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August 31- September 4, 2009

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- Sami and Rafe are in the Dominican Republic together!
- Rafe's sleuthing hits an unexpected snag. Sure he finds
  Baker, but DEAD MEN TELL NO TALES! So much
  for that lead ... And that's not all! The bad guys involved
  knock our hero unconscious! That's when Sami shows up.
  Sami revives our hero and they escape together as the cops
  bang on the door, though she has managed to find the business
  card of Baker's lawyer!
- When Stefano updates Nicole on the status of Baker, she
  is stunned! He may be D-E-A-D, but his lawyer has a damning
  letter! Stefano gets to Baker's lawyer first! But there were three
  letters in total and two were already mailed - one to Sami,
  another to Mia! Nicole heads to Sami's place, to intercept ...
- Victor comes upon Brady and Arianna in a passionate position!
- Arianna lies some more to Brady. And if Victor thinks he can
  tell her what to do, think again!
- Lucas seeks Kate's advice on Chloe. He believes she would
  not wish to live like this. He adds if she dies, it would mean
  Daniel facing charges of murder one. Needless to say, Kate
  convinces Lucas to pull the plug on Chloe right away!
- Daniel meets with Nathan. He is in! Nathan sets it up so Daniel
  can get in to administer the drug to Chloe and it happens just
  before Lucas orders the plug pulled! Mel is in on it as well, having
  diverted the attention of the guard.
- Dan continues to play Kate and hunts for evidence!
  Unfortunately, she catches him in her room. Time to think fast!
- Lucas realizes he simply cannot bring himself to forgive
  Chloe for her Danfatuation. Craig discusses it with him
  and he thinks he should be forgiving ...
- Nathan talks to Lucas about Chloe's chances, which are
  improving ...
- Sami has a sweet moment with Sydney.
- Something dramatic is about to change for Chloe when
  she gets better and better ...
- The phoenix informs EJ that the entire DiMera empire will
  soon be his!
- Stefano is sidetracked by his health. Lexie and EJ discuss
  the best way to keep him well. Lexie wonders what on earth
  is giving him such stress ...
- A drug kingpin requests an audience with Arianna!
- Maggie encourages Mel with Nathan.
- Phil and Steph get intimate.
- Phil asks Steph to marry him, and she says yes, but then
  there is that matter of the sex tape with Mel! Mel is just
  desperate to get her and Phil's sex tape before it wreaks havoc
  on both of their respective relationships! As we previously
  reported, it still gets gets aired online! (and yes, it will be the
  final nail in the Phil/Steph coffin!)
- Officer Dean has a new plan up his sleeve.
  Meanwhile, Hope is still mad as heck at Bo!
- Ciara has a nightmare.
- Raging Rafe pays a visit to Baker's lawyer! He then returns
  to Sami's place, where Nicole lurks!
- Philip lines up a job interview, but not in Salem!
- Chad is determined to read Mia's secret diary and motor mouth
  Kinsey agrees to help him steal it! Chad is soon sidetracked
  by Mia's letter ...
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