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1300 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)


Having returned home, Kristen is grateful Belle helped her make bail. T’was for Brady. Here he comes with Rachel. A happy reunion ensues ... At the square Jan tries to spin her story to Claire ... Phillip sits by Shawn’s desk in cuffs and claims he knows this is personal ... Hope arrives outside her hotel door and leaves Shawn a message about closing in on Vincent. Then she gets her gun out and kicks in the door, warning the hooded figure to freeze. He turns around. Tis Ben ... Kristen holds Rachel. Brady steps outside to thank sister Belle. He owes her. She teases to stay out of trouble, hugs him, and goes. Inside Kristen coos and giggles with her little girl ... Phil feels Jan should have been arrested for trying to off them all in New York. Shawn wishes he could. But would not be fool enough to lay a hand on her! Phil points out he was trying to protect Shawn’s family. Shawn fumes leave that to him ... Jan tells Claire she is simply standing up for her rights ... At the Kiriakis mansion, Xander goes upstairs with Sarah, who suspects he had something to do with Jan Spears getting Phillip arrested ... As Jan criticizes Claire’s unforgiving folks, Belle storms over and blasts her ... Ben informs Hope he was just released and heard from Claire she was after Vincent. She confirms she thinks Ciara is alive ... Phillip gets sarcastic. Shawn shuts him down ... Jan warns Belle not to threaten her like Phil did. Claire is horrified to hear her claim he tried to assault her. Belle dismisses her story. Jan boasts but Shawn believed her ...

Xander admits his biz call was indeed Jan. He only suggested she stick up for herself and do the right thing. They should step aside for criminal justice. Sarah is exasperated ... Rachel is asleep. Kristen whispers to Brady they must run away again ... Hope brings up the 30 minutes missing during which Ciara could have escaped. She tracked Vincent to this town. Someone fitting his description bought groceries with a stolen credit card half an hour away. Ben deduces he might do it again. Hope asks if he can remember anything that might reveal whether Ciara was in the car or not? Ben flashes back to the nightmare. He saw and heard no sign of her ... Kristen wants to escape on the DiMera jet. Brady wants to beat the charges. She believes she is better on the run and suggests they take Rachel far far away. Brady refuses ... Jan innocently notes Phillip needs a lawyer. Belle has heard enough and makes Claire leave with her ... Xander slyly states he may have suggested Jan make a complaint. Sarah argues cousin Phillip is family and has had a hard time. She wishes Xander would take the high road. He acts offended. She accuses him of breaking his promise and warns he is making himself look bad. He questions her loyalty and suspiciously wonders why she is so protective of the prodigal son ...

Phillip taunts Shawn is just jealous. Shawn reminds him Jan made a complaint and he has to process it as a member of the police. Furthermore, he and Belle are unbreakable. He knows she wants nothing to do with HIM. Here comes Belle announcing she is Phillip’s attorney. Phillip flashes a triumphant smile ... Xander and Sarah continue to clash. She claims she is trying to protect HIM. Furthermore, if he falls back to his wicked ways, they are through ... Brady does not want Kristen to be a fugitive forever. She thinks this is about Belle. Brady believes Belle is a big girl who can handle herself but is worried about his little family ... Belle updates Shawn on Jan trying to dupe their daughter again. Claire claims they only had a conversation. Belle sweeps out with sarcastic Phillip. Shawn orders his defiant daughter to steer clear of sick Jan Spears ... Ben stares as Hope folds her pizza slice the same way as Ciara. He thinks Ciara is a lot like Hope in her mannerisms and fearlessness. Hope believes the fearlessness is from Bo. Devoted Ben takes her hand and vows to never give up on her daughter. Never ...

Brady tenderly tries to talk Kristen out of a tough life on the run. He wants better for both her and Rachel. She feels the same way and he begs her to stay, suggesting they fight together ... Sweet Sarah is Xander’s everything and he did not want to disappoint her. He admits ambition makes him ruthless, but the biggest ambition is to make her happy. She asks him to give Titan to Phillip and be with her. He agrees and apologizes. All he wants is to make her happy. She feels the same way and smiles she is hopelessly in love with him. They kiss in bliss ... Claire claims Jan was the victim. Shawn cannot believe she fell for Jan’s act, so she argues he himself arrested Phillip ... In an examination room, Phillip complains to lawyer Belle that Shawn arresting him was personal ... Nearby Shawn warns Claire it is not safe to spend time with Jan. Claire has other matters on her mind. Like Ciara’s memorial. She wonders whether Hope and Ben will be able to bring her home ... Hope gets a call. The stolen credit card is being used again. She and Ben are on their way ...!

Back at their hotel room, Brady wants to fight with Kristen for their chance at a normal life. However, if she runs, he will be right by her side. No more sad Paris goodbyes. She gets emotional about all he has done. He loves her and Rachel and refuses to be without them. He awaits her decision ... After the kiss, Xander makes a call to do right by Phillip but Jan is not answering. In fact, she assumes he wants her to proceed according to plan ... Belle warns Phillip the time to stick together against Jan is now. She is a clear and present danger now trying to get close to Claire. Phillip frowns a dangerous Kiriakis kind of frown ... Jan catches jumpy Claire off guard at home. She came to give her ... Shawn leaves Hope a message urging her to be careful ... Outside by a gate, Ben gets Vincent in a hold as Hope points her gun at him. She demands to know where and how her daughter is. Then she shouts to start talking and takes aim ... Kristen smiles she plans to stay and fight and calls her and Brady a miracle. She will have faith. Brady kisses her twice ... Xander boasts to Sarah his message to Jan ordered her to drop the charges against Phillip. It felt good as does being with his beloved. He promises he is done with Jan and she kisses him. He can fight fairly, and Victor will agree he is the right man for the job. He likes hearing that and they get passionate ... Belle goes to see about bail for Phillip. Shawn runs into her and reminds her they have a restaurant reservation. She has to see about Phil’s bail first but will try and make dessert. Jealous Shawn decides on drive through upon hearing Phillip’s name and walks away ... Jan slyly suggests spooked Claire not leave her door unlocked and gives her a photo of Ciara she dropped at the square ... Ben and Hope demand to know what happened to Ciara. Vicious Vincent demands a lawyer. Hope cuffs him. Ben growls they will get their answers and helps Hope haul away the freaky fiend ...


Luv Cathy

The Salem Story on Wednesday, September 30, 2020