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1250 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)


Belle meets Marlena at the nurse’s station, surprised that Brady is back and with papa John. She wishes she had been here more, but Marlena knows Shawn’s sister is missing ... Claire comes to Hope at the station asking about Ben. Meanwhile Shawn is trying to get his story. He rages at Ben to reveal at least the last thing with Ciara. That he said he loved her. He denies any wrongdoing but does not remember much ... Sami announces her new witness Jan Spears. Stylish Jan smugly greets the crowd and leers long time no see at Nicole. Eric looks worried. Nicole looks sunk! Nicole and Eric confront Sami for the stunt, but Jan wants to testify ... Belle sadly states Ben could have done what they brainwashed him to do. Marlena is horrified ... Claire blames herself for not stopping Eve. Hope did get through to her herself and wants Shawn to have the same success with Ben ... Ben cries he feels his memories were torn out. If he harmed his beloved Ciara his life is over. Angry Shawn seconds that and threatens the death penalty. Far away sleeping beauty Ciara sleeps in a cot with blue sheets. Her face is serene for she is dreaming of happy days with hubby Ben ... Sami boasts she has proof now with Jan. Nicole scoffs the girl is insane and suggests she busted her out. Sami assures the judge the facility let her out to testify and she has an escort. Justin points out there was no prior notice of this witness. The judge replies this is a hearing only. The witness may testify for her honor is after the truth. Nicole fidgets ...

Marlena sighs to Belle she missed an appointment with desperate Ben ... Claire assures Hope that Ciara is strong and will find her way home. Shawn is heard shouting he will beat Ben up so Hope hauls him out. She lets Claire stay for a few seconds. Hope gasps to Shawn they need to follow every lead. He apologizes and heads to the hospital to be with Belle and Marlena. He promises they will find Ciara ... Ciara is dreaming of Bo bike days with Ben, who complimented her curves. In her romantic dream she is preggers and they rejoice. In her sleep she smiles again ... Nicole is a mess, so Eric appeals to Sami, who only cares about Allie. Nicole calls her mean, but Madam Judge is not impressed. Sami is asked to begin and asks Jan to explain how she and Nicole came to know each other. She boasts her uncaring parents left her a wealthy woman. Back to the subject. Jan felt only Nicole understood her devastation from Shawn’s rejection. Sami wants to know what she wanted. Was it for her to kill Victor? The lady judge lets the question go through and Jan confirms that is correct. She wanted her to off him ... Claire assures Ben she believes he would not harm Ciara. She regrets that she ever hurt her ... Ciara now dreams of her baby being born with Ben at her side. The baby boy cried ... Shawn is with Belle and Marlena, lamenting brainwashed Ben’s memories cannot be accessed. Marlena believes she will be able to help ...

Sami asks poor Jan to tell the court her story. She claims she only played high school pranks before getting in cahoots with Nicole, who ordered her to commit death by radio. Her old hubby listened to the radio while soaking in the tub. She was ordered to drop the radio in the water. That was before her coma. Now she has a diary. Sami talks facts. Nicole wanted his money and hated him. The judge asks Nicole if that is true. Nicole does not deny it. Sami looks smug. Justin bites his lip. Eric is solemnly silent ... Hope ends a call with Eli as Marlena arrives at the station. John is surrounded by loved ones and Marlena wants to hear about Ben and Ciara. She offers to help Ben’s memory with hypnosis. Then they might be able to find Ciara, bring her come where she belongs ... Ciara dreams of coming home with Ben and baby. He was in the vintage bikes business doing well and they kissed in bliss. Ciara loved their happily ever after ... Justin mutters to Nicole to say nothing so as not to incriminate herself. Sami gasps that proves she is guilty. Justin has no questions for the witness of questionable mental state, so the judge lets Jan leave. She apologizes to Nicole and exits. Sami stands and argues Nicole tried to take advantage of the unwell woman to commit a murder she ordered. That makes her unfit mother material. Nicole stares at the floor ...

Belle gives Shawn a pep talk about Ciara surviving. He is grateful she is at his side. Always. He kisses her hand and admits he saw Phillip, who came to town for fight for his legacy. Belle realizes he is staying this time. Shawn is less than excited about it. He was hoping they would not see him again after their reunion nightmare of Jan Spears ... Justin argues the witness was unstable and threatens to ask Shawn and Belle to attest to her criminality. He implores the judge to award his clients the Horton baby boy ... Ciara dreams of having put baby Bo to bed. He made papa Ben a cute card and got him a gift. A necktie. Ben gasps what the hell?! Ciara starts to toss and turn ... Marlena greets Ben in the interrogation room. Claire gushes she will go sit with Grandpa John, who is still sleeping despite stirring a bit the day before. Once alone with Marlena,Ben admits his last memory was of losing it and worrying what he would do. Marlena suggests hypnosis. He might get back key details just like the last time. He is ready ... The judge starts to side with Justin, so Sami presents her with the diary of Jan Spears. Justin argues it is irrelevant. Sami now shows a letter indicating that Jan Spears has been freed from the Shady Pines Facility, as she is just as sane as almost anyone in Salem. Meanwhile Belle sighs to Shawn at least crazy Jan was locked up. Shawn is only glad no one got blown up. Jen appears and taunts Belle about being dead wrong ... Marlena gets Ben to breathe and go back to the dorm in his mind. He remembers the broken bathroom door that he opened, how he found Ciara huddling in the shower. She sobbed he was strong enough to fight his head and stood up. She wanted to help the man she loved and cried he was her caring hubby. He could never hurt her. He looked at the tie in his hand and wept he loved his wife. Then he coldly apologized for what he had to do. Marlena makes him continue. Ciara insisted he could overcome the brainwashing. Then Vincent stormed in and ordered him to OFF her. Ben remembers it as clear as day ... Dream Ciara assures Ben she did not choose the tie. He demands then who and she wakes up for real as vicious Vincent hovers over her looking like a necktie killer!


Luv Cathy

The Salem Story on Wednesday September 2, 2020