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1300 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)


At DiMera mansion Abigail gets Chad to admit Gwen kissed him ... Gwen gets nervous when Jake catches her holding her little bottle of wicked potion in the bedroom. T’was the same potion she spiked Abigail’s champagne with, the poison that blew her beautiful mind. She mutters to herself about another dose, but Jake is standing there and demands she explain ... Dr. Sarah loves it when frisky suited Xander kisses her by the nurse’s station. She asks about his day. He fumes Phillip wants Titan ... Belle is on the phone with Marlena about all the latest at the square. Hope and Shawn are finding Ciara as they speak ... Replay of Vincent bolting and the cops going after him. Ben calls Ciara’s name approaching the car, but it blows up in a great ball of fire, throwing him aside like a romantic ragdoll. CIARAAAAAAAAAAAAAA! ... Sarah is surprised by Vic’s co-CEO idea, which Xander hates as much as he hates the prodigal son, whom he believes knows nothing. Tis bad for Titan for Victa will always side with Phil. Sarah thinks she should give it a chance. He is close to resigning ... Belle admits to phone Marlena she is avoiding Sami, who committed a major soap sin by bringing Jan Spears back to Salem. Phillip comes up behind her with a friendly greeting in mind but when he touches her from behind, she sends him flying to the ground, designer suit and all. Belle knows her self-defense.

Jake just wants to know why Gwen is packing though he has no objection. She leers she is only leaving this room for Gabi's more lavish one. He warns her days are numbered with Abigail around. Gwen denies having any hots for her hubby and decides she would rather be free. Jake taunts she will end up in a dump. She smiles she is staying at the mansion and can do what she wants until her mission is over ... Abigail blows up at Chad, who claims he was stealth kissed by Gwen. However, he did use it to annoy Jake. Abigail sighs Gwen sounds like Gabi 2.0 ... Sarah gives Xander a pep talk about patience and playing the hand. He complains Phil has the trump card of being Victa’s son and suspects he will never stop playing it ... Belle is so sorry. Phil smiles and takes it all in stride, sitting at her table. He is stunned to hear Sami got Jan Spears sprung ... Hope is horrified by the big fire. Shawn assures her Ciara cannot be in that burning car and sends her to get the fire extinguisher while he gets Ben, who is now lying unconscious near the inferno ...

Gwen refuses to reveal her mission. Jake suspects she is after Chad. She keeps packing and pouts about enjoying freedom. She calls Jake a loser and is glad Gabi is gone for Abigail cos it would be hard to share the house with the one who poisoned her. Jake stares darkly as she flounces away with her belongings ... Chad argues Gwen was upset about seeing Gabi with Jake and only wants to focus on him and Abigail. She wishes there were no guests. He kisses her and she is happy. Shin now calls and he takes the call, leaving the room. Abigail sighs everything seems the same ... Sarah senses Xander is underestimating slick Vic. He would fire Phillip if he screwed up! She gives him another smooch and urges him to fight ... Phillip makes snide remarks about sane Jan and makes Belle laugh. He muses she might want to abduct Shawn to Jupiter and Belle giggles again ... Shawn drags Ben back and stops horrified Hope from approaching the inferno. He uses the extinguisher ... Gwen slyly suggests she and Abigail will become friends. Jake gets even more suspicious and hisses after her ... Xander likes that Sarah is his Rocky trainer and drawls they should go home together. Alas the good doctor must stay. She receives a notification about possible burn victims and makes for the ER ... Phil suggests he get Belle a security team and smiles. She thinks Shawn has it covered. Phil hopes he is alright with him being back. Belle thinks he knows they are the past. They now discuss Ciara. Belle hopes she will be found soon ... The fire department does not let desperate Hope get close and she screams for Ciaaaaaaaaaara ...

Chad comes to Jake’s room. Collins is coming to town again for the signing of the deal. He coldly claims he does not need him on that deal anymore and warns he is a fighter. Jake looks amused ... Gwen has her tiny bottle of potion with her as she asks Abigail for a word downstairs. She apologizes and Abigail sarcastically brings up the kiss ... Belle wants to be friends with Phillip. He grins they can be mature. But he cannot accept her dinner invite today as he has work. She wonders what Shawn meant when he repeated his words that he was back for his legacy. Xander appears and accuses him of going after his position ... Hospitalized Ben dreams that he sees Ciara. Tis really Dr. Sarah. He learns he is being treated for smoke inhalation and burns. He remembers the car he believed Ciara was in blowing up, how he got there too late. He stammers he must see Ciara. Meanwhile Shawn holds crying Hope close as the fire seems to take forever to put out ...

Chad tries to sound like a tough guy, seeming to forget the “mother” who raised him was a judge wed to the D.A. Not exactly the tough working-class background that defines Jake. Chad then goes full throttle DiMera and warns he was not loyal and must therefore move out of the mansion. Jake falls on his bed with a groan ... Gwen grovels how sorry she is and assures Abigail she was only attempting to make Jake jealous with the Chad kiss. Now everyone is angry at her and Gabi stole Jake from her. She underestimated her. Abigail can relate. Gwen acts like they are on the same side and suggests a truce. Abigail agrees so she insists they celebrate with wine. Her back turned, she drops the drugs in Abigail’s glass and slyly suggests a toast to betta days ... Phillip stands up to meet Xander’s stare. He did not steal his job and does not like being a Co-CEO either. Before it escalates Belle gets a call from Shawn about the explosion. She bolts but Phillip does not let Xander leave just yet ... Sarah promises Ben she will find out about Ciara while he waits in bed ... Drums of doom play while Shawn and Hope stare in horror at the inferno ... Gwen drinks and admires the way Abigail and Chad are in love. She praises their perfect children. Gwen suggests they toast but Chad steps back before Abigail takes a single sip. She leaves her wine glass by the chess set and heads to bed with Chad, who bids Gwen a polite good night ... Back at the square, Phillip suggests he and Xander pause their current conflict for the family and extends his hand. Xander sneers he will support Victor but is not interested in Phillip’s game or his handshake. Phillip arrogantly alludes to having something up his sleeve he will not see coming ... Belle comes running to Shawn, who hugs her at the scene of the fire and weeps ... Hope numbly enters Ben’s room. He asks if they found Ciara. Alas the firemen found only her rings. Ben reaches for them and they both break down ...


Luv Cathy

The Salem Story on Thursday September 10, 2020