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Days of Our Lives Spoilers in 2 Weeks +

- Ben gets a request from Jan Spears.
- Rafe feels honored by Ciara's suggestion.
- Leo socks it to Sonny with a big lie.
- About Xander's dark side - it didn't go away!
- A stunning announcement takes Salem by storm.
- Will wants Sonny to sic the Salem P.D. on Leo
- when he realizes what must have happened.
- Busted kissers Belle and EJ are confronted
- but Belle is fed up and decides to do
- something about her situation. That something
- is to sock it to Shawn with separation papers!
- Abigail has motherhood on her mind again
- but a clear and present danger is lurking ...
- Kayla runs tests on confused concerned Sonny.
- Alas Leo is now officially out to get Abigail.
- Sarah and Xander seem to be that much closer
- to a real reconnection but for how long?!
- An anguished couple still have memories ...
- Sarah and Xander slowly start to reconnect.
- Marlena gets an unexpected appeal from Jan.
- However, in the long run nothing has really
- changed. Jan Spears will snap again and
- commit a crime along with her latest lies.
- Please be aware that this is the week Days
- of Our Lives gets preempted for three days
- due to le tennis at le French Open.
- The week after ... Days' full schedule is
- back with more romance, drama, excitement,
- twists and turns ... That's a fact.

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