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July 6-10, 2009

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- Arianna gets good news. A promotion is in the cards!
  She will be the new Brady pub manager. She is elated!
- Rafe tells Ari that Sami has agreed to leave the past in the past.
  She thinks he is dumb to be so trusting and makes him promise
  to keep the secret of Emily between them ...
- When Mel cries over Max leaving, Nathan tries to cheer
  her up by inviting her to the pub for a bite to eat.
- The Bradys learn that Max and Chelsea might tie the knot!
  He seeks Bo's blessing. Bo informs him he does not need
  anyone's blessing except Chelsea. Max says goodbye to the gang
  for good, after Bo wishes him well, Mel promises to be good,
  and Caroline praises him.
- Nathan is presented with Tom Horton's medical bag and
  feels the pressure of filling his shoes. Maggie advises him
  to just be himself. She also lets him know they are no longer
  needed at the cabin, but he goes anyway ...
- Nathan later runs into Mel in her birthday suit at the cabin as
  she showers outside, since Ari poured dirty water on her head!
- Sami searches online for Emily Hudson and learns the truth!
  Rafe and the late Emily were engaged! And she died on the
  day they were supposed to get married!
- Will wonders what his wacky mother is up to this time, what
  with her snooping in Rafe's wallet! He accuses her of more lies.
- Sami asks Rafe if there is any chance she could lose Johnny due
  to one of his secrets. He says Emily was the love of his life who
  died on their wedding day, but the only reason he did not tell
  her was because it still hurts. End of story.
- Johnny giggles to papa EJ that he has a secret about mommy!
- Stefano warns Nicole that he owns her as well as Sydney and
  she had better remain loyal.
- EJ is annoyed that Nicole appears to be siding with Sami.
  He gets mad and impatient with Nicole over Sami's reason for not
  telling him about Grace until after she was dead "You understand,
  do you!" he bellows.
- Mia discovers that her ex-flame is her new co-worker! Turns out
  his folks sent him to military school and did not allow him to have
  anything to do with his past life. Will finds out that Chad was
  Mia's boyfriend and boy is he jealous, telling him to get lost!
- Docs are baffled by Chloe's mysterious illness. Dan and Chloe
  both believe he should keep his distance as a doctor. Chloe feels
  better but Dan declares she had all the symptoms of having
  been poisoned. Lexie gives him the name of an expert
  in toxins ...
- Kate has an edited recording of what sounds like Dr. Dan
  threatening to make Chloe pay if she does not do as he wants!
- Maggie notices that Kate has been goading Daniel but she
  is convinced she would never let Lucas know the truth despite
  her odd behavior.
- Lexie notices that Daniel seems emotionally involved with Chloe.
- Kate injects more food with poison, muttering "A mother's
  work is never done!"
- At naughty Mel's suggestion, Nathan, Brady, Mel and Ari play
  strip poker and the girls appear set to win! The guys end up
  treating the girls to dinner.
- Stefano looks into Rafe's past and learns the details of
  Emily's death! He has a plan of his own for Mr. F.B.I...
- Stefano cautions Nicole against going rogue on him.
- Nicole panics that Steph will rat out EJ now that she has broken
  from the Kiriakis clan! Her panic soon turns to reality ...
  "You're gonna testify against EJ at Johnny's custody hearing
  tomorrow?" Nicole asks Steph in disbelief.
- Nicole implores EJ to gives peace a chance with Sami.
  He relents, but not for long ...
- Phil asks for Bo's help. Bo informs him that Stephanie deserves
  honesty. Phil insists he loves Steph and does not want to lose her.
  She begs Phil to let her go ...
- Ciara goes off to play with a little friend ...
- Ciara gets a gift.
- Victor pushes for a Philip/Stephanie reconciliation, but
  concerned Caroline says no way no how!
- Philip also warns Vic to stay away from Steph ...
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