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1300 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)


At the Kiriakis mansion stylish Maggie comes across Victor loading a gun. He growls he is gonna off Ben ... Outside Julie’s Place Hope cries at Ciara’s photo on her phone. Here comes Abe the consoler. He is sorry and she cries on his shoulder ... Shawn wonders why Claire is dusting the house. She is trying to help and feels happy about John but sad about Ciara ... Brady is appalled Kristen was arrested. She asks him to hurry. He ends the call and Belle greets him, glad about John. Brady seeks her assistance in another matter ... Eli talks duty. Lani is miffed he betrayed her and the very fabric of their marriage ... Hope weeps and asks whether Theo heard. Elegant Abe sits with her and confirms Theo knows and took it hard. Hope just came from being with Julie and breaks down again, hugging Abe. He pats her unhappy head and gently suggests some time off but she wants to see Vincent pay. Abe gets it and lets her know he is here for anything. She thanks him and he holds her in her sorrow ... Lani argues to by the book Eli that Rachel deserves her mother. If she loses her forever, then it is Eli’s fault! She storms off to return to her ... Brady asks Belle to rep Kristen. She hesitates. He begs and calls her the best lawyer. She will consider and suggests he warn Kristen not to say anything to the police. If so, Brady could be facing aiding and abetting charges ... Shawn has been summoned to the station. Claire stays home to keep her mind on cleaning. She picks up Ciara’s picture and wipes a tear from her eye. Enter Jan Spears bearing flowers and a smile like the wicked queen in Snow White. She calls herself an old pal of her parents as eerie music plays. She brought the flowers by for Shawn’s sister. She learns Claire is home alone ...

Maggie tries to talk Victor out of exacting his Godfather revenge on Ben. He decides to hire a hitman ... Abe meets Lani and Rachel at Julie’s Place. He is less then thrilled his daughter is dealing with Kristen DiMera... Brady gets in to see Kristen, who updates him on Eli being the one who arrested her. Still at the station, Eli wants Hope to know of an arrest but she only has her mind on tracking down vigilante Vincent, who is still on the loose ... Jan offers to stay and help Claire clean in her sorrow. She would like to get to know Shawn and Belle's sweet daughter better ... Kristen complains Eli betrayed Lani’s confidence and cuffed her just as Rachel and Lani were arriving. Brady hates that their daughter was present. Kristen fears she could lose her family forever ... Abe sits at a table with Lani and reminds her Kristen is a fugitive. She argues she was her good friend and regrets she shared the secret of her presence with Eli because of his betrayal ... Eli apologizes for the lack of leads. Hope loses her cool. He now gets a call about a lead. Vincent may have been spotted on a bus. He suggests Hope rest, but she refuses. Not until she learns more about her daughter. Here comes capable Shawn holding the explosion forensics report! Hope's eyes narrow ...

Victor is miffed when Maggie grabs his phone. She warns no shooting! Besides Ben did not want to harm Ciara. The Greek growls he brought her danger. He tried to forewarn Ciara and wishes he had offed him before. He failed his granddaughter and now they will never get her back ... Kristen holds Brady’s hand and concedes she should have been more cautions. She does not want Brady to do time for helping her. Then Rachel would have neither parent! He is hoping Belle will rep his beloved. Kristen feels sorry for herself about the whole town hating her ... Abe argues to Lani that Eli the dedicated detective was doing his job. Lani gets that. However, he did not even forewarn her he was going after her best friend. As a future father he should not have ripped poor Rachel away from her mother ... Shawn has not yet read the report in full, but the findings show the explosion was caused by a remotely triggered bomb. Vincent set it off. Hope asks about Ciara’s remains. Eli wants the report, but Hope wants it first. She opens the file and realizes something is not adding up!

Brady believes Belle will help and shares her advice with Kristen about saying nothing. Kristen is furious that Victor still walks a free man. She goes all DiMera and Brady suggests she watch what she says. She wishes Jan Spears were around to get rid of the Greek tycoon ... Claire wants to be alone. Jan encourages her to open up about Ciara. Claire takes the bait and Jan probes. Claire cries she feels badly about how badly she treated her. Jan wants the juicy details. Claire cries she was not quite herself and almost offed her. Jan can relate ... Abe reminds livid Lani that Eli is still her hubby and they are having twins. He suggests they talk and offers to look after little Rachel. In fact, he insists ... Hope reads that no remains of Ciara were found anywhere. Shawn wonders why not. Hope deduces her daughter was not in the exploding vehicle after all ... Brady wants the tough talk to stop. Kristen sighs Victor is still his family, but Brady has not forgiven him. He only wants to help her case. She reminds him Victor was not receptive before. Brady gets an idea ... Victor blames himself for not preventing Ciara’s fate. Maggie feels he needs to grieve. He remembers the miracle she was when all others had abandoned him. Maggie gets closer and lists her good qualities. The redhead reasons he should help her other loved ones as Ciara would want. Hope, Shawn and Belle are hurting. He calls his granddaughter extraordinary ...

Jan confides to Claire she used to have her own obsessive sentiments and impulses. Claire has been there. Jan admits she could not stop herself and claims she can now manage it. The therapy worked wonders. Wicked music plays. She claims she wants to right her wrongs. Claire admits she wanted to do that with Ciara. They were closer but there was not enough time. She weeps about being alone. Jan slyly acts sympathetic and lets her know she is here as the confused girl cries on her shoulder ... Hope concludes Ciara could have escaped before the explosion and could be alive. Eli wonders where. Hope vows to find out and takes off. Shawn is right behind her ... Lani returns to the station, blows Eli off and pays Kristen a visit. Kristen is afraid she will lose her happiness with Brady. Lani is sorry she let her down. Kristen loves her bff who loves her back. Lani vows to fix the mess ... Brady goes to see surprised Victor as Maggie stands by him. He announces Victor must help him save Kristen ... Shawn follows Hope to the park. She swears she will search forever until she discovers the truth about her daughter ... Jan acts like a friend of the family. The fair Claire asks her name. Here comes woman in red Belle who orders her the hell away from her child! If looks could kill ...


Luv Cathy

The Salem Story on Tuesday September 15, 2020