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1150 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)


In his room, Salem patient John wakes up ... Stylish Lani is having a fun time with Kristen and Brady’s baby, as Eli shows up at the door of Kristen stressed DiMera! She apologizes and appreciates him and Lani covering. He denies he is covering ... Eve gets a Vincent update from Hope at the station. Ciara was lost ... Ben is sad in his hospital bed until Ciara gives him a kiss. He feels it is a miracle and holds her close to his heart ... Eve is upset by upset Hope’s story about Ciara being in the car that blew up. Meanwhile Ben is over the moon Ciara is real. He cannot live without her and now the future is theirs. They kiss again. Alas Ben is dreaming ... Kristen apologizes and Eli blasts her for drawing in Lani the detective to cover for her. He fumes the Salem PD does not do daycare for fugitives and arrests her on the spot for trying to off Victor. Tis her worst nightmare ... Marlena lets John know he had a brain operation and is in hospital. The doctors decided it would be best for him to sleep a few days longer. John gasps days! Marlena reveals that Sami said she found him when he was alone. John wonders who that is ... Eve hears from Hope about Vincent’s vendetta against Ben for murdering his midwife sweetheart. Hope weeps he wanted the same as Eve did. A life for a life. Eve hangs her head in shame ... In Ben’s dream his and Ciara’s delayed flight cancelled their tropical honeymoon by a day. He romantically suggests room service and a sweet start to their honeymoon ... Lani confides to the baby that Kristen is her friend. She hopes Eli will look the other way. Meanwhile Kristen begs for the sake of her baby and claims Victor made her temporarily lose her mind making her believe her baby was gone. Eli coldly counters she should not have taken the law into her own hands. She warns Lani will not be happy ...

John thanks Brady for the glass of water. He regrets not remembering everything and is sorry to say he has no idea who he and Marlena really are! Brady and Marlena are soon outside the room as the doctor examines the Salem patient. She goes to speak with Kayla. Brady sighs ... Eli sternly suggests Kristen butt out of his business with Lani. She reminds him she was the one who saved him from marrying blackmailing Gabi and asks him to go. Lani arrives at the door with Rachel ... Ben’s dream fast-forwards to Ciara smiling she is preggers at the park. Happy times as tragic music plays. Ciara knew Ben would be the perfect papa and he twirled her around in his arms. Real Ben sleeps on ... Eve is surprised by Hope's strange silence. Could she say goodbye to Ciara? Hope breaks down because there was nothing left but her daughter’s rings in the ashes ... In Ben’s super-dream his and Ciara’s baby boy is born. The happy couple became a happy family and naturally they named him BO, after her heroic dad.

Eli opens Kristen’s door. Lani brings in the baby and shakes her head. Kristen hopes he will not arrest her. Lani too but he is bound by his oath and cuffs her regardless. Kristen cries as Lani agrees to look after her daughter. Within seconds they are both gone ... Marlena returns to John, who has gotten a clean bill of health. He assumes Marlena is his doctor too so she smiles she is his wife of many years. She adds their daughter is Belle. He asks if the young man is their son. She explains that was Brady, his son with Isabella his former wife. He realizes he has been through much. Marlena does not deny it. They both have survived the odds. He asks for details so she updates him on her wedding shooting, how she fell into a coma and he was at her side the whole time. She holds his hand and vows to stay here at his side until she knows he is alright. He suddenly grins he could not forget doc for long and she puts her head on his shoulder. John is back baby! ...Ben dreams of his and Ciara’s new home. While unpacking they come across the shirt he had given her at the cabin. She wants to keep it always for the cabin was where their love story started. It continues here. They kiss in dream bliss ... Brady is relieved to see John and Marlena hugging cos he has his memory back. John teases Brady by calling him Bob and wants a hug. Smiles all around but not for everyone in Salem. Elsewhere Eli escorts Kristen to the station and cuffs her to a chair. She warns Lani was livid. He has paperwork to file but must let her make one call. When he comes out Lani is waiting ...

Brady admits he has been with Rachel and Kristen but came back for his da, who is grateful just to be here. Brady goes to call Kristen at the Salem Inn. He reveals she is there with Rachel. Marlena questions whether that is the safest place for her to be. Brady knows it is not but she wanted to be by his side. He goes looking worried. Marlena gazes at her man ... Lani has left the baby under Abe’s watchful eye and accuses Eli of lying ... Ben dreams of a Happy Mother’s day with Ciara. This gift is from baby Bo. Both her rings. She asks how he can give her what she already has. The dream now goes to HELL ... Eli admits he was affected by what unfairly befell Ciara and felt compelled to go after justice. Then he ended up at Kristen’s door. Lani feels betrayed ... Brady gets a call from Kristen at the station. He updates her on foggy John being fine. She sighs she is not at the Salem Inn, she is sitting at the station arrested ... Marlena smiles she can get John a tray. He teases to sneak in some strawberries and cream. She is so relieved he is alright and gets emotional. He feels like the luckiest man in the worldly world ... In the dream, Ben swears this was not the gift he got and knows not how the rings got there. All of a sudden he wakes up and realizes he is all alone in his hospital room with her rings in the palm of his hand. No Ciara and no happily ever after. For now ...


Luv Cathy

The Salem Story on Monday September 14, 2020