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1300 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)


Sarah enters the candlelit living room. Phillip is on the sofa and solemnly informs her of the three dangerous fugitives ... At the dark station Eli complains about fake tips. Shawn complains about dead ends. Eli assumes Ben will be in touch if he hears from Clyde. Meanwhile raging Ben shows curious Clyde the gun which will exact revenge on Vincent. He stole it from the station. Clyde offers to do the vengeful deed, but Ben wants to see Vincent suffer ... Sarah is horrified to hear the name Orpheus and wants to check on mama Maggie, whom he once abducted. Phil promises he put security on high alert. He will not allow anything happen to Maggie and invites spooked Sarah to sit with him. He saw Xander wandering around and assumes she kicked him out of the bedroom. She complains about his caveman behavior. Phil apologizes for causing trouble by having dinner with her. He makes her giggle about how Xander looked when he saw her dress with stained wine. Speak of the devil ... Claire accepts a call from Charlie at the dark park. She just bought some flashlight batteries. Charlie gasps he got locked in at the office ... In the kitchen, Jan leers the door was unlocked. Belle wants her to leave. Jan came bearing a gift! She slowly approaches with a huge crystal raised. Terrified Belle begs to leave her alone, backs up and trips over her designer feet. She limps to the chair. Jan meant no harm and offers to light a candle. She brought the big rose quartz healing crystal for Claire, who is sad about Ciara’s memorial. Belle orders her out with her rock ... Charlie cannot recall the password. Claire does not know it either. She suggests he contact Xander or Phil, but he feels like a fool. He asks Claire to come and try to open the doors from the outside ... Xander leers they are having a good laugh. Phil cackles about Sarah kicking him out of their bedroom. Xander takes it hard. Sarah sighs he blew up for no reason. Phil calls him laughable. Xander counters Phil’s arrogance is more laughable. He would be a loser if he were not a Kiriakis. Sarah tries to intervene. Phil accuses him of spying. He complains his bed was hard to sleep in and came down to sleep here. Sarah is anxious about the three dangerous fugitives. Xander pauses. Phil slyly points out he has a history of friendship with fugitives Clyde and Orpheus. Sarah is stunned ... Clyde suggests the system will work but Ben does not believe in the system. Clyde cries he is all he has left! Ben numbly notes he has nothing to live for ... Lani comes back to the station with something for stressed Shawn and Eli ...

Claire flounces off to help Charlie ... Jan wants to give Claire her lavish gift. Belle will do it, but Jan doubts it. Belle fumes she is no friend to her daughter and brings up her history. Jan calls her jealous. Belle calls their friendship inappropriate. Jan calls Belle’s friendship with Phillip inappropriate ... Back at the Kiriakis mansion, Xander insists he has not heard from Clyde or Orpheus for years. Phil taunts he busted out with his prison buddies and terrorized the town a few years ago. Then he morphed into a jealous simpleton ... Xander growls to shut his mouth or else. Phil glares and dares him ... Clyde argues Ciara saved Ben because she wanted him to live. Ben blames himself for Vincent offing her. Clyde exclaims to honor Ciara by living the life of the good man he became because of her ... Lani has unseen footage from the DiMera grounds. Eli and Shawn watch with high hopes. Eli wonders how Rolf untied himself. TIS ALL ERASED! ... Sarah screams to stop. Xander softly suggests they head to bed. She quips he can stay on the couch. Phil taunts he should beg. Xander vows to protect the woman he loves by being at her side and she agrees. Xander gives Phil a triumphant smirk ... Belle calmly explains Phillip is her client. Jan cackles and claims plus more. She taunts she cheated on Shawn with him. Belle stands up and refuses to continue. Jan notes she and Shawn are not married right now so ... Belle denounces her demented obsession with him. He would NEVER want her if she were the last woman on earth ... Shawn suddenly sees he has a missed call from Belle and an intruder notification. He gasps Jan Spears is at his house and bolts ... Belle blasts Jan for her excuse of a gift for Claire. Jan considers her a friend. Belle suggests she wake up and smell the coffee cos Shawn hates her. Jan screams to stop and raises the glittery rock even higher ...

Glum Charlie is happy to hear Claire. She rattles the locked door. No luck ... Shawn walks in and gasps what the hell at Jan. Belle explains she got upset cos she said he hated her. He kicks her out of the house ... Lani ends a call from a loon who blamed the moon. Eli suggests she head home to rest. She senses they are missing something, then realizes Kristen knew Rolf and wants to speak to her. Eli stops her ... Clyde orders Ben to look him in the eye and urges him to do right. Ciara would want that. Now he must go do something. Ben wonders what crime this time. Clyde is sorry he was a baddie daddy but praises Ciara’s love for changing his son. He implores him not to do something he will forever regret. Ben seems to be listening ... Claire huffs, puffs, and rattles again. Charlie tells her to try one more time. He pulls while she pushes, and she falls into his arms. Claire is his hero! He invites her out for dinner sometime. She accepts ... Sarah sends Xander to bed without her. She shall stay down here with Phillip. Xander hauls her aside and tries to talk her out of it. She refuses to tolerate his jealousy. He accuses Phil of wanting to make moves. Phil leers he will look after her. Xander hisses like HELL!

Shawn threatens to throw Jan out. She counters she will see Belle and Phillip in court, musing they mean much to one another. Shawn growls get OUT. Belle snaps to take her rock. She does and calls her an ingrate. Shawn and Belle wonder what she really wanted ... Charlie has some work to do for the morning. Xander and Phillip are hard on the interns. He will contact Claire to arrange their dinner. She smiles and takes her stylish leave ... Phil smiles he treats Sarah with respect. Xander accuses him of trying to use her as a pawn. Sarah gets testy and tells him goodnight. Phil taunts nighty night and sits on the sofa with Sarah and his drink. Xander disappears into the darkness ... Eli stammers Kristen could not have spoken to Rolf for a long time. Lani still wants to stay so he suggests she go over more tips. She sees one about someone spotting Clyde at the square. Eli decides to go back to Ben’s place ... Clyde makes Ben promise to sleep on his vendetta and promises to be back come morning. Ben stands in silence, still holding the gun ... Shawn holds Belle on the sofa. He has a bad feeling about Jan Spears ... At the dark park, insane obsessed Jan imagines bashing Belle on the head with her crystal for saying Shawn did not want her. Deadly days ahead ...


Luv Cathy

The Salem Story on Friday, October 23, 2020