate covers up.
  Dan advises Chloe to play hardball right back with Kate if she
  gets too wicked.
- Baker secretly writes a letter - if he dies, Nicole did it, and in
  said letter, he explains why!
- Kate packs for London.
- Sami is shocked to see Baker and panics he will tell her secret!
  Rafe offers to help her out. He sets out to have a talk with the
  doc and ends up saving Baker from a couple of goons who want
  to rough him up! Rafe then asks the doc a favor - that he not let
  anyone know he was the one who delivered Sami's baby. He
  agrees. Dr. Baker has decided to leave Salem, but don't expect
  him to stay gone for long!
- The doc has also announced to Nicole that he is leaving town.
  She makes him see the light about EJ's KILLER instincts!
- Arianna's cryptic talk has both Nicole and Sami on edge!
- Bo and Hope try to talk some sense into Victor about ending
  the mob war.
- Will insists on taking Mia to a program for addicts.
- Mia confides in Brady, Salem's advice guru! He lectures her
  for having been an addict while pregnant, but she tells him it
  ain't so!
- Steph's answer for Phil was an impulsive YES. Caroline
  feels it shoulda been no! The Greek tycoon claims he is happy
  for the young couple.
- Captive Stefano fears he is going to die. Still, he manages
  pass a clue on to EJ! Seems that Even bed-ridden, he shall
  find a way to rise!
- EJ uncovers the meaning of Stefano's clue.
- Victor wonders if EJ will meet his deadline. The clock is ticking!
- An eventual  connection between Mia and Melanie
  starts to appear likely.
- Bo gets a brand new vision that is family related! He
  assumes it means Ciara will get lost in the woods. Her teddy
  bear holds a clue.
- Victor seems to have a mole at the DiMeras!
- An engagement party is held for Phil and Steph.
- Jealous Mel has a confrontation with Stephanie.
- Phil gets accidentally drugged when he drinks Steph's
  tampered juice, but Steph is abducted anyway - and the
  gardener did it for boss EJ DiMera! Mel bumps into
  gardener Owen as he carts off Steph!
- Sami shows up at DiMera mansion to have words with Elvis.
  She also suspects something is up with Stefano.
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