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1200 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)


Steve has summoned Roman to the hospital and gives him the story of Kayla going missing ... Rolf takes confused Kayla to his secret operations room, claiming the phoenix will rise ... At the dark park, Kate wonders what prisoner Clyde has in his arms and hears the baby ... Jumpy Orpheus beats John at cards again. John is more concerned about his kidnapped great-grandson. Marlena knocks. Orpheus holds the gun on John. He opens the door and orders the couple to keep apart. He is happy to see the son he missed. John meets Marlena’s gaze. Christian/Evan says hi dad. Orpheus thanks God he got to him in time. Evan is miffed he made him leave Bayview, where he was getting help and makes it clear some of his problems were caused by what happened to Jordan and Adrienne. He flashes back to what Marlena told him about the abducted baby. Marlena agrees Bayview was good for him. Orpheus leers at Marlena to shut up. He assures his son he forgives him for his betrayal and wants him to be with David. Evan exclaims Zoe has him, but his delusional dad wants the three to be a happy family. He gets testy and waits for him to agree. Hawkish John observes ... Kate gets an emergency alert on her phone and realizes Clyde has her great-grandson. Now she is mega mad ... Kayla questions Rolf reviving Stefano. He cackles he can clone the new Stefano ...

Stressed Steve calls hospital security, learns no one escorted Kayla out and asks for all footage. He blames himself. Roman believes the terrible trio are not in Salem but Steve will not underestimate any of them, especially Rolf ... Kayla feels sorry for Rolf the genius and praises his ability. He does not need Stefano. Rolf snaps not to psychoanalyze. She lists all the useful things he could do for the world. He stops her and boasts of his strides in the science of cloning. Kayla argues a clone could take decades. He gushes he has a better plan than what he did to Steve and she will play an important role ... Clyde drawls not to get close and warns Kate to toss her phone in the bushes or else. She does and offers him big money. He slurs about wanting to cheer Ben up with the baby. Plus Henry is leverage. He warns her not to get any closer ... Orpheus is exasperated. Evan snaps he wants to see his son, but he is spooked by the fact that he kidnapped the great-grandson of Dr. Evans. Orpheus leers she will lose him if he does not get what he wants. Evan asks when he can see David. Orpheus declares first he must deal with John and Doc Evans ... Steve and Roman catch Rolf on the surveillance footage ... Kayla says no way to helping clone creepy Stefano. She is no mad scientist ... John cares not what Orpheus does to him but asks him to let doc go. Marlena disagrees with his offering himself. John now offers to wire him big money. Sirens are heard ... Courageous Kate begs Clyde not to hurt the baby and offers herself as the hostage instead. Clyde doubts Kate could cheer up Ben like the baby. She gets closer to Clyde and calls him honey. Anything he waaaaants. He smirks she is sexay but trouble and turns her down. Henry loudly cries ...

Steve and Roman now know Rolf must have made Kayla go with him. But why no contact? Steve calls Chad about the chip ... Rolf asserts they will save the life of Stefano and make the cloned embryo quickly. Kayla warns Steve will track her down and then he will be in big trouble! Rolf digests ... Back at the warehouse, Marlena assures angered Orpheus she did not contact the cops. Evan denies doing so too. Orpheus wants to run with his son and orders John at gunpoint to tie Marlena to the chair. Evan whacks Orpheus on the head with a heavy can. Orpheus falls to the floor with his gun. John and Marlena meet his son’s stare. He has just saved them both. John gets the gun. Marlena emotionally thanks Evan, who explains he is getting better. However, he is not ready to raise a child and certainly not with a man like Orpheus. John notes they do not know where Henry is and unconscious Orpheus ain’t talking ... Clyde sings a sinister song. Kate offers to help stop the baby from crying and he lets her have him just for a little while. No funny stuff, says he ... Steve updates Roman on Chad and Tony destroying the Stefano microchip, which infuriated Rolf, who ended up escaping. Roman is relieved Rolf cannot do anything with it to Kayla, but Steve seeks to understand what the mad scientist really wants with his wife ... Rolf refuses to let Kayla leave and ominously prepares her injection to make her cooperate ...

Steve is desperate. Roman realizes they have no hospital garage footage. Steve goes to check the garage as Ro calls the department ... Kayla stammers to buy some time. But there is no way out from the mad scientist and his syringe. She suggests he is mourning. She was there with Steve. He quips but he came back. She suggests Rolf can find another friend, but he is obsessed with the one and only phoenix. Is she with him or not?! ... Marlena assures Evan that his father will be fine. He hopes when he wakes up he will reveal Henry’s whereabouts. John has contacted the Salem PD, who sent for an ambulance. They are still searching for Henry. Marlena wishes they knew where Henry was ... Kate suspects a fever and suggests a diaper change. Clyde has none and she criticizes his poor planning. She pretends to reach for a pacifier from her purse but jumps up with a gun instead, a fierce look in her eye ... As John ties up Orpheus he agrees Evan can call his sister with his dad’s phone. He hugs doc. They soon realize Evan has run off ... Roman calls a detective at the station about armed and dangerous Dr. Rolf kidnapping Kayla. Steve comes back and gasps Kayla’s car is gone. The attendant did not notice in which direction she drove. Roman promises to pour over all town footage at the station. Steve is desperate to find her before ... Kayla agrees to cooperate. Rolf warns she will carry Stefano’s clone to term ... Kate hisses at Clyde not to move. He insists he was not gonna hurt the kid. Besides, she is never gonna ... The baby cries louder. BANG! Clyde goes down. Game over. Kate wins.


Luv Cathy

The Salem Story on Wednesday, October 28, 2020