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1300 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)


Gwen gasps to Rolf they have a problem. Abigail is back! The mad scientist was not expecting this. Meanwhile at DiMera mansion, Lucas interrupts Abigail wanting Chad’s coffee shirt. Allie is behind him and reveals she is moving in with Nicole ... Nicole ends a call with Eric and calls Sami a nightmare as she opens the knocking door. She assumed it was Allie. There stands Sami ... Tripp wants to help Kayla cut the apples for her pie. He went to see Hope about Ciara, but Shawn said she is searching for Vincent. She suspects Ciara is actually alive ... Ben is stunned to see Claire in his room. What the hell ... Rolf hears Abigail is better so long as she pops her pills. The drug that was supposed to destroy her did not work so a new plan is needed ... Allie updates Abigail and Chad on the compromise that Sami accepted. Abigail alludes to Sami and Nicole’s history ... Sami is early to lay down the law with Nicole … Claire was let in by the front door clerk to return Ciara’s belongings that were left with her. Ben sighs Ciara is gone. She is sorry ... Tripp informs Kayla that DNA, no remains of Ciara were found so Hope is hoping. Kayla can relate as a mother ... Sami puts the baby bassinet down and snaps at Nicole she is only doing this to get Allie to fall in love with her son. She warns baby snatcher Nicole not to get too close to her grandson ... Allie explains why Nicole is her best choice. Abigail looks forward to spending time with cousin Allie’s little boy since she is staying in Salem. Allie smiles. Before Lucas leaves with her, he growls at Chad not to let Gwen steal his bedroom like she did the last. He is here to stay ... Gwen approached Rolf to destroy Abigail and did as instructed. He despises the girl who caused trouble for Stefano DiMera. She asks for another dose of his serum to melt the girl’s brain for good. He laughs condescendingly. No can do ...

Sami warns even out of the country she technically has custody. Lucas and Allie arrive so Sami puts on a sweet smile and hands Allie her baby. She suggests she name him ... Kayla wonders when Tripp is going back to California. He hopes to finish his final year of med school in Salem, if Kayla agrees ... Ben finds the tiny bell he gave Ciara to protect her on her travels. Then he sadly holds her red outfit. Last time he saw her in it he was trying to talk her out of allowing Claire at her wedding. He is sorry for that. Claire understands. He wishes he had realized it was Eve who was trying to sabotage their happily ever after. Ciara might still be here ... Back at DiMera mansion Abigail is saddened by Jack’s article about Ciara. Chad suggests he take the day off from work to be with her and the kids. Abigail announces she wants to return to work ... Rolf reasons Gabi is not longer in town to take the fall. Gwen begs. He gets a wicked grin about the loooong game ...

Kayla has put the past in the past. Tripp states they would spend time together at the hospital. He regrets how he hurt her before and would understand if she said no ... Allie wants Nicole to name the baby she will be raising. Sami argues Allie is the mother and should name him. Nicole agrees. Allie lists a few names and Lucas laughs they are all from One Direct. Allie settles on Henry Lucas Horton. Lucas loves it. Sami smiles too ... Chad talks stress. Abigail wants her routine back working at the Spectator. Her problems are a thing of the past. Chad supports her ... Rolf grills Gwen about Abigail’s wonderful life and suggests she go after all she loves, taking it away. He adds to have more finesses in her approach. Gwen hates the girl, agrees, and says goodbye in German ... Chad and Abigail are kissing when Gwen comes back. He is miffed she never sent Harold to save his shirt. She gushes she got Abigail a gift of decaf mocha java and wants to be friends. Sweet Abigail agrees. Gwen hugs her in fake gratitude ...

Allie hands Nicole the baby and she goes to happily change the baby’s diaper. Lucas suggests Sami make haste since she has a flight to catch. She smiles she will see him at the car and he happily goes, still gushing about the name. Allie acts frosty with Sami. Sami cries she has clashed with her own mama many times, but Marlena is always there for her just as she shall always be there for Allie. She cries she loves her. Allie loves her back and grabs her in a goodbye hug ... Kayla reminds Tripp he was mourning his mother and not the same guy he is now. He comes clean about framing Ben for the fire that almost made Ciara lose her life ... Ben is livid Vincent is still on the loose. Claire explains Hope is hunting for him. Shawn said she suspects Ciara might not have been in the blown-up automobile, she might be alive. Ben digests as drums play ... Lucas and Sami stroll through the square. Lucas is proud Sami did the right thing. They must be patient with Allie. But she worries Nicole might return to her wicked ways without Eric around ... Nicole innocently asks if the father's name is Henry. Allie gets agitated about the bastard and cuts the conversation short. Nicole suggests they focus on something for diaper rash. Allie offers to get it from the store ...

Tripp explains he convinced himself Ben was to blame. Kayla thanks him for his honesty and praises him as a good guy who will become a brilliant medicine man. He gets her blessing to transfer. Tripp profusely thanks her and goes to set his transfer in motion ... Claire reveals to Ben that Ciara’s remains were never found in the car. Hope thinks she might have gotten out before Vincent was confronted. However, Shawn feels Hope’s hunch may or may not be accurate. Ben gasps he never saw her in the car and announces he is going to help Hope get evil Vincent ... Gwen suggests she and new friend Abigail do yoga in the mornings. Abigail explains she is returning to work. Chad notes the nanny gave in her notice. Gwen gushes she can be the new nanny ... Ben refuses to back down and storms out, a man on a mission to get the truth from Vincent ... Sami sighs no one is sad to see her leave. Lucas lets her know he is as she makes life interesting. She hugs him and asks him to keep an eye on Henry and Allie. Lucas is pumped ... Nicole wonders why Allie refuses to name the daddy ... Meantime by the park, texting Tripp bumps into texting Allie and apologizes. She is horrified to seem him!


Luv Cathy

The Salem Story on Friday, September 25, 2020