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1400 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
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Shawn is somewhat surprised by the sight of casual Victor in his office. He wants a word with Hope, but she is away trying to track Vincent. Vic quips he hopes the creep gets offed for what he did to Ciara. Shawn muses she might be alive ... At the swanky Kiariakis mansion, stylish Maggie is planning a welcome home special dinner for prodigal son Phillip. She, Victor, Xander and Sarah will be at the cozy family affair. Phil solemnly nods. The redhead assumes the co-CEOs are co-existing. Phillip alludes to their match made in hell ... Flirty Sarah wants Xander to shower and join her downstairs for the family dinner. Jan Spears calls ... Allie is astonished. Nicole notes Tripp is not a blood relative which is a good thing now that they know he is Henry’s father ... Tripp can only say WOW when Steve reveals Allie returned to Salem to give birth ... Xander remembers Sarah dragging him away from she-devil Jan Spears. He fibs tis a call about work and sends her ahead to shower. Jan boasts about her plan to report Phillip for threatening her. She sees it as the road to Shawn ... Shawn updates Victor on the tiny window of time in which Ciara might have escaped. He wants to believe Hope is right. Vic sighs they will all be crushed if she was killed but if anyone can find her ... There is nothing like the power of the mom.

Allie argues Tripp never mentioned Salem or Steve. Nicole does an internet search. Allie gasps that is the guy. Bingo ... Tripp had no idea Allie was with child. Steve tells him the timeline. He asks his boy if he might be the daddy. Tripp soap stares ... Maggie probes. Phil scoffs Xander is a fool who is out of his league. The redhead reasons he did a good job with the fourth quarter. She realizes Phillip feels the top job belongs to him and reminds him he left his father for five years. He calls himself a tough negotiator. She states he only got a second chance cos Victor loves him so. Now he and Xander can cooperate to help cheer Victor up, given all those who are now gone. Phil considers Xander a thug who deceived his dad. He hopes he did not also dupe Maggie .... Victor assumes Shawn’s bad blood with Phillip is in the past. The talk turns to Jan. The Greek growls about the dingbat going free ... Jan explains her petty plan to Xander. Belle will want to rep Phillip, whom Shawn loathes. It will cause trouble in paradise and she will pick up the pieces. He gives her the go ahead and hangs up ... Steve wonders whether Tripp is the father of Allie’s baby. Alas Claire interrupts ... Back at the apartment, Nicole feels for Allie, who confirms that is the Tripp from London. Allie only met him one time. When Nicole sighs it only takes one time, the girl shakes her shaggy head ...

Claire wants to organize a memorial service for Ciara. Tripp replies Hope believes she might be alive. Steve had no idea ... Shawn leaves busy Belle a message about having dinner together after Kristen’s arraignment is over. He misses his wife. Jan walks in and coolly coos she can keep him company. He warns her away from his daughter. She claims she only came to offer her condolences about Ciara. He growls to get out. She gushes she is going to help him nail Phillip Kiriakis ... Maggie patiently points out Xander saved her life when she tried to end it all in the slammer. He is not a perfect person, but he is becoming a better man. Furthermore, he is family just like Phillip and he is here to stay. Phil should try ... Sarah comes out of the shower and suggests Xander get dressed. He takes off his shirt ready for another one, with her ... Allie wants a drink. Nicole stops her and suggests she tell the whole story. Where to start ... Steve hears Hope and Ben are out searching for Vincent. He hopes they find him. Claire still feels a memorial would be better. She wants to plan this for her best friend, her family. Tripp offers to help and suggests they go get started. Steve suggests they finish their conversation but Tripp cuts him off and goes with Claire. Steve got no reply to his question ... Victor, Maggie and Phillip are waiting downstairs for the late Sarah and Xander. Maggie makes a toast. Phil hands Victor a proposal for an investment opportunity. Vic looks. Phil suggests they move fast before the DiMeras do. Vic tells him to check with Xander, but he thinks no need to involve him. Xander arrives with Sarah and asks his involvement with WOT.

Jan repeats her claim to Shawn and tells him tis true. He scoffs it was a comment, but she claims Phillip repeated it and grabbed her arm, getting in her face. She fears for her life! Shawn tries not to laugh at the loon. She warns he is supposed to do his duty as an officer of the law. She is a citizen with rights ... Claire sits with Tripp at the square and shows him her pictures of Ciara. He admires Ciara as a beautiful bride. Claire gets teary-eyed. Tripp suggests they continue another time, but she insists she is alright. She now shows him her then preggers cousin Allie, who was the maid of honor. Mama Sami did not allow her to give up her baby. Allie bolted but came back. She thinks Tripp would like her, so he admits they are already acquainted ... Allie alludes to being a party girl in London with lots of money. Nicole is not judging. Allie continues, It was at a trendy club in Kensington that she encountered cute Tripp. He wanted to dance, she said no, but there is more to the story ... Xander reads the report and talks risk. Phillip accuses him of not giving him a chance. Xander agrees the company has potential but one of the partners could pose a problem. They can try to work it out later at the office. Tonight is for the welcome home dinner. Phillip fumes. Vic calls him a spoiled brat. He calls Xander a neanderthal. Sarah warns him to watch it. Maggie discretely suggests dinner. Shawn arrives on official police business and orders Phillip down to the station for questioning. Xander looks smug. His aristocratic adversary did not see it coming ...

Nicole hears the club got crowded later when many got wasted. Tripp appeared again and tapped Allie's shoulder, asking her to dance to his fav song. She agreed as she liked the song. But she was wasted and staggering. She thinks he picked her up when she almost fell. The next thing she remembers is him offering to take her home and her agreeing ... Claire wonders where Tripp met Allie. Smug Jan Spears interruptus wanting a word. Tripp must head to admissions to transfer, assures Claire he is still on board and goes. Jan calls him a great catch. Claire asks what she wanted to discuss. Claire’s dad ... Phil wants to settle the situation. Shawn sighs it is about his threat to off Jan Spears. Phil whispers he said that in confidence so why go all cop now! Xander tries not to laugh. Victor demands an explanation. Shawn drawls Jan did make a complaint so he must follow up. Did Phillip grab the girl’s arm and get in her face? Probably. Shawn announces that is an admission to assault and must now arrest him. Drums play. Sarah gives Xander a suspicious look ... Claire sips her coffee with Jan, who insists she only went to the station for justice despite what others might say ... Phil argues he was trying to warn Shawn and his family! Victor growls to get the cuffs off his son. Shawn hauls him off. Victor snaps he needs to call a lawyer. Xander steps away to do so and Sarah accuses him of orchestrating everything ... Allie's recent slap weighs heavy on Tripp's mind ... Nicole asks Allie what transpired at Tripp’s place. She snaps they had s-e-x and heads to bed, refusing Nicole’s offer of tea ...


Luv Cathy

The Salem Story on Tuesday, September 29, 2020