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Days of Our Lives Spoilers in 2 Weeks +

- Sloan lies to Eric that Jude is really
- the biological baby of Nicole and EJ
- and EJ demands the baby from Eric.
- Split personality Everett gets locked up
- after decking good guy Eric for no reason.
- Doug is seen in a new Horton house episode.
- Chad works with Steve to get killer Clyde.
- Konstantin tries to take terrible action.
- Alex has made up his mind about Teresa.
- Marlena makes an announcement about
- Everett's alter taking over. Sad.
- Maggie goes after Konstantin big time!
- Chanel is keeping her baby!
- Gabi is out to get something very big.
- New Horton house has been completed
- and Julie needs to solve the last mystery.
- John's memories of the badass old days
- will not be as bad as he believed
- but I am referring to the real ones!
- The hunt for Clyde gets intense.
- John gets closer to Jude. Look out Sloan!
- Nicole reaches out to Holly, who is
- determined to keep her secrets to herself.
- The truth about Li's murder unravels.
- EJ's secret with Sloan is about to blow!
- Leo's mom Diana soon has a scoop for
- Salem that will be connected to John.


- Love Cathy

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