Posted May 15, 2020

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My Darling Samantha,

It is with a heavy heart that I write this last letter
to you before you embark on your journey back to Salem.
I suspect you will read it when you are en route, finding
the sweet scented envelope I will soon slip into your
action ready purse that packs a punch. The children
and I will miss you truly madly deeply - but we do
understand that duty and destiny call upon you once
again. Strangely, I do not regret that fatha has
taken his final journey to the other side though
there remain lingering questions. I pray that while
you are in Salem, you have a happy reunion with motha
Marlena and your twin brotha Eric. Poor chap sounds
like he needs a friend. Do steer clear of the law and
try not to call attention. No one should know the real
reason you are there. We DiMeras do have our fair share
of enemies who do not always identify themselves as such.
Deny anything that comes up about me and the secret funds
even with Roman, whom I am convinced remains connected
and committed to the long arm of the inept law. Do what
you must just as we discussed my dahling, and then come
home to me again.

Love with all my heart,
Your beloved besotted E.J.

P.S. Don't shoot anyone unless they have it coming.

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