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1100 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
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At DiMera mansion Sami carries the sleeping baby boy and calls him an angel. She assumes Allie will not be able to resist leaving with them for Italy. Here comes Kate, who sees Sami has brought all of Allie’s favorite sweet muffins. It will not work. She is not even here now ... Allie embraces Nicole and is sorry about what Sami did. She wants to change the judge’s ruling in favor of Nicole and Eric ... At the pub Belle cackles to Marlena about John’s cactus throw Sami’s way and sips coffee. Marlena just wants to make sure her man is alright and sips her coffee. Eric has called their pub meeting and arrives ... At the Kiriakis mansion Victor growls Brady is crazy if he thinks he will claim to the cops that Brady was the one who jabbed him ... Lani has breakfast and cute Rachel pictures for Kristen. Lani blames Eli for her arrest. Eli appears. He heard from Belle, who agreed to rep Kristen at today’s arraignment. Kristen is calmly grateful. Lani acts cold but Eli exclaims he was worried ... Brady just wants Vic to back up his story and gets coffee from a silver pot. He has the story all figured out, but Victor fumes Kristen would go free. Brady warns he will proceed with the plan with or without him ... Stylish Kate thinks Sami should not push and pours herself coffee. Sami knows Allie loves the baby and wants to stop her by talking to the judge. Kate counters the courthouse is closed still. Sami babbles she must be with Justin. Kate notes she is now with Nicole ...

Nicole notes the judge ruled against her already because of her past. Allie insists she and Eric are the best parents possible. Nicole sighs, since for a while she will be a single parent ... Roman joins the gang at the pub. Eric announces he is returning to Africa and explains why. The villagers need him again. Belle asks about Holly and Nicole. Even Nicole believed he was best needed there right now and gave him her blessing. Marlena learns he leaves tonight ... Victor reasons Eli might realize the lie. Brady reasons he could cut a deal easier than Kristen, given the hell he put them through. He begs and suggests he declare he got what he deserved. Victor feels badly and agrees to play along but only for his grandson’s sake ... Eli was worried where Lani was all night. With Abe. Lani is still livid. Eli wonders what he can do. She only wants to know when Belle arrives. Eli woefully leaves. Kristen suggests her friend forgive him ... Nicole informs Allie that Eric is needed in Africa now. However, she is staying in Salem with Holly, so Allie asks to her raise the baby on her own ... Marlena is concerned about the timing, but Eric is convinced he is correct in his decision. He will video chat with Holly and Nicole and hopes they understand. Marlena emotionally explains she is proud of him and Roman calls him an example. Belle will miss him. He will miss them all and adds he left Brady a message. Roman asks about Sami. Eric soap stares ...

Kate knows Allie is close to Nicole. In addition, Allie has rights as a mother and her words to the judge will carry weight. She stops Sami from taking off to stop her. Sami gives her a strange look. Nicole cannot have Allie’s baby. Kate fears hurricane Sami would only send her on the run ... Nicole hesitates and reminds Allie that her letter wanted them both to raise the baby ... Marlena and John urge Eric to at least have a brief meeting with Sami but he does not want to fight. Brady calls Belle. He did not listen to his brother’s voice mail yet, so Belle enlightens him. He is on his way and argues to Victor they both go to extremes to protect their loved ones. The Greek tycoon sulks ... Lani refuses to ever forgive Eli. Kristen does not want her to lose hubby now that they are having two beautiful babies. It is best to be forgiving. Eli woefully watches through the window ... Kate warns Sami every time she pushes her daughter it backfires, and she might give her baby up for adoption! Sami is desperate to do something ... Nicole admits there is no precise return date for Eric and adds the judge might not change her mind. Allie will argue her case but first wants to know if she still wants her son ... At the pub Eric and Brady have a heartfelt farewell and brotherly hug. Belle joins in. He steps back to his folks and Brady tells Belle, who is Kristen's new lawyer, about his new strategy ... Kristen is a believer in turning the other cheek, as she and Lani learned when there were almost nuns on the run. She can see in Lani’s eyes she longs to forgive Eli. Lani talks trust. Kristen sends her to him to at least hear him out. As she approaches him, Kristen watches with hope in her eyes ... Sami suggests crafty Kate help her. Kate believes Allie is with Nicole and is close to going to the courthouse with Justin. Sami could lose custody if her own past mischief came out. In fact, Kate feels there is no way she can keep her full custody ...

Nicole explains Eric will be away but agrees to consider. Allie hugs her ... Belle warns Brady that Kristen would need to agree with his idea. They get back to Eric for the final farewell. Roman and Marlena have the last hug. Marlena gushes his heart is so full of love and Roman insists one more hug for the road. After a poignant I love you, Eric walks out the door. Ro tries to keep it together ... Eli and Lani head home for their talk. He assures the love of his life he wants to make things right and asks for forgiveness. She will try ... Brady joins Kristen and informs her Belle is cutting a deal with the D.A. cos he is gonna confess to stabbing Victor. Kristen snaps like hell ... Back at the pub Roman is mighty impressed Marlena held it together. She hopes their son will be back soon ... Eric heads home to Nicole and gives her the last kiss goodbye … Sami announces to Kate she is going to Italy with the baby now before anyone stops her. Enter Allie ...


Luv Cathy

The Salem Story on Tuesday, September 22, 2020