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1300 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)


Testy Tripp has taken off from Justin, all the way to Allie’s place ... Allie has told her story to Claire and heads home ... At Titan Phil tells Xander that father wants a word. Xander picks up and Victor demands an explanation ... Charlie swoons after Claire makes him spill his smoothie ... At the nurse’s station Kayla ends a call praising stepson Tripp as a future fine physician to the med school dean. She sees stylish Nicole with Henry, who was there for a checkup. Nicole wants her to know ... Justin warns Steve that Allie gave the cops a statement about Tripp raping her ... Tripp confronts Allie for wrongfully accusing him ... Kayla is aware Allie and Tripp met in London and he might be her baby’s father. Nicole insists he is. Kayla is sure he will step up if he is. Drums play. Nicole adds Allie spoke to the cops cos ... Steve does not buy it. His boy told him he did not sleep with the girl. Justin heard the same thing but then Tripp bolted ... Tripp argues he left Allie in her bed. She replies she just recently remembered. He argues she was too drunk to really remember. The argument escalates. He insists he only helped her to bed. She kissed him but he stopped since he did not want to take advantage. He left her a note with his number and suggests there was someone else. She accuses him of holding her down and not stopping when she said no ... Kayla cannot believe it. Nicole explains Allie’s memories flooded back. She remembers Tripp holding her down when she said stop. She was in no state to consent ... Steve leaves Tripp an anxious message. He sits with Justin. His son would never do such a thing. Justin warns the police are involved. Steve suspects they have no proof and suggests Justin find out what they have. He hopes he is still his lawyer. Justin talks family connection. Steve argues Tripp is his and Adrienne’s nephew and urges him to be his attorney as long as the case is in Salem. Justin agrees to get a copy of the girl’s statement. Steve is grateful ...

Claire apologizes. Charlies babbles he has more new shirts. He keeps getting attacked with smoothies and this was his first day on the job. She hears he works at Titan and realizes he works for Phillip and Xander, to whom she is related ... Xander argues he heard Phillip threatening Jan. Victor is furious and FIRES him for being in cahoots with that homicidal maniac. Click. Victor looks up. Speak of the DEVIL! Stylish leather dress Jan smirks she was summoned by Xander. The Greek growls he got sacked so she will not be able to finish what she started years ago. She insists she is not the same girl ... Claire’s great grandad is the great Victor Kiriakis. Charlie shakes her hand and asks how to climb the Titan corporate ladder. Claire calls the Titan gang blood seeking sharks ... Phillip explains to Xander that Jan recently tried to blow up him and Belle, hence his threatening Jan, whom he heard was trying to make friends with Belle’s naïve daughter. Xander denies knowing that. Phillip taunts it blew up in his face. He tells him to get out and stay out. Xander seethes he will be SORRY ...

Steve enters Kayla’s office. He cannot find Tripp. She heard the news from Nicole ... Allie assumes Tripp was also wasted. He denies it and asks what happened after he left. She woke up in the middle of the night and realized what he had done. She got sick. He denies taking advantage and argues he did not even find her attractive in her drunken state. She wants to call the cops, so he snatches her phone. That is when Nicole comes home ... Vic warns Jan she does not fool him. She insists Phillip did threaten her. Xander ended up leaving her a message not to report it ... Victorious Phillip grins Xander could go back to being the gardener. Xander counters he could wind up with the daisies so Phil warns to watch his mouth unless he wants to wind up arrested ... Charlie must return to work. Claire has warned him! He suggests she make up the ruined shirt to him by going out with him after work. Not tonight. He starts to go so she smiles it was nice talking to him. He can see something has her upset. Someone young in the family died. In addition she just heard an awful story about her ex. Charlie seems sympathetic ... Tripp denies being the dad. Nicole asks Allie to put Henry in his crib and blasts Tripp for giving the girl a hard time. He denies doing anything wrong in London ... Steve knows when his kids are telling the truth and believes Tripp. Kayla repeats what Nicole said about Allie remembering him holding her down. Steve snaps not true! However, he senses sweetness thinks otherwise ...

Charlie tries to get Claire to cry on his convenient shoulder. She assumed her ex was a good guy. He smiles he is a what you see is what you get kinda guy and gives her his biz card. He has lofty ambitions. She wishes him luck. He hopes to hear from her soon and heads back to the shark tank. Claire’s eyes sparkle ... Jan has played Victor Xander’s message to stop, and suggests Vic keep an eye on his son. These days men can no longer threaten to kill a woman without paying a price ... Steve grilled his son. Kayla reminds him Tripp once held a knife to her throat. He reminds her she forgave him. She had ... but he recently admitted he framed Ben for the fire that almost caused Ciara to lose her life. Steve gets tense ... Tripp urges Nicole to get Allie to be truthful or he is ruined. Angry Allie comes back. Nicole sides with her and kicks him out ... Charlie returns to Phillip with a receipt and the rest of Xander’s money. Phil reads his paper, points out he is done and drawls to dump his stuff in the trash ... At the Kirikais mansion Xander is surprised to see Jan, who can see he is angry and smugly leaves. Victor downs a drink. Xander argues his case but the Greek knows he is no innocent ...

Steve points out Tripp might have been trying to protect Ciara. Kayla talks revenge and mentions how elusive Tripp has been. Steve believes he deserves the benefit of the doubt. He is hurt she would believe the story of a practical stranger over his son. Kayla is torn ... Tripp greets Claire at the square ... Nicole gives Allie a pep talk for being brave. Allie is troubled he denied everything despite the baby ... Kayla cannot imagine Allie would lie. Steve argues she was drunk and might have mixed up her facts. Her lie could ruin Tripp’s life ... Claire snaps the world will see Tripp for what he really is and storms off ... Victor confirms Jan played Xander’s last minute message not to press charges against Phillip. He sighs his son is no innocent and agrees to give Xander another chance. He orders him to work with Phillip for the sake of the family and Titan. Xander gets a wicked look in his eye ... Phillip boasts on the phone to his unseen partner in crime the board signed off on Xander being fired. Their big Titan plans now face no obstacle!


Luv Cathy

The Salem Story on Wednesday, October 7, 2020