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1200 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)


At DiMera mansion, Kate complains to Lucas about Gwen letting Rolf get away. Lucas wants to tell her about Allie. Kate is horrified to hear about her rape ... Allie realizes Henry is missing. Nicole hyperventilates with her and wonders how ... Orpheus ominously advises John to put down the gun he is pointing at him. One of his associates has Henry! John demands to know what he will do with the little lad. Orpheus does his darnedest to spook him ... Meanwhile Marlena is already at Bayview on her secret mission ... Allie gasps the repairman stole her baby ... Clyde paces at the dark park with the swaddled babe in arms. He wants to get back to Ben ... Ben paces and proceeds to call John. Eli comes to his door as a cop. Ben hastily hides the gun in a drawer and opens the door. Eli asks about Clyde ... The baby is fussing. Frazzled Clyde tries to call Orpheus, who taunts John to check on his story. John calmly calls Allie, who exclaims a repairman has Henry! The Salem PD is en route. John promises they will get him back. She should wait with Nicole until he calls with an update. John now warns Orpheus he will do whatever he has to ... Dr. Morris greets Dr. Evans at Bayview. The power is back. She tells him to have Evan aka Christian transferred tonight. Morris points out it would take time to process. She repeats TONIGHT.

Back at DiMera mansion, Kate cries for Allie. Lucas cries with her and blames himself cos he did not heed Sami’s warnings about his wild daughter. He should have been there! Now she will be reminded of what happened for the rest of her life. Kate realizes Henry was the result of that night and gasps oh God ... Braided Allie blames herself for admitting the stranger. Nicole notes they did not get far. Detective Lani arrives and assures them they have an APB on all three fugitives. Allie cries the repairman stole her baby. Lani has photos of the fugitives. The girl immediately IDs Clyde ... Ben stands by his story of not hearing from Clyde. Eli insists on searching his room this time ... Morris points out the patient has made progress at Bayview. Marlena does not want to give any details and gets testy when he compares her granddaughter’s treatment to that of Christian the killer. She snaps this transfer is a matter of life and death! Literally. But she is still tightlipped. Morris reluctantly agrees but is perturbed she wants the patient now, which is not protocol. She threatens to have him fired ... John demands the baby’s whereabouts. Orpheus leers he will be alright provided Marlena does as demanded ... Clyde babbles about his own boy and keeps boozing, the baby in his arms at the empty park. Then he gets a bat crazy idea ...

Eli the capable cop starts to open the drawer where Ben hid his gun ... Kate is horrified to hear Allie’s attacker was not arrested and he is Tripp Dalton aka the son of STEVE ... Allie and Nicole are baffled that Ben’s father wanted her baby. Lani explains the trio always terrorize the town together. Smart Nicole senses they wanted something specific but where would Clyde have gone with the baby? Lani has an idea on where to start searching ... Orpheus updates enraged John on making Marlena get his son Christian out of Bayview. John doubts she would do his bidding. He quips to hope she does cos otherwise they might never see the baby again. The deadline is clooooooose ... Marlena insists on being left alone with bearded Christian. She smiles she is now his doctor and asks him to follow her but Christian refuses to go anywhere with her. Marlena turns ... Kate wants Tripp arrested. Lucas laments the lack of proof but Kate fumes this is far from over ... Ben acts indignant as Eli gets closer to the gun hidden in the drawer he has just opened. Eli explains Lani got a tip that Clyde was spotted in Ben’s neighborhood. Ben denies he showed up at his place and gets a lucky break when Lani calls Eli about the baby snatch. However, he is aghast Clyde kidnapped Marlena’s great-grandson. Eli can see in his eyes that he lied to protect papa Clyde and rages how the hell could he ...

Christian/Evan argues he has been getting better at Bayview and refuses to go somewhere unknown. Marlena smiles she must evaluate him. He questions the legality and senses she is stressed. She asks him to follow. He demands the truth first. Orpheus wanted him transferred and he will go free soon! He refuses to go anywhere near his father again ... Orpheus sits back down as John continues to point his gun at him and suggests he gives Marlena until morning. Orpheus argues he is a wanted man in Salem so he cannot risk it. John counters he is also now a hostage so call his contact and tell him to bring the baby. Otherwise he will shoot Orpheus dead ... Stylish Kate takes out her phone and proceeds to call the mayor with her painted nails. Alas Abe does not answer so she vows to track him down, make him take action against Tripp. Lucas tries to stop her and sighs as she storms off ... Lani explains Eli is speaking with Ben. Allie fears the worst. Nicole assures her they will get Henry back, but the girl now regrets all the time that was already lost. She weeps she is an awful mom. Nicole emphatically disagrees and the girl cries on her shoulder ... Crazy Clyde wants this here baby to put a smile on Ben’s face. He senses his boy is about to do something bad ...

Ben admits to angry Eli that Clyde came to his room, but he had no idea he would abduct an infant! Eli rages he could have arrested him before the fact and warns it will be on Ben’s head if anything bad befalls the baby. Dramatic drums play ... Orpheus smirks at John that his man has instructions to do away with the baby if something befalls him, stands up in defiance and now demands his gun. John watches him like a hawk ... Lani assures upset Allie she is not to blame. They will find her baby no matter what it takes. Allie recalls that John said the same thing and it sounded like a fact when he spoke those words ... Orpheus talks choice. Marlena chose to do as asked for she knew the clear and present danger to Henry was real. John slowly hands over his weapon ... Marlena tells Christian aka Evan the whole truth and knows the dad in him does not want anything to happen to Allie’s baby. Will he do the right thing? Meanwhile Ben apologizes but knows not where Clyde went. Eli hauls him to the station anyway ... Stunning Kate is crossing the dark park when she stumbles upon Clyde clutching a crying baby. Her eyes narrow like a cat ...


Luv Cathy

The Salem Story on Tuesday, October 27, 2020