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1200 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)


As Nicole hopes Clyde rots in hell, Allie admits she adores and misses her baby ... Clyde has been shot in the left arm by wildcat Kate! He begs for an ambulance. She threatens to shoot him dead instead ... Eli ignores Ben when he gets a call. He curses about having nothing on the baby. They have lawyered up Orpheus, who is not cooperating and not talking. Meanwhile Roman is watching footage to help Steve find Kayla, who was snatched by Rolf ... Obsessed Rolf gushes to terrified Kayla he is going natural with this new rising of Stefano ... Allie gets glum when Nicole ends a call, noting there is nothing new. She pouts the pictures of Henry are not enough. Why did Clyde want him? Meanwhile Kate demands to know why Clyde took Henry. He blames Orpheus. She glowers at him, her gun ready until Abe arrives on scene. Clyde wants an ambulance. Kate says to call Allie as this was Henry’s abductor. Abe calls for officers and an ambulance, announcing Clyde Weston was shot and caught. Kate coldly suggests they take their time coming so she can watch Clyde bleed to death ... Steve ends a call with ISA Shane, thanks him for the intel and heads off to save Sweetness ...

Rolf quotes the bible. Kayla runs to the locked door. Crazy Rolf corners her with his wicked syringe ... Abe will only allow Kate to take the baby to Allie after she gives him the gun. If not she will be arrested. She hisses Clyde can rot in hell, does as asked, and takes off with the babe in arms ... Kayla has been rendered immobile in the blue bed and cannot even speak. Rolf marvels at his mad science. He is about to begin but Steve bursts in with a vengeance. He growls and grabs Stefano’s last loon ... At the apartment Allie cradles her sleeping son. Kate agrees he is an angel and assures her he was unaware of the turmoil. Allie is eternally grateful. Nicole gets Kate a shaken martini just the way she likes it and asks for the details. Allie assumes Kate ran away from Clyde with the baby. Kate clarifies. First she had to shoot the son of a ... When Ben learns from Eli that Clyde was shot, he begs to see him before he is transferred to the prison infirmary. Eli gives him the break he needs. The dedicated detective then goes to Rolf’s room, announces he is returning to Statesville in an hour and leaves him with a phone with which to make his one single call. Rolf knows just who to call ...

At DiMera mansion, Chad ends a call with Steve and updates Abigail and Gwen on Rolf being apprehended. Gwen gasps he seemed dangerous! Chad apologizes for leaving her alone with the loon. Abigail reassures her. Gwen gets a call, gulps, and steps out. Tis Rolf, who warns he will give a statement against her unless she comes to bail him out. Afterwards, Chad asks who called at such a late hour. Gwen stammers t’was her stressed single mom friend who was worried about her and leaves in a hurry. Chad looks suspicious ... Steve has tea for Kayla, who is rattled and recovering from the drugs. She is so thankful her hero saved her, and he holds Sweetness in his arms. Always ... Kate emotionally thanks Nicole for all she has done for Allie. Nicole teases some time they should go out for a drink. She would love to hear all about her shooting of Clyde. Kate cackles and agrees. Nicole now gives her a moment alone with Allie. Kate heard about what Tripp did from Lucas and wanted to let Allie know ... Kayla hated feeling helpless. Steve is sympathetic. She weeps she has not felt this way since she was raped. He hugs her again ... Allie admits to Kate she was tight-lipped as she wanted no pity. She blames herself for being drunk. Kate insists she was not to blame. She pouts it is not always possible to protect loved ones and alludes to payback ... Clyde is happy to have Ben visiting his hospital room, but Ben is enraged ... At DiMera mansion, Chad and Abigail discuss Gwen. Chad is suspicious of how Rolf got the letter opener he needed to cut himself loose. Then there was the curious matter of her spooked face when she got that phone call tonight ... Rolf sarcastically greets Gwen at the station and asks about the plan. She sits down and throws her glasses onto the table, scoffing about the impossible situation. He tells her to do what Mary Poppins would ... Abigail is not suspicious of Gwen. Chad notes she said she had no friends in Salem except Claire ... Rolf refers to Mary Poppins as a master of distractions. Gwen can distract the police so he can escape. She says no way, adds he must go back to the slammer and suggests he leave Chad to her. She will make him pay by blowing up his wife’s wonderful life ...

Ben rages at Clyde cos he was going to give the baby to dangerous Orpheus. Clyde is sorry and smiles the baby reminded him of him. Ben blasts God for taking away Ciara the good but allowing a lowlife like Clyde to stay alive. He glares daggers at him. Clyde becomes ominously quiet ... Kayla warns Steve about his son. What if the results of the test reveal Tripp really raped Allie? ... Back at the apartment Allie admits she was trying to forget what happened for the sake of the little baby she loves with all her heart. Nicole notes the nightmare is over and hugs the pigtails girl ... At the square stylish Kate walks and talks with Abe. She is sorry to hear Clyde will be alright and annoyed her gun is now with the Salem PD. She demands to know the mayor’s plans for the Tripp Dalton problem. She knows what he did ... Clyde decides Ben deserved a better daddy and offers to be the one to off Vincent for him. Ben turns him down, for he wants to take his life with his own bare hands ... Steve sees Sweetness home, pointing out she is the most important person is his world. He tenderly tells her he will accept the truth if Tripp did it. They hold hands, in everything together, solid as a rock ... Allie sings little Henry a sweet lullaby and kisses his forehead ... Abe admits the jurisdiction matter must be resolved and then the D.A. will decide whether to file charges against Tripp. Kate talks vigilante justice and asks for her gun back in the same breath ... As Stefano’s portrait stares in silence, Chad and Abigail await Gwen. Abigail gushes she feels like family ... Rolf reasons it was Abigail who made Chad denounce the DiMeras. He will allow Gwen to destroy her and will not expose her - so long as she does the following ...


Luv Cathy

The Salem Story on Thursday, October 29, 2020