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1300 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)


At the park Justin stops the kiss and gasps what the hell ... Cool Steve visits cool John the Salem patient, who is not sleeping for a change. Patch challenges him at cards and suggests Marlena play. He learns she went to see Ben ... Ben is dreaming of the nightmare explosion and jumps up shouting for Ciara. Marlena comforts him ... At DiMera mansion Gwen has more drugs ready for Abigail. Chad interrupted yesterday but today is another day. Standing by the window she muses Abigail will not be lucky today and realizes Jack and Jen are standing in the doorway staring ... Abigail returns to her bedroom with Chad. She enjoyed the morning routine of getting the kids ready. She looks at the framed photo of Chad with the other Abigail aka Kate Mansi - and wonders who the hell that is! Teehee ... Marlena has something to help Ben and he drinks up. He complains every time he falls asleep, he can see the car blowing up with his beloved bride. He laments letting her down ... Gwen slips the tiny bottle in her pants pocket and bids the Devereaux good morning. Jen assumes she was talking on the phone. Gwen admits she speaks to herself and blames her Bayview days ... Chad informs Abigail she is in the picture and hands it back. Now it is Marci Miller in the picture. He asks if she hallucinated. She assumes she did not this time. We all hallucinated with her ... Jack gets miffed after Gwen calls the patients at Bayview nutters. She apologizes given Abigail’s past and is pleased she made it through. However, one always worries about a relapse. She acts like she regrets her words ... Abigail assures Chad with the meds she can manage her hallucinations. He is sorry she did not know she was the woman in the picture. She quips there are worse things and refers to him kissing another woman ... Bonnie was just celebrating the win. So she says. Justin denies kissing her back, but she begs to differ ... Marlena insists Ben is not to blame. He woefully takes Ciara’s rings. She was his everything. Now there is nothing left but the rings of his lost love ...

Steve is sad about Ciara and sighs to John at least she is with papa Bo now. He praises Marlena for being there for Ben. John starts to get testy. When Steve calls her an angel who also helped him through John accuses him of wanting his wife ... Bonnie felt Justin was in the kiss with her. He regrets accepting her case and calls her a con artist. She is no Adrienne! He throws her back her cowboy hat, shouts to shove it and storms off. Bonnie is completely crestfallen ... Jen and Jack will not discuss their daughter with Gwen, try to ignore her underhanded compliments and depart ... Chad is not happy about Abigail’s comment, so she claims she was joking. Chad senses her upset. She assures him she is alright and trusts in Gwen. He insists he wants only her always, calls her his beautiful wife and kisses her. She wants to go shower but Mr. DiMera feels frisky ... Steve thinks John is joking. John snaps and rages he did go after Marlena not long ago. Steve reminds him that was Stefano. John scoffs screw his friendship and the cards. Steve talks him down. John is sorry and sighs he has not been himself of late ... Ben recounts the history of Ciara’s rings. He reveals to Marlena he dreamt they were together. However, she was taken. He sobs how to live without her for she was his life! Marlena tells him to give it time. The precious memories mean she will always be alive in his heart. He weeps he does not want her to be dead. She continues to console him, and he appreciates it. He now asks after John. She smiles he came out of the coma and seems to be alright. He tells her to go to her hubby,for he will muddle through. Marlena repeats he is not alone before she steps out ...

Jen comes across Bonnie sobbing at the square. She offers a napkin, so Bonnie blows her nose. Jen wonders what is the matter. Today she got her big settlement from the publisher, but lawyer Justin loathes her for kissing him. Jen gasps he could get disbarred ... Justin is drowning his sorrows at the pub when Jack comes in. He already sounds slap happy. Jack wonders what went down. Justin slurs he feels like a fool on account of a woman and keeps downing the beer. Jack believes he means Kayla. No, it is about ... Bonnie. Jack cannot believe it ... When dressed Chad and Abigail come downstairs gushy Gwen pours a mug of mocha java for Abigail ... Marlena returns from a word with Dr. Sarah and reveals to Ben he is being released. He sighs home was with Ciara but sends Marlena to her man. She whispers she is here for him anytime ... John admits to Steve he keeps losing control. Patchman points out being alive and yelling is better than being dead. He can take it. John chuckles and pats his pal’s face ... Chad cuddles with Abigail, says he loves her and reminds her no caffeine with her meds. Abigail puts the tainted mug down and Chad decides to drink it. Gwen sputters nnnnoooo and spills it on his white shirt. Abigail tries to clean it off. He demands Gwen explain, so she argues it is not nice to drink the coffee Abigail wanted but could not have. She admits to going a bit overboard given she felt badly about the fact that she kissed Chad and gives the couple their privacy ...

Abigail makes light of it. Coffee stained Chad kisses her on the couch ... Jen assumes Bonnie wanted Justin’s money, but Bonnie is now a wealthy woman. The kiss was not planned. Jen acts suspicious since she has done so many rotten things. Bonnie weeps Justin was like her John Wayne. He was so nice. She wishes she could forgive herself for what she did to his wife. She wants to be a better woman ... Drunk Justin denies there is any bond between him and Bonnie, who kissed him. He sighs Sonny warned him when he saw the cowboy hat. Jack cannot help but laugh. Justin gives him the whole story about his legal success and admits he gave her another chance because she looks like Adrienne. However, she is no Adrienne, whom he has now betrayed. Jack notes he has no feelings for Bonnie so there is no betrayal. Justin drinks more and denies there were any feelings for Bonnie. He wishes Adrienne’s brother would realizes that. Jack assures him he gets it ... Bonnie feels like a fool. Jen warns there could never be anything between her and Justin, given the history, and discreetly departs. Bonnie continues to wallow in her self-pity ... Back in the DiMera living room Chad pouts Gwen promised to get Harold. He needs his white shirt cleaned up. Abigail will do it and admits she was impressed with the way Gwen stuck up for her. Chad agrees not to pass judgment when she muses they might become friends ... In the slammer, Dr. Rolf finds visitor Gwen waiting for him and smiles what a surpriiise. She casually grins wot’s up doc ... Ben returns to his and Ciara’s hotel room. A bag is on the bed, but it never belonged to Ciara. Furthermore, someone is in the loo ...


Luv Cathy

The Salem Story on Thursday, September 24, 2020