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- Stefan starts to sense a coverup.
- Chanel gets an awful surprise at Sweet Bits.
- Mayor Abe is on the Salem hot seat.
- Leo being so much in Sonny's picture is
- something that will not work well for Wilson.
- Will has not forgotten the past.
- Eric and Paulina are both in jail
- and discuss the dramas of their lives.
- Belle begains to have serious doubts.
- Nicole dreams about EJ and wonders.
- Saddened Jada leans on sympathetic Rafe.
- EJ makes Nicole an unecpected offer.
- Chanel leans on old friend only Johnny.
- Stefan is now suspicious of Li concerning
- Johnny and Wendy winding up in Jakarta.
- He grills but will not get the right answers.
- He believes Li did something sinister.
- Attorney Justin offers Xander assistance.
- Tis a Kiriakis offer he should not refuse.
- John and Marlena still have concerns about
- Brady letting Kristen into his life.
- The three women are still not out of
- the woods and the situation soon seems dire
- when the orchid Kristen had stored in a
- secure location suddenly goes missing!
- Not surprisingly Brady will blame her
- but she swears she did not do it.
- Stefan finds himself under attack again
- by a formidable fashionista hint hint!
- Alex tries to keep something he did a
- secret from Stephanie but she hates secrets!
- Rival Chad, however, is a DiMera and as
- everyone in Salem knows DiMeras dig up secrets.

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