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- Tate returns with his parents and
- does not realize he is related to Holly.
- Alex stuns Steph with his bold move.
- Chad tells Kate how he feels
- about maybe marrying again.
- Justin is enraged redhead Maggie
- was ousted by ambitious Alex,
- Alex shouldn't get too cocky!
- Kayla finds the news about Alex odd.
- Teresa sidles up to him of course.
- Susan refuses to give Ava more grief.
- Tate gets a career opportunity from Brady.
- Philip and Chloe to leave Salem together!
- Konstantin has something for Maggie.
- Brady blasts Alex for bad biz.
- Sarah finds out Susan is alive.
- Eric hates Sloan repping Xander.
- Harris and Ava are cute together.
- Gwen tempts the fates too much.
- Leo is upset for many reasons.
- The kids are alright but some
- parents are antagonistic.
- Nicole could use some help from Abe
- and she can always trust him to
- have her very best interest at heart.
- Marlena has high praise for heroic Harris,
- who has proven he is now a better man.
- Gwen wonders wot her future will hold
- but the big betrayal has changed her.
- Two hearts have left town together
- but farewell is never forever ...
- Teresa tries to cover her tracks.
- Li has been a tad too confident!
- There is more to Susan's story
- than meets the Salem eye!

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