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1200 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)


Tripp states to suspicious Steve he slept not with Allie ... Allie tells Lani about her assault as Nicole stands there for support ... Melinda orders Eli to get the goods on Kristen so she gets life. Then Lani will not be investigated. Deal or no deal? ... Stylish Kayla waltzes into the pub, where Roman has the Halloween decorations out. He grumbles Eric is gone. So few family members are in Salem and the saddest thing is. Kayla knows. Ciara ... Hope wants Ben to leave her alone with Vincent, who leers he should stay. She asks if Ciara lives ... Tripp gets testy his da has doubts so Steve talks pregnancy timing. Tripp explains he and Allie were hardly acquainted ... Allie reveals when she was raped. Lani realizes she knows the guy’s name. Tripp Dalton ... Vincent admits he took Ciara to Wendy’s place and was about to drug her, but she stabbed him with the syringe instead. He subdued her and then admits he hallucinated she was Wendy when he drove her to the air strip. Soon he realized she was Ciara and his Wendy was dead. He could not let Ben have her, so he got his gun out and shot her ... Tripp gets a bottled water and explains how he saw pretty Allie at the bar. She did not want to dance but smiled so he assumed he had a chance ... Allie admits she was unaware Tripp was Steve’s son. They were at a club in London and ended up at her place. Lani sighs the location poses a problem ... Back at the station Trask tells Eli she has almost enough to indict Lani. She deduces he knew from Lani that Kristen was back and waited a whole day before he arrested her ... Ben gasps he shot Ciara! Vincent leers he shot Wendy. He informs Hope that Ciara was dead. Ben grabs him, looks him in the the eye and howls he is lying ...

Back at the condo, Steve seeks the rest of the story. Tripp asked her to dance later and she accepted but was too wasted to dance. He was sober, saw her home, but refused to dance. Then she kissed him, and he kissed her back, but realized she was too far gone. He helped her to bed and left her a note with his name and number. That was the last he heard of her until he saw her in Salem, and she smacked him ... Lani warns Allie would have needed to report this in London. She will double check what can be done, but it is the jurisdiction of London’s Metropolitan Police. Allie is disappointed. Nicole talks her into sharing the information regardless. Lani wants to hear everything ... Melinda Trask paints a bleak picture of Eli’s motherless children. All she really wants is Kristen cos she killed Haley and also attempted to off Victor. She must pay the price, her DiMera happiness be damned! Eli warns Vic and Brady are still on Kristen’s side. She demands proof of her culpability ... Roman updates Kayla on Hope catching Vincent. He hopes she will get the answers she wants about Ciara ... Hope sadly stops Ben as Vincent taunts the girl is gone all because of Ben. She shuts him the hell up and cries he killed her precious daughter. As she hauls him up and cuffs him he leers to Ben he is to blame for her blood ...

Crying Allie is almost done with Lani, who asks whether Tripp used a condom. She doubts it as she just had a baby and adds he was the only one she was with back then. She hopes she believes her story ... Steve listens to Tripp complaining about Allie’s hostility. Steve suggests the girl got embarrassed. Tripp sighs she said thanks for bringing her home but now she is acting appalled. Steve suspects she was too wasted to remember everything. Tripp thought he was an attentive polite suitor at the time. What a crazy coincidence Kayla is her aunt. Steve wonders why he never said anything until now ... Hope woefully calls Shawn with an update on Vincent’s story. He stated Ciara was in the car but ... Ben exclaims it is a lie to hit back at him! He believes vicious Vincent still has the woman he loves and argues there is no evidence to support his story. Hope goes to get some ... Kayla pauses by the pub pumpkins as Roman brings up Tripp staying in Salem. She lets him know Steve’s son met Allie in London. Ro senses a story and gets one. She admits she and Steve suspect he might be the father of Allie’s baby ... Steve wonders why Tripp did not answer his paternity question before. Tripp did not want to talk about it with Claire there. He admits he told her he met Allie. Steve wonders what else. As per Tripp there is nothing more. He has no idea what set Allie off ... Lani warns Nicole and Allie that very few rape accusations get a felony conviction but assures her she did the right thing. She hands her her card in case she remembers anything else. Before she leaves, Allie woefully adds she did say no. Nicole looks ready to cry ... Eli argues there were no prints on the knife and Vic will not testify. Trasks talks secret taped confession from Kristen. Eli talks entrapment. She talks twins without a mother and tells him to leave the legal technicalities to her. She is out for DiMera blood ...

Roman digests Tripp could be the dad. Kayla admits they do not know everything. Steve is speaking with him now. Roman wonders ... Tripp is still feeling sensitive and wonders whether slapping Allie was drunk. No way says Steve. Tripp argues he did the right thing. Steve believes his son and teases he would love to be a grandad. Knock knock! Tis Detective Lani, who wants a word with Tripp ... Eli explains he cannot anger Lani by setting up her bff. Trask snaps she is only using her and suggests he do his wife a favor by destroying their dangerous friendship ... Hope returns to Ben with the gun that Vincent left on the ground. It was fired and she checks the forensics file. They found what looked like a bullet casing. Ben gasps could Vincent’s version be true???? ... Unhappy Allie gets a pep talk from Nicole, who is proud she spoke up with the truth ... Roman wonders why Allie was so tight lipped. If the father is Tripp, he does seem to have become a stand-up guy ... Steve senses official police biz. Lani wants to talk to Tripp at the station ... Melinda warns Kristen is going down with or without his wife, so is Eli ready to play? ... Back at the station Ben believes Vincent might not have shot Ciara regardless of the gun. Hope staggers away. Ben decides right then and there that if Ciara is dead on account of Vincent, then he is a dead man walking!


Luv Cathy

The Salem Story on Monday, October 5, 2020