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Reported by DaysCafe November 28, 2012
Link Only! All rights reserved

Gabi and Nick's wedding is rocked by a series
of unexpected events!

Now Confirmed:
Nicole hears Eric talking in his sleep and
the next big mystery starts to unravel ...
Dan's hand tremors WILL be cured!

Previously ...
Reported by DaysCafe June 30, 2011
The latest casting rumor concerns super popular Jason Cook
(Shawn Brady) coming back to Salem. He would be willing ...

Reported by DaysCafe May 3, 2011
Rafe 2 is exposed as Fay's killer!

Reported by DaysCafe April 11, 2011

Rumors abound of a BIG casting secret. Stay tuned!

Reported by DaysCafe March 1, 2011
Rafe dupes his captors!

Reported by DaysCafe February 22, 2011
Chloe and Phil living under the same roof? Stay tuned!

Reported by DaysCafe February 4, 2011
Rafe 2 is A WACKO

Reported by DaysCafe January 19, 2011
Melanie has a miscarriage ...

Reported by DaysCafe January 10, 2011
Old school Stefano plots to replace Rafe with an IMPOSTER!

Reported by DaysCafe December 7, 2010
Hope returns to a career in law enforcement. was undercover
Another pregnancy in Salem, just when a certain
someone has other things on her mind? Oh la la!
Chad and EJ clash.

Reported by DaysCafe September 30, 2010
A new love interest for EJ? Taylor

Reported by DaysCafe Aug 18, 2010
The tables are turned on Vivian in her
latest buried alive plot! (no pun intended)

Reported by DaysCafe Aug 3, 2010
Eric Brady. Sami's twin and the love
of Nicole's life, rumored to return,
played by another actor!
A new career for Jennifer?
undercover with the warden!
EJ needs Stefano's help again!
sure did

Reported by DaysCafe July 20, 2010
Link Only! All rights reserved
Bo is overcome with guilt when unstable
Hope is dicovered to be the Salem man mugger.
Carly is filled with guilt, as well, and the
future of Barly/Carbo does not look bright ...

Reported by DaysCafe July 1, 2010
There is a rumor floating around that
EJ will force himself on Sami, but
this rumor is apparently
Anther crazy rumor has Baker
wanting to run away from Salem -
with Hope!

Reported by DaysCafe April 14, 2010
Hope goes to a high stakes poker game
and guess who is there - none other than
a very living Dr. Baker ...!
became spoiler next day!

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