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1200 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)


At the Kiriakis mansion Xander wants Victa to choose. Him or the golden boy. Phillip walks in and warns he will leave again if Victor the great and powerful does not put him in charge. The Greek tycoon takes it in ... Marlena is happy to see Brady in John’s room and he hugs her ... Nicole is chopping at the counter and claims the onions made her cry. Eric sees only cucumbers. He is sorry he ever confided in Sami about Deimos. Tis not that. Nicole is just upset he lied in court to cover for her. Eric was always an upstanding citizen ... Sami paces and speaks to a heavy on the phone. She claims her cause is worthy and will wait to hear back. Sonny and Will arrive. Will announces they are leaving town today. She snaps like hell ... Eric argues what happened to Deimos was an accident and he could not let Nicole pay. Nicole does not want him to be collateral damage and suggests they give up ... Sami complains about losing everyone that matters. Will and Sonny assure her they will be but a flight away in Arizona. She hoped Gabi would refuse. Sonny tells the story of Gabi and clan visiting her ailing mother in Mexico. Ari is accompanying Will and Sonny. She argues they should wait until John wakes up, but Will got Marlena’s blessing. He now hopes for Sami’s ... Marlena wonders where Brady was. With Kristen and daughter Rachel. Brady hears his dad is in a medically induced coma. He knows he is a fighter. Marlena too especially when it comes to the man she loves. She gazes at him in his handsome sleeping state ...

Will wishes Sami would be happy for him and Sonny. She apologizes for what happened with Allie’s baby. Sonny sighs some things were not meant to be. She now gets a call that the judge is ready to rule ... Eric gives nervous Nicole a winning pep talk. Knock knock! Tis legal eagle Justin. He has high hopes ... Victor is more concerned about Ciara but Phil and Xander are impatient. He gets a text about unfinished biz. He will continue when he comes back and quips not to kill each other. The two power hungry men eye each other ... Will wishes Sami luck. She asks them to watch the baby until Lucas arrives. She was just summoned to court. She weeps she is sorry for acting like he was the cause of all her errors. He will miss her even with the mistakes. They exchange I love yous and an emotional embrace ... Eric is waiting for the judge with Nicole when he ends a call with Shawn. Still no leads on Ciara. Nicole tries to make him feel better. Justin gets back to the case. When they win .... Sami appears and warns not to assume anything ... Marlena knows John missed Brady but gets he had to be with his daughter. What comes next for the former CEO of the Kiriakis empire? Back in the lavish living room Xander helps himself to coffee from a silver pot and acts like CEO since Vic did offer him the position before the prodigal son stepped into the picture. Phillip believes Victor will let him have his birthright. Xander calls him bored. Phillip calls him jealous. Xander sarcastically suggests he stick to being a son. Phillip will not back down from being in the CEO running ... Sami stops Madam Judge from reading her ruling. She stands up and states she can prove how unfit mother material Nicole is. She craftily calls Victor Kiriakis aka the ex husband to the stand. Nicole and Eric are dumbfounded.

Phil accuses Xander of being Victor’s goon whereas he and Brady built Titan as a business. Xander reminds him Vic even gave the top job to Deimos so Phillip would not run the company for he is unfit. He suggests he scram. Philip meets his dark stare and stays ... Brady explains Kristen wanted to return but he said no. When Marlena mentions her attack on Victor, he muses the old man had it coming ... Sami begins. This is about the murderous character of Victor's ex. Justin argues the Deimos case is irrelevant. Victor is here to testify about another murder. HIS! ... Sonny and Will admire the sleeping baby. Some things were just not meant to be. This way they are giving Ari a safe life in Arizona. They will all have a wonderful life. Will teases and maybe another baby and new dog. They kiss and hug with tears in their eyes ... Brady believes Sami should have stepped aside for Eric and Nicole, who were Allie’s choice. Marlena muses Sami is a fighter. She steps aside for no one ... The judge asks Victor about his so-called murder. He complains about marrying the black widow, who tried to off him with a radio in the tub. Sami gets melodramatic. Justin wants a word with Nicole and Eric and then questions Victor. He argues it was Jan Spears who dropped said radio in the tub. The tycoon tells him she was following Nicole’s orders. Justin notes Nicole was never tried for that. Sami argues cos Jan was in a coma. Justin warns Vic he wasted his time. He rests his case ... Phillip leers he is the last son left whereas Xander is the undesirable gardener. Xander gets mad and head butts him! Phillip claims he just proved the kind of thug he is. Xander challenges him to a fight so Phillip the former marine removes his coat. A gentleman always does ...

Sami is stopped by the judge, who wants a recess to think. Then she will return with her final verdict. Nicole snaps Sami’s story made no sense. Eric accuses his twin of crossing the line. Sami alludes to another ace up her sleeve and Justin watches her like a hawk ... Sonny and Will walk at the square and admit they will miss Salem. Alas they have no chance to bid Ben and Ciara goodbye. Sonny thinks things could turn around for them. After all, he and Will always ended up together. They flash back to precious memories of their endless love. Will gushes the ring is never going to come off his finger and they hold hands. They say goodbye to the Horton plaque and Salem. For now. Then they walk off into the sunset arm in arm ... Brady hopes Ciara will be found soon. Malena too. All of a sudden John starts to stir. She takes his hand. Brady states he is here ... Victor fumes about Phillip and Xander’s fists. He made up his mad mind. Phillip and Xander are now co-CEOs ... Eric scoffs Sami can prove nothing. She notes Jan woke up from her coma. Nicole wonders where she is. Sami mentions a top security mental facility in New York. The judge arrives to decide. Since Sami had no proof her decision stands. There is no restraining order and custody goes to ... Sami smugly stands up and summons her surprise witness. Jan Spears!


Luv Cathy

The Salem Story on Tuesday September 1, 2020