Days of Our Lives Spoilers
July 20-24, 2009

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- Elvis confronts Fatha and Nicole, convinced they are
  hiding something from him! The phoenix insists they are just
  concerned about him.
- Stefano announces that Samantha and Rafe will both get
  their comeuppance soon. Of that he is certain!
- Sami overreacts when Rafe falls off a ladder.
- Maggie praises Mia's writing and suggests she start a
  journal for therapy. Mia does and her first entry tells all
  about Chad getting her pregnant and her giving away the baby!
- Suspicous Chad starts asking Mia questions about her
   rehab story ...
- Chloe's cell phone gets lifted by Kate.
- Nicole wonders about Chad and warns him to stay
  away from Mia ...
- Chad, however, is not so easily deterred ...
- Sami has questions about Emily.
- Sami and Rafe organize a picnic, which gets disrupted!
  A blast from Rafe's past shows up and her name is
  Meredith. She is the late Emily's sister and Sami sees
  her crying in the woods. Turns out to be over Emily  ...
- Brady and Arianna share a serious kiss.
- Steph runs into Phil at the hospital.
- Nathan and Steph talk some more.
- Steph cautions Nathan about a certain someone!
- Nathan and Mel talk, too, and arrange to go out, but
  things don't turn out as planned ... Mel hooks up with
  Phil, who is drunk as a skunk and starts to make out
  with her! She kisses him right back and then insists they
  must stop.
- Mel feels torn between two lovers.
- Chloe and Dan kiss again and she tells him she loves him and
  WILL leave Lucas to be with hiim, but then tragedy strikes! She
  collapses moments later and Dan rushes her to the hospital (must
  be a helluva kiss!)
- Dr. Dan works frantically to save Chloe and administers an
  antidote. Chloe flatlines but her heart starts beating again when
  Dan begs her to come back!
- The cops discover incriminating evidence against Daniel and
  want to talk to him! Bo finds the bottle of poison, while Hope
  finds even more! Black widow Kate pretends to be on the doc's
  side and boy is she convincing ... Even Maggie falls for it!
- Maggie is asked to give a statement.
- Dan does the math and he is so onto Kate!
- Nicole is shocked to find Sydney left all alone!
- Will sticks up for Mia.
- Mia admits to Will that she and Chad used to be an item.
- FIGHT CLUB! Steph suspects Mel went after Phil and accuses
  her of as much! Mel swears she did not go all the way with
  him and hits back - literally! Brady shows up in time to
  intervene ...

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