Days of Our Lives Spoilers
April 6-10, 2009

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- Wes Ramsey debuts this week, but donít expect his role to be
  crystal clear for a little while!
- Chloe and Daniel have an intense discussion.
- Mia says she could hold Grace forever. Will cannot help
  but notice how much Grace likes her, almost as if she
  already knew her from somewhere!
- Phillip tells Stefano that he should look in the mirror if
  he wants to know who caused Tony's death! He really
  wanted to make amends but it did not work.
- Stefano is out for BLOOD!
- Nicole and Baker butt heads. They then reach a stalemate!
  But Baker warns Nicole that Mia would be more than just a
  little upset to hear how she gave her baby away. Nicole gets
  nervous and summons Mama Mia to an urgent meeting by the
  pier. She tells the teen there are new rules - she must steer clear
  of her and anyone connected to her. Mia reluctantly agrees but
  insists she is staying in Salem!
- Sami comes close to telling EJ he is Grace's father, but
  things don't turn out as planned! Stefano storms in, raging
  that Phillip Kiriakis killed his son and should be dead! Sami
  freaks out and decides to take Johnny home. In addition, Nicole
  later once more comes between EJ and Sami. Rafe, meanwhile,
  suspects Sami still cares for EJ and that just won't do for him!
- Will tells the Rafester that his mom never lasts with any guy and
  there have been many!
- Sami and Caroline talk paternity ...
- Stefano and Victor clash, leading Victor to worry over the
  safety of his son, whom he wants back home. Vic marches over
  to Steph's apartment and interrpts Phil and Steph. The Greek
  tycoon re-hires Phil! Sanctimonious Steph disagrees with
  his return to Titan. So they break up and make up again!
- Steph accidentally interrupts Chelsea and Max! Chelsea starts
  to wonder if Max and Steph are really over each other.
- Matchmaker Maggie tries to get Dan a new girlfriend!
- However, Kate wreaks havoc for Dan's potential love life!
- The official result is that Chloe is not pregnant and this
  changes her attitude, with a week that starts the focus on
  her career. Her first interview for Hearth and Home will be
  with Maggie. But how she does miss singing!
- Specifically speaking, Chloe is offered a faraway opera gig
  with the Vancouver Opera. Will Lucas approve ...?
- Nicole panics that she and EJ might never get married!
  She tries to put pressure on him. Will it backfire? They
  do have another spat and by the end of the week, he storms
  out of the church on his potential bride, leaving her down
  but not out!
- The DiMera/Kiriakis war makes life for certain Salemites
  extra dangerous! EJ loses his temper when Chelsea does
  not agree with his view of Phillip. Max, however, sees the
  Kiriakis heir as nothing but trouble! But what does he think
  when he overhears EJ utter potential threats against the one
  responsible for his brother's death?
- Mel gets a gig at the hospital and has a hellish first day
  on the job.
- Rafe gets recognized by Nicole, and what will she do
  with the info that he was the bogus cable guy who broke
  into the mansion ... It is only a matter of time 'till she proves
  her DiMera loyalty hint hint!
- Given that Mel and Baker are gonna both be hospital staff,
  the atmosphere will have an element of the unscrupulous,
  where just about anything can happen behind the scenes,
  but sometimes bad girls can do good things, such as ...
  Kate sets out to steal hospital drugs, so Melanie to the rescue!
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