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1300 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
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At the Kiriakis mansion Justin is on the phone with Sonny. He loves the pics and promises Adrienne would be proud. Ding dong! Bonnie calling ... Lani forgives Eli and asks him to forgive her as well. Meanwhile Kristen is troubled Brady tried to confess yet again! He reasons Rachel needs her mama ... Eric comes home to Nicole. The night is theirs. However, first she must share Allie’s request ... At DiMera mansion Sami reminds Kate she has custody and decides to depart for Italy with Allie’s baby. Allie appears. Sami lies she was leaving for Marlena’s. Kate tells curious Allie the truth! Sami was going to bolt with her baby ... Nicole explains Allie asked her to raise the baby alone while Eric is in Africa. He asks how she would feel about it. She smiles she would have less free time to miss him and they gaze at one another ... Allie is exasperated. Sami learns Eric is leaving tonight and takes off to see him but must leave the baby with Kate for now ... Lawyer Belle joins Brady and Kristen with bad news. The new D.A. is Melinda Trask, aka Haley’s real mom, the late Haley having been offed by Kristen ... Justin ends the call and lets Bonnie in. She asks about Sonny. He replies he and Will are really enjoying Arizona. She makes the sign of the cross for the late Adrienne. Justin is momentarily distracted. He has an update on her settlement ... Eli admits he was just after justice after what befell Ciara. Lani feels Kristen should go free ... Brady and Kristen hear the flaky D.A. sold a hopeful pilot to the Peacock and quit. Melinda is now the woman in charge. She has rejected Brady’s confession and hisses Kristen is the only killer in the room ...

Back at DiMera mansion Allie is about to call Justin to keep Sami away from her baby. Kate wonders what if Nicole says no to having him or the judge refuses to change things ... Eric gushes Nicole is the best mom, but Sami would be in the picture. God knows what she would do. The terrible twin bangs at the door so Nicole opens. Sami gasps Eric almost left without saying goodbye. He growls goodbye and slams the door in her frazzled face ... Justin informs Bonnie he is having a hearing with the publisher. He suspects they will settle and stops her when she tries to grab him. Hands off ... Sami threatens to break down the door. Eric opens and she waltzes in. He blasts her for bringing Jan Spears back. She argues she would have gotten released and reveals she is going to Italy with the baby. Nicole warns Allie is against it. Sami leers she will be long gone if they try to get legal. Appalled Eric warns her she will lose Allie ... Kate holds the baby, reminds Allie of their bond, and asks her to hold him. Allie admits she was afraid she would ruin his life. Kate gives her a pep talk, hands him over and Allie says hi to her little lad, who sounds like he has Sami’s lungs ...

Eli is surprised when Lani states it was Kristen who convinced her to make up with him. He makes light of the DiMera’s devotion and warns Lani that their jobs will always come up. She does not want to lose him. He insists she never will. They exchange heartfelt I love yous and a kiss ... Polka dot Melinda Trask tells off Kristen for pushing Haley down the stairs. Brady talks accident. This time Trask will not let her off the hook ... Justin warns Bonnie her publisher could ask for conditions like reducing her royalties in return for a lump sum. She would not mind. She admires the view as he goes to call the courthouse and walks around the grand living room. A framed photo of Justin and Adrienne catches her eye ... Sami wants Allie to accompany her to Italy. Eric warns she should respect her wishes. Sami must return for EJ and admits Allie does not seem ready for full custody. Eric has an idea, but it would go against Sami’s big ego ... Lani and Eli snuggle on their big bed. She feels for Kristen. Eli kisses her head and notes there is no real hard evidence. He can conveniently forget that Kristen confessed to him off the record and intends to ignore it if she is released. Lani gazes at her hero and gives him a sweet kiss ... Dapper Brady accuses Trask of attempted revenge. She only plans to go after Kristen. Brady dares her to talk to Victor and warns she will not get away with it, but she hisses she will see Kristen in court and stomps out ...

Bonnie comes back from the washroom as Justin appears with news of having to make an emergency filing. They can meet at the courthouse. She tells him to wait and he stops in his tracks ... Nicole is all for the compromise Eric suggests. Sami tries to argue. Eric thinks her daughter will be through with her if she takes her baby with her. Sami does not want to lose her daughter and sighs she shall compromise ... Bonnie gets Justin his lucky cowboy hat and he grins. “After you, ma’am.” ... After the loving Eli praises those pregnancy hormones and kisses Lani. He loved making up ... Stefano’s portrait watches approvingly as Allie thanks Katarina for her help. Kate loves the little sweetheart and asks if Allie wants to stay in his life. She is confused but certain she is not going to Italy with Sami. She also fears if Sami gets the restraining order she will fly off to Italy. Justin now calls her back ... Sami sighs Allie would have to agree to the deal. Eric believes it is a step in the right direction. Sami sighs why is he always right? Nicole smiles cos he is Eric Brady. Sami softens and seconds that. She gets tears in her eyes about him going now that they are not fighting. He knows not how long he will be away. She weeps he will be missed. Nicole seconds that. The twins tenderly embrace with an I love you ...

Brady cannot believe what is happening! Crushed Kristen sounds like she is giving up, but he cannot accept it. She cries now she has Rachel and Brady but will have to say goodbye ... Back at work, Eli and Lani are astounded to learn from Trask’s lips that she is now D.A. She is grateful Detective Grant hauled in Kristen DiMera and vows to get the rest of the evidence. Lani gives Eli a worried look ... Nicole fears Holly will be upset about Eric leaving. He reminds her it is not forever and wants this to be their see you later. He wants to spend his last day in Salem with Nicole at his side. She weeps she will count the seconds until his return. He feels the same way so see you later. They kiss ... Sami returns to Allie, who warns Justin is getting a restraining order. Sami announces she will agree to Nicole having custody so long as Allie lives with her ... By the pretty park, Justin shows Bonnie the number of what the publisher is paying. He gets a third. She screams they are rich and hugs him. The cowboy hat falls off and she kisses him on the lips. Justin responds for a second but ...


Luv Cathy

The Salem Story on Wednesday, September 23, 2020