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1300 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)


Phillip admires his smooth Titan desk. He uses his world’s greatest CEO mug that was a gift from Kate. But after he pours the hot coffee, hot tempered Xander walks in and confronts him for crashing in his office. Slick Phil takes it all in stride ... Belle bellows at Jan, who is hugging clueless Claire ... At DiMera mansion Lucas tries to get his grandson to stop crying. Nicole to the rescue ... Phone Eric assures Justin the decision of the judge was Sami’s fault, not the legal eagle. He prays his sister will stop pushing away her remaining loved ones ... Sami visits Salem patient John with a small flowering cactus and a smile. He sends it flying across the room ...Belle scoffs to Claire that Jan Spears is no friend ... Eric opens his door to Angie from Africa ... Lucas hangs onto the baby. Nicole reminds him the restraining order was lifted. He was just worried about Sami. She suggests he do what is best for the baby, so he lets her hold him. The crying stops in seconds ... John rages at Sami for he remembers everything she said. He shouts he is sick of her and get the hell out! She starts to apologize but he calls her the same mean nasty beechy Samantha Jean she always was ... Claire is stunned. Belle demands to know why Jan is here. She heard about Ciara and hands Belle flowers. Belle shoves them to the floor, then kicks her out. Claire looks rattled ...

Phillip reasons this was Brady’s office until recently and talks down to the former gardener. He moved his stuff to the janitor’s closet, alludes to it being trash, and wants to get to work. When Xander hears the mug on the desk was a present from Kate he breaks it on purpose. More trash. Phil taunts him for his lack of MBA and calls him his father’s leg breaker. Xander orders him out of his office, getting more irritated when Phil insults Sarah’s decorating ... Jan tries to apologize and talks atonement. Don’t those with mental illness who have overcome deserve a chance? Belle seethes at her indirect reference to her daughter ... Lucas asks Nicole why she came. Cos Holly wanted her to give the Runaway Bunny story to the baby. Holly wants to read it to him soon but Sami must be nice. Lucas will talk to her. Nicole wonders who she is out to get now ... Sami acts indignant and accuses John of hating her. She wishes him another clot until mad Marlena arrives and hauls her out. Sami pouts she was trying to make peace, but John called her a beech. Marlena knows John does not usually sound like that and warns Sami to stay away from him. She goes to find a doctor to check on him just in case ...

Eric is pleasantly surprised to see Angie ... Phil boasts he is the son and heir to the throne. He sits in his swivel chair and Xander argues he is also a Kiriakis. Time to act. Xander rolls him out, chair and all, and shuts the door. He drawls this is betta ... Belle blasts Jan for her phony act, orders her out of the house and away from her family members. When she threatens with a restraining order, Jan leaves. Claire defends her ... Alas the village where Eric used to serve is in trouble. After the Ebola outbreak, there were revolutionaries and now a leader who refuses to let the foreign aid through. Most of the villagers are in poverty. A frown creases Eric’s handsome brow. Angie is here for a fundraiser. The elders asked her to come find Father Eric and implore him to return. They need his help again ... Marlena doubts John called Sami a beech but he sighs he did ... Lucas is sorry when Nicole sighs she misses holding an infant. She complains about Sami’s Jan Spears stunt. Lucas feels that was enough of a visit. Nicole lets the baby know if he ever wants her to come cos mean old crazy granny Sami ... Sami appears and scoffs old?! Lucas looks worried. Sami demands the baby now. Lucas suggests they stay quiet so the baby can sleep. Nicole hands him over. Sami gushes they are together now, and no one can do anything about it. Strange music plays ... Eric points out he is a priest no more, but Angie knows he still has a big heart and hopes he will consider ... Xander admires his own name on the desk and sits with his lucky pen. Alas the drawers are locked with no key in sight. He curses ...

Phillip enjoys his coffee at the square and heads off with the keys to the desk. Jan greets him and he snaps she has her nerve. He last saw her with a detonator in hand! He warns her against going near Belle, so she boasts she went to see her and bonded with Claire, who was the only one home. She wants to be friends. Phillip’s eyes darken dangerously ... Belle tells Claire that Jan was just using her past problems to play her ... John believes he has been acting out of character. Alas Marlena has no answers ... Sami acts like the only good one. Nicole taunts she went behind Allie’s back and Allie is a way better person. Then she goes ... Eric explains he just married the love of his life and has a stepdaughter. He cannot leave now ... Claire cries Ciara gave her a second chance and suggests Jan also deserves one, much to Belle's dismay ... Phil grabs Jan’s arm and threatens her. If she goes anywhere near Belle and her daughter, he will take care of her. For good! Xander spies the scene and gets a wicked idea ... First, he demands his desk keys. Phil calls them his keys and advises him his office is across the men’s room. Then he arrogantly walks away. When Xander mentions what he overheard, Jan suggests he mind his own biz … Claire leaves in a huff after Belle warns her she would regret getting near Jan ... Marlena tells John an aneurism is a trauma to the brain so tis a hard time. Perhaps that was why he lost his cool with Sami. John just wants to know whether the condition is permanent ...

Angie leaves Eric with printed information, hoping he will change his mind, hugs him as Nicole arrives and leaves with a smile. Nicole suspiciously wonders who she was ... Back at DiMera mansion, Lucas urges Sami to accept that Nicole can see the baby and warns the family gatherings could be affected by her attitude. Sami suddenly realizes what she needs to do. Lucas hopes she will make nice with Nicole. She gasps no, she must leave town and take the baby with her ... Phillip pays Belle a visit. He heard about Jan talking to Claire. Belle bitterly complains. Phil explains he already 'talked' to her and promises pretty Belle he will not let Jan hurt her or her daughter. She throws her arms around him with a big thank you ... Xander introduces himself by full name to a now smiling Jan Spears ... Marlena bears witness to another John outburst. They will figure it out together ... Nicole sweetly asks Eric what he really wants to do ... Sami feels she was right but cannot handle the pressure. She asks for the baby’s bag and bottles and suggests they speak more tomorrow. When Lucas goes upstairs to get them, she makes a call behind his back - to book an immediate flight to Rome with her grandson. Allie appears and rages LIKE HELL. Here comes the mother of all showdowns!


Luv Cathy

The Salem Story on Wednesday September 16, 2020