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1300 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)


Steve is on the phone with Kayla, frantic she stayed so late at the hospital. At least she is heading home soon, what with Orpheus running around ... In the dark apartment, anxious Allie and Nicole feel for the baby because of his ear infection. Nicole sighs Rolf was recently spotted at DiMera mansion, did not get caught, and hopes Orpheus and Clyde did not come to Salem ... Clyde creeps through the Salem night and calls boss Orpheus, who confirms he wants the job done. Orpheus hangs up. Marlena, tied to a chair, wonders why he needs her given he clearly has a partner in crime. Orpheus is about ready to release her ... Ben holds his gun in the dark and flashes back to promising Clyde he would wait until morning. Knock knock! Tis John, who snaps when Ben states he left Marlena a message that Orpheus had escaped from the slammer ... Kayla reasons they are not on Orpheus’ radar. Steve reminds her what happened to Adrienne and wants to come get her. She can have security see her to her car. He suggests Vinnie is the only capable character so ask him. He hears there is no DNA test result yet due to the blackout. Steve hopes to have good news for his son and hopes he will forgive him for going behind his back. Tripp appears and wonders what he did ...

Marlena rubs her sore wrists, now untied, and faces Orpheus. The only light is a single white candle. Orpheus speaks in circles ... John apologizes for raising his voice and sighs about the fog that surrounds him. He stops Ben from calling the cops about Marlena being missing for hours. They are no match for Orpheus ... Orpheus orders Marlena to help his boy. The blonde gets mad. Why help he who almost offed Will, did off Jordan, and almost let Ben lose his life for his own crime! Orpheus explains Christian had a breakdown in the slammer and wound up in solitary, where he tried to take his own life. Marlena gasps is he alive? He was saved in time and is presently in Bayview. Papa is not permitted to see him. She thinks that is for the best. Orpheus reminds her she was his stepmother once upon a time and asks her to break him out ... Tripp confronts Steve ... Allie teases stylish Nicole for having formula on her dress, so she goes to change. Someone bangs on the door. Fearing Sami, Allie hastily flings open the door to Clyde, who is disguised as a Salam Gas/Electric worker. About the breaker box ... His hard hat hides his crafty eyes as he drawls the transformer that started the blackout is in this building. Allie asks questions. He warns she would be without heat all night if he did not get in to fix it and her baby would be cold. She lets him in and admits she knows not where the breaker box is located. He grins he already knows where to go ...

John rages Ben’s idea to call the cops does not apply cos Orpheus would hear from a scanner. He believes Ben is the only person who can help now ... Marlena is flabbergasted Clyde wants her to break out Christian. He drawls with her credentials tis a piece of cake. The blonde begs to differ. Clyde is curious about her Bayview time. She mutters it was matter of mistaken identity. She is now on the board of directors. Things are better so his son is getting what he needs. Orpheus scoffs and points out she got her pyromaniac granddaughter out so surely she can deal with helping his son ... Steve fibs all he did was ask Kayla to put in a good word for Tripp, given his med school application was tabled after Allie’s accusation. He assures his cynical son the truth will win. Tripp thanks him ... Kayla has been waiting for security for over twenty minutes and assumes her visitor is Vinnie the security guard. Wrong! Rolf creeps in and ominously closes the door. She reaches for her phone, so the skinny scientist pulls his gun and stops her ... Steve wonders what is taking Kayla so long. Tripp hears he is worried cos Clyde, Orpheus and Rolf are on the loose ... Marlena is highly suspicious. Orpheus admits he has an insurance policy to make her obey. She gasps he got John?! ... John drawls that Ben is his dangerous dad Clyde’s connection to Salem and wants to know whether he heard from him. Ben flashes back to Clyde leaving to get something done. John growls to give him any info that could help him find doc and reminds him he owes her ... Clyde notes he found nothing out of the ordinary and warns there is a lit candle close to the curtain in the bedroom. He pretends to depart but after Allie scurries back to the bedroom, he doubles back like a thief in the night. Moments later Nicole and Allie are back in the living room with the power on. Allie updates her on the power guy coming by ... Orpheus assures Marlena the family member he has is not John but still a loved one for whom she would surely move heaven and earth ...

Ben replies he knows not how to reach Clyde. John stares at him like a hawk but believes him. Ben would do anything for Dr. Marlena. John suspects Clyde the former drug runner would have had a safe place somewhere. That is where Marlena might be. Ben suggests he ask Xander ... Tripp sits down to watch late night TV. Papa Patch is concerned about Kayla and tries to call but gets no answer ... Courageous Kayla demands to know what Dr. Rolf wants. He complains about Chad and Tony destroying Stefano’s essence. Kayla believes that is for the best and blasts the mad scientist for implanting said essence in Steve. He reminds her she is a woman of science. Only with ethics! He grins like a loon and gushes the phoenix is going to rise again with her assistance ... Marlena’s illuminated face is appalled by Orpheus’ scheme. He points out if she does not play someone will die ... Grateful John ends a call with Xander, who gave him the location of a warehouse outside of Salem where he, Clyde and Orpheus used to lurk. He clutches his head and texts an old ISA pal for footage. Then he almost collapses. Ben wants to accompany him but John orders him to stay in case Marlena or Clyde show up. He cannot make any promises about Ben’s dad making it but Ben is done with him anyway... Steve wants Tripp to stay in case Kayla comes home while he is out searching for her ... Rolf rages at confused Kayla to accompany him to the answers. Otherwise he shoots ... Ben is all alone with his gun again, enraged about Clyde's lies. Ciara would be furious he fell for his act. The buck stops here if he made Marlena go missing! He smashes a glass against the door and soap stares ... Steve is stunned to find Kayla’s phone in her office with no sign of Sweetness ... John confronts calm and collected Orpheus after kicking the door in. What did he do with doc! Orpheus plays with his rope and notes she is not here. John threatens to off him. Orpheus ominously states then another will also lose ... Allie panics when she realizes Henry is not in his basinet ... Clyde coos to the babe in his arms, takes a drink and calls the cute little fella Orpheus’ insurance policy. However, that very cuteness made him pause too long at the park ...


Luv Cathy

The Salem Story on Monday, October 26, 2020