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1300 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
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At the hospital, the sun streams into John’s room. Sami carries in two coffees, concerned Marlena spent the whole night. Marlena is miffed. She knows what she did ... Nicole and Eric wake up and she complains about her wicked witch nightmare. Eric chuckles and she wishes he would be more worried. He feels a win, Jan Spears be danged. She sighs Sami and the others spoke the truth about her past. Eric assures her they still have each other and Holly. Life is good and he loves her. He also believes they will be the best parents to the baby, and they kiss ... Kristen and Brady are out of breath from their wild night. She has to hurry to pick up Rachel before Eli’s shift is over. Brady gets worried ... Eli comes home to Lani early, having had another hard night. He pours himself coffee and admits after he showers, he needs to get back to the station. He also bears sad news about Ciara ... At the square Justin runs into long faced Kayla and assures her Ciara will be found. Kayla sadly updates him on Vincent escaping just before Ben could save Ciara. The car she was in blew up like a fireball. Only her rings remained. The forensics report is forthcoming, but no one could have made it. Justin holds her and is sorry. She weeps Ciara is no more ... Eli has just updated Lani, who feels for Hope. So many losses! Eli glumly goes to shower. Lani gets a call from Kristen, who gasps she lost track of time. Lani assures her all is well and suggests she stay and support Brady. Kristen is confused. Lani shares the sad Ciara news ... Marlena is hopping mad Sami helped spring Jan Spears. The girl also had the audacity to ask her to be her therapist. Sami makes light of it. Marlena calls Sami self serving, and snaps Jan is dangerous. Sami says the same of Nicole and suggests smitten Eric is under her spell. Marlena argues Allie chose them to raise her son. In addition, Jan has hurt the family. She sarcastically thanks Sami for unleashing her on them yet again ...

Justin and Kayla sit by the Horton plaque and he hands her a white hankie. They know Ciara was a good soul. Kayla knows she must be strong for Hope. He pats her back and lets her know she can grieve with him ... Kristen gasps Brady will be devastated about Ciara, so Lani offers to keep the baby longer. She can deal with Eli. Alas he has overheard her conversing with Kristen. Eli confronts her and she does not deny it was Kristen. Eli loathes been dragged into the lies and warns his wife wacky Kristen is a friend to no one ... Sami quips she only sped up the process for Jan just as Marlena did for Claire and Ben. Jan deserves a chance too. Marlena hopes she is wrong about Jan still being a danger because anything she does will be all because of Sami. Scary music plays as Sami digests ... Kayla dabs her eyes. Justin feels grateful for her help getting over Adrienne. They are friends always. He now is summoned to the courthouse and tells her to take care. She cutely hands him back his hankie ... Ring ring! Eric picks up the call from Justin. The judge is ready to rule. He lets nervous Nicole know ... Sami decides she does not want to take any blame for anything. She accuses Marlena of acting like she is a bad mother. Marlena denies it. Sami snaps she is better than Nicole and storms off ... Marlena just wishes her sleeping hero John would wake up ...

Lani argues Haley’s fall down the stairs was an accident. Eli has a different view. He reminds her Kristen is a fugitive in the eyes of the law since she stabbed Victor. Lani makes light of the incident, so he leers Kristen’s no justice list is long. What kind of world will that mean for their baby, if all the felons go free? Back in their suite, Brady gets dressed to run to Victor, who must need him. Kristen shouts if he goes to the Greek tycoon she will go on the run with Rachel. He puts his hands on his hips and assures her Victor wanted to recant his statement but was too late. In addition, he is ageing. When he brings up her dropping everything to help papa Stefano, a sworn enemy of his clan, she cries go console him then. Brady changes his mind ... Stylish woman in red Nicole is waiting for the judge with suited Justin and more casual Eric. They sadly discuss Ciara. Eric takes it hard for she was just a kid. When Sami arrives, she overhears and gasps no. Their sweet cousin! It must have been Ben! Eric explains it was not Ben and suggests they speak. Sami coldly refuses as Madam Judge arrives to announce her decision ... Marlena discusses the Ciara and Ben drama with Kayla in John’s room. She regrets cancelling her appointment with Ben, but Kayla believes she was where she belongs - with John. Kayla shares the findings of the cardiologist – that the sedatives are a concern as they are weakening his noble heart. He wants them to wake John up ... Lani is also upset about Ciara. Eli is still livid about Kristen’s baby being secretly kept in their home. Lani assures him it will not be much longer. He acts distant and departs for the station. So he says ... Brady deduces Victor has enough family around him. He really came back to town for his comatose father. Kristen apologizes for acting angry. Brady gets it. She is so sorry for his loss and he promises to be back later. He thanks her for being here, kisses her and exits ...

Her Honor hears no one has had any contact with Allie. She reveals her opinion that neither party is perfect. Sami tries to interrupt but gets cut off. The judge must do what is in the best interest of the baby ... Marlena smiles at sleeping John they will climb this mountain together and make it. Brady arrives and she explains he is being slowly brought out of his coma. The road ahead is long, and Brady intends to stay as long as they need him ... Kristen calls Lani. She will come get Rachel shortly, but Lani wants to bring her so Kristen is not spotted. She admits Eli knows she is in town. Kristen panics. Lani believes he listened to her. She has no regrets. Kristen is eternally grateful. She gets off the phone when room service knocks and opens the door to Detective Eli. He is not smiling ... Marlena gets off the phone with Belle, suggesting she stay with the family given what happened. She now gets back to Brady and gushes John would be happy to see them together. He thinks she is the best thing that ever happened to his da and they get emotional. He asks his da for a sign. Marlena fears they don’t know if he will wake up. John opens his eyes and looks at the woman he loves. The blonde blinks tears of joy ... Sami and Nicole start to bicker. The judge goes over the facts. Sami protests again and again. The judge lifts the restraining order so Eric and Nicole can see the baby. But she concludes in the best interest of the child, she must give the baby to the closest family present, which means Samantha DiMera the grandmother.


Luv Cathy

The Salem Story on Friday September 11, 2020