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1300 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)


At DiMera mansion Chad and Kate discuss Gabi’s sudden departure. Kate only cares she is gone so Chad can relax as CEO. However, he worries with Jake in the picture ... Jake has been drinking and drops on his bed, speaking to Stefan’s suit. He believed he could be as successful as his brother and now tells the man in the mirror he knows nothing about winning the love of a woman like Gabi. He scoffs she just used him and drowns his sorrows ... Eli is on the phone as he approaches his door. He believes Vincent has Ciara and will be in touch. When he walks in with a surprise, he finds Lani with a baby ... Kristen the cat surprises Brady in his hotel suite but he thinks she made a big mistake ... Gwen joins Jake and offers to help him remove his shirt. He fumbles and she smiles he is sloshed. He wonders why she did not leave. Chad said she can stay so she sits on the bed ... Brady does not want Kristen to risk being seen, then updates her on John’s state. She is sympathetic. He suggests honey go before someone sees the fugitive and suddenly wonders where Rachel is ... Lani explains she is babysitting. Eli admires the toy, hears her name is Rachel and cannot believe Lani is looking after Kristen’s child. That means ... Jake slurs and orders Gwen out of his room. She refuses to go and taunts she will make him and his girlfriend miserable. Jake suspects she is spying for Chad and reveals he has been alone all night. Gabi is gone from Salem!

Stylish Kate teases Chad not to be concerned about Collins the common client being a fan of Jake. She tells him to kick out both Jake and his cheap girl Gwen. Chad updates her on their breakup. Kate says to kick out Gwen and gets suspicious when Chad admits he invited her to stay ... Brady demands to know where his daughter is. Kristen replies with Lani her bff. Brady gasps hubby Eli is not Kristen’s friend! Kristen believes she will give him a creative excuse for having their daughter ... Eli is exasperated Lani did not turn Kristen the fugitive in and proceeds to put out an APB ... Steve and Kayla come happily home together. He has the mail including a postcard from daughter Stephanie in beautiful Hawaii. Kayla wishes they could see the kids more. He sighs Tripp is so far away on the coast and Joe only has 2 visiting days a month. They should visit Joe together next week. She agrees and he suggests she shower while he makes dinner. She flirts and they decide to double up. Oh la la ... Chad argues his association with Gwen his little spy was pure business except for the time she kinda kissed him. Kate gets sarcastic. Chad believes she still loves Jake and they will be back together soon ... Jake laments Gabi leaving for Mexico to see her sick mother. Gwen taunts she will come back, and he complains she was clear about only needing him to get her hooks into DiMera. Gwen has a good laugh ...

Brady has a headache. Stylish Kristen explains Eli is busy with the rest of the PD on a manhunt, but Brady believes he will know the truth fast and turn her in. Kristen starts to seduce him, but he stops her. She must get Rachel and go ... Lani stops Eli from reporting Kristen for she promised her friend a favor. She also saw her on their wedding day when she came to help her. Eli warns he cannot look the other way. Lani wishes he would ... Kristen pouts. Brady has loved travelling with her and Rachel. He came back to a plethora of questions from Eric and Marlena, but his family will say nothing to no one. Kristen wants to be here for him in this tough time … Lani argues this is a hard time with Brady’s father being in hospital. Besides without Kristen, little Rachel has no mother. Eli agrees to ignore the situation since the department has big problems. All resources are being used to find Ciara and the commissioner had to go to Mexico to be with his unwell mom. However, there is a silver lining. He reveals Gabi is also gone and Lani rejoices … Back in the elegant DiMera living room, stylish Kate admits she will miss Gabi despite her bad behavior. Chad scoffs and reminds her of what she did to Abby, who is drug free but not free of hallucinations. Kate is ever so sorry. Chad is not expecting her to come home for months. The family miss her. Kate assures him things will soon return to normal, but he no longer knows what his normal is ... Gwen cackles about Gabi using and dumping Jake after just one night. She then cries cos she cares truly madly deeply about him and suggests he start begging. He sits beside her and solemnly states they are never ever getting back together … Kristen assures Brady she will be fine and jokes about the old Nicole mask. He does not think that is funny and feels stressed about the situation. She apologizes and seductively states she will give him a massage. He lies down and she works her magic. Then he grins she wins, and they kiss … Steve and Kayla are cozy and romantic in bed post shower. She feels for those who are not as lucky as them now. Steve thinks the world knows they waited long for this and they kiss. He whispers he loves her, unaware someone unannounced has just walked into their home ...

Gwen reminds Jake that he always come back. He sighs this is not the same, so she insults Gabi. He insists this was the only time he ever cheated and is peeved she was always so paranoid. Breaking and making up needs to be over. She agrees and lies she just wanted to see Jake beg. Next time she will not choose a loser like him. He leers about Chad. She claims they kissed and argues Abigail is away while she is willing and right here. She goes to give him what he wants and Jake drinks more expensive wine ... Gabi joins Chad downstairs and gets herself a drink. Chad mentions the good news that Gabi is gone. He expected Gwen to jump for joy, but she complains Jake no longer wants her. Chad is sympathetic and she fake cries about her heartbreak, hugging him close. Chad blinks but does not hug her back ... Steve and Kayla get dressed. He suggests they order takeout and stay home. Crash! The ex spy who loves her whispers to stay put. Patch is on the move in his compromised living room ... After the lovin shirtless Brady cuddles with Kristen, who coos she is staying. He does appreciate having her here. He prays no one will know … Lani holds Rachel and Eli teases when their babies are here it will be double trouble. Time to return to the station. He promises to keep Kristen’s presence a secret … Steve comes up behind the intruder who broke the framed photo and grabs him. Tis Tripp, who greets his dad ... Jake breaks the empty wine bottle against the wall. Kate comes by and reminds him of the bar downstairs. Meanwhile Gwen lets go of Chad with an apology. He tries to make her feel better about losing Jake, so she gives him another embrace. Abigail comes home and clears her throat. “Honey, I'm home!” If looks could KILL.


Luv Cathy

The Salem Story on Friday September 4, 2020