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Days of Our Lives Spoilers in 2 Weeks +

- A bombshell, bye bye and battling brothers!
- Prom night brings Teresa and Brady together.
- Steve lets Justin in on a secret.
- Alex decides tis time to take action.
- Stefan stumbles upon the hugest intel!
- More emerges on Konstantin's contacts.
- Sara wonders about Xander's mum info.
- Paulina is down about Chanel leaving.
- Stefan and EJ have a huge DiMera clash.
- Julie and Chad make a major discovery.
- Sara has been led on a wild goose chase.
- Prom night plans are in peril!
- Jack is back in Salem with bold ideas!
- Marlena senses that Eric still
- loves Nicole and tells him so!
- EJ the liar has a last heart to heart
- with Johnny the sincere good guy.
- Leo gets his own big story.
- Alex does some soul searching and
- wants to tell Brady his take.
- Abe and Paulina are tickled pink
- when Lani and Eli come back just
- for Abelina's wedding anniversary.
- A blast from the past drops a bombshell.
- Konstantin's other crimes are exposed.
- Alex soon has to deal with his losses.
- Stephanie and Chad are both torn
- between unearthing the past or leaving
- be what could be more lies or false
- leads but here comes a new clue!
- A problem appears to take care of itself.

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