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1300 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)


Outside the pub Claire runs into Tripp, who tells her he is meeting his folks for dinner. He is happy she is well ... Shawn and Hope burst into the location where Ciara was held by Vincent, but she is long gone. Vincent the loon is now driving her, puts down his gun, and gushes at her, calling her Wendy. He has big plans ... Jake visits frustrated cuffed Ben as a friend ... At DiMera mansion Chad and Abigail go over that fateful night Gabi drugged her. Chad toasts to Gabi the threat being gone. Meanwhile Gwen the real threat drinks champagne and remembers drugging Abigail's glass of bubbly that fateful night. Eerie music plays ... Abigail wonders whether they were wrong about Gabi being the poisoner ... Gwen gets to thinking. It was so easy to spike the glass after glam Julie poured the champagne and stepped away leaving the glasses unattended. Abigail never noticed her lurking nearby like a black widow ... Jake tries to make his best mechanic feel better and apologizes for not coming earlier. He and Gwen broke up and Gabi left the country. He knows Ben the good guy is innocent. Ben snaps Justin has still not gotten the charges dropped. He is desperate to get to Ciara before ... Hope and Shawn search the room and she finds Ciara's dropped bracelet. They are on the right track ... Vincent is smitten. Ciara warns she is not his Wendy and states her name. Wendy is dead but he does not believe it. Yet.

Claire stammers she is sorry for the past. Tripp reminds her she already apologized but she wishes to do more. He believes she worked hard to get better. She laments hurting he whom she loved. Even now ... Abigail believes Gabi would have boasted after she was acquitted. In addition, she insisted she was set up by Rolf and jabbed Jake with the same drug, which she really believed would help him. Chad notes there is no other likely suspect with a vendetta against her ... Gwen remembers watching from the corner when Chad came back to his wife and kissed her. They toasted and drank up. Back to the now. She smugly sips her champagne ... Jake has heard Ben's story and thinks Hope should let him go. Ben bellows he is being kept in the dark so Jake steps out to get his friend some information ... Vincent wants to believe his Wendy is real. Ciara sympathetically states he said Wendy was dead. He claims he was confused but Ben did not off her. They are back together until death they do part ...

Tripp is sorry he was insensitive and selfish. There was the fake marriage to Haley too. Claire weeps about the loss of angel Haley to the world. She admits her tears are also about Ciara ... Hope and Shawn now have the details of the car Vincent must be driving, which used to be Wendy's ... Ciara fibs she wants to be together and lets Vincent hold her hand. He vows Ben Weston will not come between them ... Jake returns to jumpy Ben. Justin already met with the D.A. and he will be released soon. Ben is grateful but stressed. Jake senses smart cookie Ciara will find a way to escape. Buddy Ben thanks him for the sentiment ... Chad gets romantic with Abigail and they kiss on the fancy sofa ... Gwen remembers Julie being surprised by Chad and Abigail leaving their champagne until Abigail decided to toast to Gabi being tossed out of DiMera. Then she downed her champagne. Gwen now finishes her own glass and gets going but owner Julie bumps her and wonders where she knows her from! Gwen admits she recently had a few drinks too many and Chad helped her home. Julie did not see that, but she is sure she has seen her face another time ... Chad showers his wife with sweet kisses. She suggests they take it upstairs. He steps away for one more biz call and she giggles as Stefano’s portrait watches. Then she gets her medication and a glass of water. Jake waltzes in with a swagger and a grin. She gasps STEFAN!

Claire cries about sweet Ciara forgiving her. She cannot lose her! Tripp knows Hope will find her and holds the crying girl close ... Hope and Shawn return to the station and Ben, who is now standing without cuffs. Hope updates him on Vincent being Wendy Taylor's fiendish fiance. Ben knows that is the name of the midwife. Hope reveals Vincent must want to make him pay. Ben is horrified he went after Ciara all because of him ... Ciara plays along pretending to be Wendy and wants to go back for her belongings. Vincent promises stylish new things at their new place. He plans to drive them to the plane ... Back at DiMera mansion Abigail realizes this is really Stefan’s twin. Jake pleasantly tells her he is surprised she is back. She explains how the family support helped her. The meds are only minor. They discuss his own adjustment and she tells him she met his ex when she was being consoled by Chad. Jake gets sarcastic and drinks up. Abigail senses something. Chad comes back and he slyly suggests she ask him what happened ... Gwen acts nonchalant and lets bewildered Julie know she will keep Ciara in her prayers. Then she bolts ... Ben blames himself, so Hope makes him snap out of it. They must focus on finding Ciara ... Claire is sorry and sighs she is still the crazy girl who was obsessed with Tripp. He smiles that was the past and believes she is better. She lowers her voice and reveals she would never want to return to the dark side ...

Ciara pretends she is afraid to fly and notes they need no gun. Dark side Vincent points out he must protect her from Ben Weston in case he tries to off her again ... Claire is thankful Tripp is so kind. He is thankful she is her cool self again. Steve texts his fries are getting cold and he impulsively invites her to join them ... Chad assures Abigail he only has eyes for her. He taunts Jake he just let Gwen stay to make his brother miserable. Jake warns a snake will bite more than just neighbors, downs his drink and departs ... Wicked Gwen is upstairs and opens her suitcase, taking out a tiny bottle of her sinister secret potion ... Ben is ready to fight for Ciara. Shawn gets a lead on the car which is headed for an airstrip. The gang are on their way ... Vincent rages at the locked gate blocking their access to the plane. Ciara reaches to open the door and he snaps where does Wendy think she is going. She gasps she wanted to open the gate so they could fly away together, leaving the world behind. He praises her for her words and then gets his gun, raging she is not really Wendy ... Chad apologizes for Jake. Abigail grills him about Jake's belief there was something between him and Gwen. Chad admits Jake witnessed Gwen giving him a kiss. Upstairs Gwen announces it might be time for another dose. Jake is standing at the now open door and calls her name. She gives him a guilty look ... Claire wants to check for the latest on Ciara. Tripp smiles he will certainly see her again since he is staying in Salem ... Hope, Shawn and Ben arrive at the airstrip and order Vincent out of the car, guns drawn. He complies with cockiness. Ben approaches the vehicle looking for Ciara ... KABOOM. Great balls of fire!


Luv Cathy

The Salem Story on Wednesday September 9, 2020