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1200 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)


Jan gushes Xander the Greek knight in shining armor can protect her from Sir Phil. Xander declares she can do it herself ... Shawn gasps not again when he catches Phillip hugging his wife ... Nicole knows how much the villagers mean to Eric and vice versa. They should have decided together ... At the nurse’s station Sarah smiles to Marlena about John’s positive tests. The blonde sighs John has a new temper. He already clashed with Sami. Sarah suspects Sami was to blame ... At DiMera mansion Allie confronts Sami not a second too soon. She left her note about wanting Eric and Nicole to raise her son and snaps Sami can go to Rome alone ... Eric murmurs they were just married and wants to be here for Nicole and Holly but Nicole sees the bigger picture. She knows deep down he wants to help. He loves her. She tells him to stay the man he is ... Phil is sorry about Ciara. Shawn gets mad so Belle explains this is about Jan ... Xander slyly suggests Jan report Phillip’s threat to the cops. She does not have a great relationship with them and coldly wonders what he wants that Phillip has ... Marlena knows Sami is the princess of provoking but this time John believed he started it. He feels frustrated. Sarah is sympathetic and goes to see the Salem patient ... Claire joins Marlena. She came to visit John. Marlena asks how she fares. She sighs Ciara being gone seems unreal. Marlena can give her a name to talk to, but clueless Claire announces she already has someone ... Belle complains to Shawn about Claire being Jan’s new target. He sighs oh God. Phillip solemnly listens ... Jan hears Xander hates having to share the CEOship with Phillip. He gets out his card, promising to make it worth her while if she cooperates. Sarah comes by and stops him ... Sami questions whether Allie can take of the baby. She argues Nicole can and she chose her. Sami counters the judge gave her custody. Allie heard she got that wacko woman to testify and refuses to let anyone but Nicole raise her baby ... Eric argues Nicole can raise money for the cause. She reminds him he is the saint who gives the villagers hope. He sighs they could not take Holly so he wants to stay. Nicole asks if he would have said no if her and Holly were not in the picture. The past priest ponders ...

Claire cannot imagine not having Ciara around. Marlena assures her she has many who care. She admits Belle is angry with her and assumes Shawn will feel the same cos she confided in Jan Spears. Marlena is flabbergasted ... Shawn believes Claire will turn her back on Jan. Belle wants to tell him more later. Shawn politely bids Phillip farewell but he offers to help. Shawn counters he is a cop. Phil claims he could do more and leers he threatened to off their arch enemy already ... Xander acts surprised when Sarah reveals this is the same Jan Spears who wanted to off Uncle Victor. He soap stares. Jan insists it was Nicole’s idea ... Nicole knows the world has bigger plans for Eric. He gets emotional about Angie, whose father was taken by malaria. Nicole admits tis tough doing the right thing ... Allie announces she is taking her baby to Eric and Nicole. Sami has full custody and calmly tells her she cannot. Allie defies her. Sami suggests she set aside her hate for her and do what is right by the baby. She believes she chose Nicole just to hurt her since she stole Sydney from her. Allie denies it. Sami argues she took off without even talking to an attorney. Allie accuses her of just wanting to go back to EJ her English patient and warns it will not happen. Sami acts like she already gave up her rights as a mother. Allie’s young face falls ...

Nicole has wine as Eric holds his glass of water. She believes the big guy upstairs has big plans for the man she loves. She will not stand in his way. Eric holds her face and gazes at her ... Marlena warns Claire that Jan is a manipulating sociopath but the girl is miffed mama Belle acted like she was a fool. She feels she too deserves forgiveness ... Sarah tells Xander that Jan has not stopped trying to off others and hauls him away. However, he still leaves her his card ... Shawn snaps Phillip should stop pushing Jan’s buttons. Belle intervenes and Phillip excuses himself. Belle admits she is worried about their gullible girl, who claimed she and Jan had a connection about being misunderstood. Shawn scoffs and wishes it were not happening. Belle too but she has already shut her out ... Claire refuses to judge Jan for being like her. Marlena sternly suggests she steer clear of that girl for all their sakes and goes to see John ... Nicole notes they can continue the conversation tomorrow and cries as Eric kisses her. Parting is such sweet sorrow ... Allie argues she is the mother so Sami suggests she come to Rome too. Allie hates how she is trying to get what she wants and assumes this was her plan all along ...

Belle laments losing Claire made Jan vulnerable. Shawn vows to protect their daughter but Belle fears it could be too late ... As Claire walks through the square, Jan catches up with her and continues to compare how people act like they are booth loons not worthy of being listened to ... As they return to the Kiriakis mansion, Xander claims he had no idea who the woman Phillip threatened really was. Sarah makes him promise to avoid her. He speaks words of war against Phillip. Sarah asks him to make the mansion a war free zone. He promises. She smiles to get the wine and meet her upstairs. When he gets a good vintage and approaches the grand staircase, Phillip comes home. Xander is enraged to hear him refer to the mansion as HIS house ... Saint Sami is alright with Allie hating her but begs her to go see her baby, hold him, feed him. This is really just about him. The fair Allie looks frazzled ... Phil gets a drink, confirms he is moving in and grins he will keep his eye on Xander at the office. Xander seethes ... Shawn is horrified to hear Claire believes Jan Spears is worthy of forgiveness and now wishes Phillip would off her ... Jan keeps going with the mind games and walks away from confused Claire after acting like they are the same and the world is against them ... Allie will talk to the judge tomorrow. She warns Sami she’d better not try to board with her son ... Eric and Nicole emotionally snuggle in their blue bed. She promises she will be waiting with Holly. He weeps he loves her. She loves him too and they kiss like there is no tomorrow ...


Luv Cathy

The Salem Story on Monday, September 21, 2020