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Days of Our Lives Spoilers in 2 Weeks +

- Allie senses Eric and Nicole's love connection.
- Chad does the very suspicious math.
- Sami and EJ have a very spirited exchange.
- Chad confronts Abigail's possible killer.
- Belle leans on EJ and vice versa Ooooo
- Steve and Kayla are there to assist Shawn.
- Chloe and Brady try to help Shawn and Belle.
- Lucas tells Will his inconvenient truth!
- Kate admits to lying to Roman oh oh!
- Sami stumbles upon some shocking information.
- High seas lead to the next chapter in a mirrored love story.
- Pssst! Beyond Salem begins July 11. Tis a big deal.
- Ben and Ciara embark on a new adventure having
- gotten the gift of their own named boat from Hope.
- Hope loves meeting baby Bo but Ciara demands answers.
- Hope has a new man with more than one face -
- and Bo et al will need to save her!
- More drama swirls around the prism. Of course it does.
- John and Marlena pay Paul a visit in San Francisco!
- Elegant Eve's old days love interest also to appear.
- Steve and John are slick, suited and up to something
- which lands them in some unexpected trouble.
- Their hunky minds are soon under the control of
- a certain sinister someone but loved ones intervene.
- Smitten Li Shin continues to romance chic Gabi.
- Handsome Andrew Donovan is a man with a story.
- Diva Eileen Davidson goes full Kristen again
- with her usual style and melodrama.
- Steve and Kayla's stylish daughter Stephanie is
- back for Beyond Salem and inside Salem with a
- new look, not to mention a new attitude ...
- Someone will be especially pleased to see her!
- Bo and Hope have 5 amazing episodes together.

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