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1300 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)


At the swanky office Xander orders a protein shake from intern Charlie. He smirks Phillip will not be in. He read about his arrest. Enter Phil, who smirks he did not have his facts straight ... Claire hugs Allie at the square, so sorry ... Lani admits allegations were made against Tripp. Steve needs to know more ... Kristen ends a call with Brady and opens her door to a very intense Eli ... Justin opens the Kiriakis door and Bonnie barges in. He threatens to call the cops until she hands him a document ... Xander leers why is Phillip here? To do his job. Phillip shakes the hand of Charlie and sits on Xander’s desk, taking the keys. He heads to the other desk and accuses Xander of wanting the keys he has in his hands, in addition to having him arrested ... Claire heard ... about Vincent offing Ciara and what he said to Hope. Allie had no idea. Claire wonders then why was she weeping? ... Justin stands before the fireplace and reads. Bonnie is giving what she won to Sonny’s company. Justin stammers. She notes it is notarized. He asks why? Stylish Bonnie felt badly about Adrienne and wanted to prove it ... Eli informs Kristen that Melinda has damning footage of Lani letting her go. Kristen was afraid of that. He demands to know how she will help her ... Lani strongly suggests Tripp come down to the station to answer some questions on the record. Steve refuses given she will not reveal more but Tripp naively agrees ... Allie admits to Claire soon everyone in Salem will know her secret. She was raped ...

Xander smirks he suggested Jan report anyone who made death threats and adds she is no fan of Phillip. Phil hisses Xander would not care if he did off Jan. Xander pulls back to throw a punch and spills the colorful protein shake all over recently returned Charlie. Phil watches his adversary with ice cold eyes ... Justin is touched. Bonnie felt better giving the money to a good cause. He thanks her for Adrienne. Bonnie wishes she were as good and loved a woman as Adrienne was. She assures him she has no agenda. However, could he forgive her? Enter Steve, who is less than thrilled to see her ... Eli tries to be calm. Kristen vows to protect Lani for helping her. Eli explains all Madam D.A. has is the footage of Lani letting her go. Kristen should back up his explanation Lani was helping her avoid reporters. Kristen insists she will not let Lani pay for helping her. Eli acts grateful ... At the station Lani records and Tripp waves away the idea of a lawyer. She asks about the club in London, his interaction with Allie Horton. He wonders why she wants to know about him taking her home. He hears what Allie is accusing him of and stares numbly ...

Claire gasps when? Last year in London and it was the father of the baby. Allie only reported it recently as she saw him in Salem. Tis Tripp. Claire blinks ... Steve leers Bonnie just cannot leave Adrienne’s husband alone. He wonders why Justin even opened the door. Justin did some legal work for her and snaps what does Steve want. He asks him to assist his son Tripp, who was just taken to the station by Lani ... Tripp demands to know Allie’s side of the story and insists he was the good guy getting her home when she was wasted. He accuses her of lying. Lani asks if he went inside her place. He had to and helped her into bed, but she passed out and he took his leave. However, he does admit she kissed him, but he stopped her. Lani reveals Allie’s claim that he raped her on the bed. He dramatically denies it ... Claire cannot fathom Tripp attacking Allie, who woefully states he took advantage when she was wasted. They met when he was on med school break. Claire had not heard from him for ages after their breakup and was in a bad place. Allie is sorry. Her memory is not perfect, but she is certain it was Tripp. She asks Claire to tell her more about him, given he was her boyfriend ... Eli acts grateful and suggests Kristen swear she did not confess to Lani that she was the one who stabbed Victor. She sighs she regrets causing problems and admits Lani sensed it was her. Eli acts understanding so she admits she wanted to off Victor for making her think her baby was dead for a whole year and recounts how it happened so fast. She shoved the knife into his chest, but the guilty Greek tycoon was too evil to die. He deserves to be punished but not Lani for she is not to blame for what Kristen did. Eli quietly thanks her for that. She asks to be alone. Exit Eli with his RECORDING ...

Back at Titan Phillip the prodigal son pokes fun at Xander the protein shake attacker. Xander apologizes to Charlie and shoves him a bunch of bills to buy a new shirt. Phil ups him by suggesting hazard pay from HR. Charlie makes himself scarce. Xander seethes as Phillip gets to his important phone calls ... Steve leaves Tripp a voice message that Justin is en route. Say nothing until he arrives. Bonnie is sorry. Steve growls he will never forget what she did so stay away from the family! Bonnie proudly shows him her big donation to Sonny’s company. She wanted to do the right thing ... Suited legal eagle Justin sweeps in and stops the interview. He orders Lani out so he can consult with his client. Furthermore anything on that recording is inadmissible. Lani must leave. Justin wonders what the problem is. Tripp complains Allie claims he raped her... By the flowers Claire admits she was obsessed with Tripp the perfect gentleman who was on the shy side. However, he did frame Ben for starting a fire when they were competing for Ciara. Allie is appalled and thinks she has the right to such information. Was Tripp ever violent? Claire shares how he originally believed Kayla had murdered his mom and put a scalpel to her throat. Allie gasps. Claire sighs it seems he has not changed ...

Steve thanks Bonnie for this would mean much to the late great Adrienne ... Tripp swears to Justin he did nothing wrong when he helped Allie. Justin warns it could drag out and asks for every detail. Tripp takes off, feeling overwhelmed ... Claire is sorry and suggests Allie speak to someone. Allie suddenly remembers she left Nicole with the baby and takes off ... Eli gets home and plays Kristen’s confession of jabbing Victor with the knife. Enter Lani. complaining about her bad day. She wonders what Melinda said when she met with him. He promises she will not pursue her for helping Kristen and returns his phone to his pocket ... Phillip finishes telling Victor on the phone that Xander was responsible for his arrest and warns Xander that father now wants to talk to him. Ring ring ... At the square Claire bumps Charlie and his new shirt with her colorful drink. SPLAT! ... Steve returns to Justin and wonders where Tripp went. Justin sighs he stormed out. He has bad news ... Allie gets home. Nicole left a note. Someone knocks. Tis Tripp. The two face off!


Luv Cathy

The Salem Story on Tuesday, October 6, 2020