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1350 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)


Belle and Shawn are shocked by free bird Jan. Shawn wants to arrest her for fleeing Shady Pines. She leers she was released ... Ben remembers Vincent ordering him to off Ciara and hyperventilates to Marlena. Meanwhile sleeping beauty Ciara wakes up. Her head feels heavy. Vincent leers she cannot leave. She wonders ... Brady prays in the chapel for papa John. Enter Eric, who tries to reassure him. Brady wonders how Eric is doing. Not so well thanks to Sami ... Sami returns to Lucas and the baby. She updates him on the custody case, smirking she had a secret weapon ... Belle blasts Jan for what she did to Shawn and plotting to blow up Dotcom. Jen leers to look in her bag. Shawn reads the judge signed off on her release. He must let her go. She taunts maybe Marlena could be her doctor ... Ben gasps to Marlena he did not do what Vincent wanted him to ... Ciara recognized Vincent as Eve’s flunky. He ordered Ben to just do it. She urged Ben to believe their love would win. Ben shoved his wannabe master away from her ...

Belle warns con artist Jan that Marlena would never treat her again. Jan taunts Sami helped her get released ... When Lucas learns that Sami helped Jan walk, he is stunned. She boasts she was the best witness to show Eric’s wife is unfit mother material ... Eric confides in Brady about Sami’s betrayal. Brady feels badly about taping Nicole’s Xander confession ... Marlena gets Ben to breathe and continue. He recounts he came close to killing Vincent, who jabbed him in the arm. Ciara rushed to him as he fell to the floor. Then he was out cold ... Ciara remembers the rest. She blasted Vincent and stood up to him. Her Ben would never harm her. Vincent agreed and injected her, leering it was time for plan B. Ciara now softly asks what that is. He smiles strangely. She demands to know what he did. Gave her a strong dose, stuffed her in his trunk and brought her here, where she has been sleeping. She worriedly wonders what comes next ... Marlena counts down to bring back Ben’s conscious state. He remembers Vincent was there and assumes he has Ciara. Grateful Hope enters and takes off to check on his APB. Marlena gives Ben a bottle of water. He drinks and fears for Ciara. However now he now knows for a fact he did not and would not harm the love of his life. Marlena smiles he is strong. He thanks her for her help. They both just want Ciara brought home to her loved ones ...

Back in the chapel, Eric assures brother Brady he and Nicole overcame his mischief and are still happily married. He asks why he left Salem without a word ... Lucas tells Sami she went too far setting Jan Spears loose on the world again. Sami is smug Nicole was upset but Lucas warns someone else will really explode after realizing what she did ... Belle questions Jan’s claim that Sami fast tracked her release. She updates Shawn and Belle on being her perfect witness and flounces off. Belle wants Shawn to take Claire up to New England to watch fall leaves while she stays in Salem to kill her sister! Marlena returns from the hypnosis session and informs Shawn she knows for a fact that Ben did not harm Ciara. However, they are unaware where she was taken ... Ben sighs to Hope that Vincent is good at vanishing. Hope argues if he was only Eve’s paid flunky, what is his game now that Eve was apprehended ... Ciara mentions big money Vincent could get for her safe return. He rages he has his own reasons for hating Ben Weston ... Exasperated Lucas exclaims Jan recently kidnapped Shawn and tried to blow up Belle and friends! Sami wants to believe Belle will approve but he warns she will get a wakeup call soon. Enter Belle, who hisses what the hell was she thinking! Lucas starts to feel like a psychic ... Eric is astounded when Brady reveals he was with Kristen and their daughter. Alas Brady cannot reveal her whereabouts. Eric reminds him she stabbed Victor. Brady blames Victor for making her think Rachel was dead and insists mom and daughter are doing well. The baby is in good health. Eric tries to be happy for him. Brady insists Kristen takes care of her. Eric politely points out being on the run is not a bright future for a family ... Hope confers with Ben. They will ask Eve about Vincent’s orders ... Vigilante Vincent rages to Ciara he too wanted revenge on Ben. She innocently asks why. He talks crime scene photos he will never forget. Photos of the murdered woman he loved – Wendy Taylor. They too had dreams of a happily ever after ... Marlena and Shawn compare notes. No one saw Ciara leaving the dorm. He decides to head to the station. She will stay with John and asks about Belle. Shawn sighs she went to see Sami. It does not sound good ... Belle screams at Sami for bringing Jan Spears back. Sami complains she quit as her lawyer. Belle reminds her she almost offed her father. Sami thinks just as well did she not rep her and gets more delusional by the Salem second. When she claims she is the better lawyer even without college and law school audacious Belle slaps her across the face ...

Brady sighs he must be in Salem now, but Kristen cannot be here. Tis complicated. He will get some sleep at the Salem Inn. Eric promises when he wakes up, they will have good news about papa John ... While Lucas watches the Sami show, Belle apologizes for the smack. Sami apologizes for the insult. Belle sighs she hurt others again to get what she wants. Sami argues Jan was about to be released anyway. Belle snaps she is a psycho. Sami brings up Claire, so Lucas stops her. Sami apologizes again. Belle knows her apology means nothing. John is critical, Shawn’s sister is missing and now a loon from their past is on the loose ... Marlena is horrified to hear Sami helped get Jan released. Speak of the devil! Jen pops over and asks Marlena to be her therapist. She is not taking new patients and takes off. Jan gives Shawn the eye and notes they are alone now ... Unseen Eve is before the judge for her arraignment. Waiting Ben hates feeling helpless and gets impatient with waiting Hope. He cannot lose Ciara ... Ciara realizes Wendy was the sweet midwife. Vincent hisses her life was cut short by Ben after he forced her to deliver Abigail’s premature baby. She was shot dead out in the cold dark woods, but the news was not interested in the sweet forgotten victim. He blasts Ciara for helping Ben get away with his bloody crimes. Ciara hangs her head ... Marlena sits with Eric in the chapel, sorry about Sami. He leans on her in silence ... Belle excuses herself to the hospital. Sami politely says to send Marlena her love. She will pray for John. Belle growls she always get what she wants not caring whom it costs and walks out. Lucas doubts she is feeling very forgiving …... Shawn gives Jan a dark look when she lets him know she heard about Ciara, smiles she will see him around, and flounces off ... Hope gets confirmation Eve is coming. Ben regrets not remembering earlier. Hope tries to be positive ... Ciara is sorry for what befell Wendy. Vigilante Vincent rages her husband murdered her in cold blood. She whispers what will he do now? Take away the love of Ben’s life! Meanwhile Brady is back in his hotel suite when he spies a familiar handbag. Stylish Kristen emerges and smiles they have to stop meeting like this ...


Luv Cathy

The Salem Story on Thursday September 3, 2020