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1300 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)


At DiMera mansion, Abigail asks what that girl is doing here with hubby Chad ... Steve is stunned and thrilled to see son Tripp ... At the station phone Shawn complains they need to lock the loon back up (meaning Jan}. Claire hears, assuming he means her ... Jack and Jen are on Hope’s side in her office. Jen hugs her cousin. Jack asks what Eve revealed when they spoke. Jen hopes she knew where Vincent took Ciara ... Ciara wonders about Vincent’s next vengeful move in his vendetta against Ben as she sits on the bed ... Chad stammers. Abigail introduces herself with a smile. She slyly wonders why the girlfriend of Chad’s brother was hugging him ... Kayla comes out and hugs Tripp, who hears from Steve the happy couple was in the shower while he was knocking. Kayla blushes. Steve wonders …Hope sighs there is no sign of Ciara. Jack senses something. Hope explains Eve now suspects he had a bone to pick with Ben ... Vincent misses his wonderful Wendy. Ciara is sorry. He blames her serial killer spouse and snaps he should shoot her like Ben did his beloved ... Tripp talks missing his clan. Steve and Kayla are concerned about his med school. He can explain over dinner. Steve suggests the pub. Kayla has to see Hope first. Ciara is missing and maybe in grave danger ...

Shawn assures Claire he believes she is better. She asks about Ciara. Alas Eve’s failed flunky snatched her. Claire wants to help so he suggests she call Doug and Julie. Done ... Ciara stares into space as Vincent reveals they are close to the cabin where Ben had Abigail. Ben ordered Wendy the midwife to deliver her baby. He shouts she did and Ben shot her. He blames Ciara for stopping Ben’s execution. Ben killed his Wendy so Ciara must die! She pushes him away so he takes out his syringe but Ciara fights back and the attacker gets jabbed. He passes out on the bed. Alas the door is locked. There is no way out ... Gwen claims Chad was comforting her nothing more. Chad wants to be alone with his wife so Gwen graciously goes. Abigail explains she decided to depart the clinic in Florida, finally checking herself out. Chad looks worried. She believes she is better being home with hubby and kids. She admits the doc did not agree but she feels fine and missed the family, including him. He missed her so. She swears she is stable. He asks about the hallucinations. She is managing them with the meds ... Claire greets old Bayview pal Gwen at the bar. Gwen is sympathetic about Ciara. Claire feels unhappy and helpless about it. Gwen praises her good heart and admits she needs a friend now ...

Tripp is horrified and asks Kayla to let Hope know she is in his thoughts. Steve says the same and baby heads out. Steve wonders when he goes back to California. He is not going back ... Hope explains Eve remembered Vincent's lament over losing a loved one. She could not find any record of a wife or child being lost. Jack goes to update Shawn. Hope weeps she has to find her daughter. Jen gives her a pep talk ... Claire assumes Gwen and Jake will reconcile, given their history. Gwen sighs he wants to be with Gabi, who left for Mexico after taunting she was using him. She complains they were supposed to go out for a dinner. She got a stylish outfit on but while she was waiting he and Gabi were in bed. Claire offers to ask Marlena if she can move back in. Gwen states Chad let her stay at the mansion but might change his mind now that Abigail re-appeared ... Chad agrees to support his sweet wife, admits he missed their mornings and kisses her. Abigail appreciated all his long distance and close distance support while he was running DiMera. She gushes she is happier by the Salem second, kisses him again as they exchange I love yous and goes to see the sleeping kids. Chad looks serious ... Tripp is a star student still on an accelerated program. However, he would rather have his last year of studies transferred to Salem ... Supportive Kayla joins Jen and Hope. She assumes Rafe is assisting in the search. Hope sighs he returned to Mexico as his mom is unwell ... Jack updates Shawn on Vincent’s possible vendetta. Shawn decides to research if he had a girlfriend. Jack knows he had a reason for going rogue ... Abigail has seen the sleeping angels and comes back to Chad. They sit on the couch. She notes it was nice of him to let Gwen stay after she and Jake broke up. She calls her a stranger but Chad feels like he knows her. However, Abigail is his love! She wants to hear how he and Gwen became friends ... Gwen confesses Chad was comforting her with a hug when Abigail came home. Claire argues not everyone is as jealous as Gwen, who is still smarting over her breakup. Claire refers to her own breakup with Tripp. It made her crazy but that was then this is now. Just as well he moved away ...

Steve notes Salem is no California. Tripp reveals he really moved to avoid getting in Haley and JJ’s way. He sighs she was wonderful. Steve thinks if he ends up at the same hospital it would be like honoring her memory. Tripp wonders whether Kayla would mind ... Jack and Shawn burst into Hope’s office with a hot lead. Wendy Taylor the midwife Ben shot stone cold dead was Vincent’s fiancée. Meanwhile Ciara rattles Wendy's old door ... Steve believes Kayla and Tripp became close before. Tripp reminds him he tried to ruin her. Steve assures him Kayla has gotten over him losing it when he believed she was to blame for Ava’s death. He suggests his son talk to her cos he would love having him here ... Gwen wants champagne and a toast to all the losers they have loved before but Claire wants to catch up on the Ciara news. Gwen ends up drowning her sorrows alone ... Back at DiMera mansion smiling Jack and Jen have a family hug with Abigail and wonder. She just wanted to come home and insists she is almost better. She believes having them here will make it easier. She adds Chad agrees. Jack and Jen are on their daughter's side and depart from the room with their usual panache. Abigail gushes at least they are almost alone. Chad gushes Gabi is gone ... Hope sits at the cop computer and gets a hot lead on where Vincent has Ciara. She and Shawn are on their way ... Fierce Ciara finally gets the door open but Vincent grabs her by the throat from behind ... Kayla joins Steve at the pub as country music plays. She is sorry for Hope. Steve assures baby they will get a break. She asks about Tripp, whom he is expecting back any minute ... Outside the pub Claire gets stars in her eyes when she spies Tripp ... Chad does not miss Gabi and still blames her for drugging Abigail’s champagne. But she is gone and so is the threat ... Meanwhile Gwen flashes back to being at Julie’s Place when Chad stepped away from his table with Abigail that fateful night her champagne was mysteriously drugged. No one noticed Gwen was there watching waiting ... Hope and Shawn burst in, guns ready but Ciara and Vincent are gone. Meanwhile gun toting Vincent is driving hostage Ciara somewhere and now calls her WENDY.


Luv Cathy

The Salem Story on Tuesday September 8, 2020