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1350 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)


At the Salem patient’s bedside, Steve plays cards. John loses to his one-eyed jack and chuckles. He shuffles and apologizes for the wild anger earlier. Steve suggests he just focus on his brain healing. Here comes sweetness with apple pie for John, who hisses he hates apple pie ... Suited Abe is at Julie’s place with baby Rachel, anxiously awaiting Lani. His stylish daughter arrives and gets mad at him for hiring back Melinda Trask, who is after bff Kristen ... Begging Brady approaches livid Trask and suggests the vendetta stop ... While Nicole ponders the baby’s possible papa, Tripp and Allie run into each other by the park. He is pleasantly surprised but not her ... Nicole coos she loves having Henry around. Knock knock! Tis Kate, who came to check on her granddaughter. Allie is expected from the drugstore. Meanwhile Allie sighs her family is from Salem and assumes Tripp came to town for her. He smiles his family is from here as well and asks how she is. She hauls off and hits him across the face, calling him a son of a ... The clueless college boy did not see it coming.

Abe assures Lani he had no idea Kristen was in Salem when he suggested Melinda as a last-minute replacement. Lani updates him on how unfair she has been and urges him to fire her ... Brady brings up how long he and Kristen thought they had lost their daughter. Melinda snaps she is alive whereas Haley was murdered. Brady argues Kristen was not out to get her and it was already agreed so she brings up Kristen jabbing Victor with a knife. She knows exactly where to get more evidence too and joins Eli in his office ... John is so sorry he verbally attacked Kayla’s apple pie. She smiles it is alright. Steve teases now he gets to take it. Tripp will finish it. He seems to be staying in Salem ... Tripp stops Allie from storming off by grabbing her arm. Not the best move ... Exasperated Abe argues he has no grounds to fire Melinda. Lani grumbles she threatened to throw the book at Kristen in her and Eli’s presence. Abe believes in justice, but she feels there is no chance of a fair trial ... Eli gets grilled by Trask about the first time Brady fake confessed. She also has questions about what is missing in his report ... Brady arrives at John’s room. Kayla leaves with Steve and the pie. John apologizes in advance for his new rude side. Brady believes it will go away. John sighs he spoke with Allie on the phone and said something harsh. He is so happy to have her home ... Kate notes it turned out well for Nicole after all. Nicole adds at least Allie is here being a mother to her son. Kate is grateful Sami did not get to take off with her great-grandson and loves the name Henry. Nicole states it was not from the father’s side. They have both remarked Allie’s refusal to discuss the baby’s daddy. Kate concludes their relationship ended on a sour note ... Tripp assures Allie she was not far from his mind and wishes she had stayed in touch. She snaps she had more on her mind than him!

Eli explains there was a lack of evidence. Trask demands to know why he did not question Kristen after Victor accused her! He was en route to see her when Rafe informed him she was already at the station. He fibs he assumed she came to see Brady and came straight here to interrogate her. He remembers confronting Lani and replies when he arrived at the station Kristen was already gone. Naturally he leaves Lani’s name out of it ... Abe reminds Lani tis up to the judge to decide. Lani fears the worst. He feels a D.A. who is emotionally involved is less effective and less likely to get a guilty verdict. Lani thinks that does not apply to Trask. Abe suggests they accept the system ... Nicole worries about Allie's emotional wellbeing and blames Sami for being so hard on her. That must be why she has not shared her story. Kate thinks she might open up to Nicole, asks her to give Allie her love and heads off for an appointment with Mayor Abe. Nicole wonders why Allie has been so long ... Allie gets sarcastic. Tripp tells her he has been concerned since he last saw her in London. She scoffs to forget they saw each other and storms off ...

As Eli sips coffee from his mug, Melinda mutters someone tipped off Kristen, so she ran. She needs to know who ... Lani does not want to lose the hubby she loves over this and agrees to let it go. Abe is relieved. She asks him to keep watching Rachel until after the arraignment. With any luck, bail will be granted and Trask will step aside from the case ... John would love to hear about granddaughter Rachel since her mom was arrested. Brady believes she senses something. John is sorry if he is partly to blame for Kristen coming back. Brady disagrees and complains about Trask being D.A. She rejected his confession. John cannot believe he tried to take the heat. He rages Victor the son of a beech is to blame and then tries to hold it together ... By the nurse’s station Steve admires the golden pie made by his baby. She smiles she baked it with Tripp. She also gave him her blessing to come back for his last year of med school. He has changed from his troubled days. Here he comes ... Nicole is relieved when Allie returns but sees she is spooked. She gasps she just saw Henry’s father. Oooo

Trask insists an insider tipped off Kristen and wonders who else knew she was the main suspect. She mentions Rafe so Eli argues she might have overheard him. Trask orders him to get the security footage and logs of all station calls. After the arraignment she will do some digging. Eli agrees and stares with worry ... Abe can see Lani is worried and wonders what Trask has other than Vic’s statement for that alone does not make the case strong. She remembers Eli promising not to reveal as a detective that Lani confided Kristen confessed to her. They had just reunited, kissed, and made love. Back to reality. She tells Abe Trask has nothing more. He has a strange feeling, but she acts distant and departs ... Tripp admits he did not exactly make it to the admissions office. Steve wants to know what went down. He senses something is off ... Allie was unaware Henry’s father had family in Salem and it was an accidental meeting. Nicole asks for a name. TRIPP. Nicole asks for a last name, but Allie does not know. Nicole asks if it could be Tripp Dalton ... John tries to keep it together. Brady is sorry he upset him, but John needs to know the latest. He learns that as per Belle, the D.A. has a weak case. Kristen has a hope in heck so long as Trask does not get anything new ... Lani catches up with Eli, who complains about Trask demanding details from the station that day. He fears it could lead to Lani ... Kate has a meeting with Abe and Rachel at Julie’s Place and admits she went to see Henry. She is so relieved Allie agreed to stay in Salem for her son ... Allie acts like she does not know any Tripp Dalton. Nicole tells her that is Steve’s son ... Kayla gets paged to emerg. Steve suggests his son share what is bothering him. It is about a girl he just ran into that he met in London. Allie ... Steve gasps Allie Horton is John’s granddaughter. She recently returned to Salem to have her BABY.


Luv Cathy

The Salem Story on Monday, September 28, 2020