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1250 words

Beware of copycats.
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At the dark station, Shawn barks orders on the phone. Lani approaches. He thanks the dedicated detective for coming. She shares she and Eli went out to search for the three fugitives. So far nothing ... Ben admits to Clyde he saw Ciara tonight. She begged him to move on, but he cannot without her. He plans to make Vincent pay. Eli bangs on the door, asking about his dad. Clyde begs Ben not to turn him in ... At the dark DiMera mansion, party planning Gwen perceives how anxious Abigail is about Chad being gone so long ... Rolf weeps for the great Stefano and rages at Chad the ingrate heir. Chad quips father is in hell. Rolf wants to send Chad there too and raises his gun. Chad cockily raises his hands ... Surprised John opens his door to Belle and holds his flashlight high ... Lani updates Shawn on seeing Marlena, who seemed fine. Eli went to see Ben, just in case Clyde showed up ... Ben fibs he was fumbling in the dark. Eli updates him on the power failure caused by the three fugitives and wonders whether Clyde came by ... Gwen offers to go downstairs to look for Chad ... Chad argues to angry Rolf he is DiMera blood. The phoenix always rises and when he does Rolf will suffer his wrath if he offs him. He gets the gun away... Gwen innocently wonders who the man in the chair is. Wilhelm Rolf, an old associate of Stefano. Chad asks her to call the cops. She claims her phone is dead. He suggests she go upstairs and get his cell. She suggests he go see worried Abigail and leave his gun for her to guard the intruder. Chad wants to tie him up with some rope from the utility closet. She does not want to walk down those stairs in the dark, so he hands her the gun, promising to be back soon. Gwen slowly lowers the gun for she knows Rolf is no real threat ...

John is happy to see Belle and makes light of the painkillers her mom made him take, hence the long time it took to answer the door. She asks about Marlena. She went to check on patient Ben, to make sure he is alright ... Eli enters the dark room. Ben notes he has nothing to hide. He can search his place if he wants ... John assumes Marlena is assisting Ben and would be happy if Belle stayed. She wonders about his wounded hand. He changes the subject, for he senses something is troubling her ... Back at the station Shawn curses the phones are not working and he cannot reach Belle to warn her about Orpheus. There are many who would need to be warned about the terrible trio! Lani hopes Eli will catch Clyde ... Eli takes Ben at his word and is sorry about Ciara. He will see him at the memorial. Ben says right and assures him he will let him know if he hears from Clyde. Eli leaves and proud papa Clyde emerges ... Abigail is all smiles when Chad returns, until he reveals they have an unexpected visitor ... Rolf is now tied to a chair, praising Gwen’s performance with the DiMeras. She acts cold so he warns he sometimes has loose lips. Unless she helps him get away Chad will get an earful about her hatred for the fair Abigail ... Belle talks herbal tea. John just wants to talk so she admits she has a bad feeling about Jan Spears, who is trying to be Claire’s bff. John gasps tis twisted. Indeed and Claire is clueless. John fears for fragile Claire, who has a good heart. Belle’s voice shakes as she wonders how to protect her daughter. John solemnly states the family will protect her ...

Abigail is appalled to hear about Rolf. Chad uses his cell to report Rolf’s break-in to the cops. He urges Abigail to stay near the kids. He must go out and open the gate so the police can come in. He assures his worried wife Rolf will be returned to the slammer soon ... Eli joins Lani at the station. Shawn updates them on Chad’s call. Lani wants to go. Eli wants to accompany her. She argues Shawn needs him here. It will be a piece of cake for her to bring the prisoner back. Eli implores her to take care ... Rolf warns Gwen that Chad will turn on her if he hears she is a threat to Abigail. She boasts they are bffs. He reminds her he supplied the drug with which she blew Abigail’s mind and could tell Chad. She doubts he would believe him. Rolf confidently cackles she was caught on camera visiting him at his high security facility. He asks her to cut him free with the letter opener. She threatens to cut his throat instead ...

John is touched to hear Belle feels safe with her folks. She wishes she could do the same for stylish Claire, whose history still torments her. She blames herself and Shawn, but John repeats what Marlena told him – the mind is a fragile thing. No one is to blame. She weeps about love not being enough. John thanks God Claire is doing well now and credits her parents for their love and support. Belle just hopes she will not be influenced by Jan Spears ... Clyde drinks up and thanks Ben again. Ben warns he is still not safe cos the cops are looking. Clyde wants to take some of the booze and wonders whether he wants to come with ... At DiMera mansion, Chad and Lani find Gwen lying on the floor, with no sign of Rolf in sight. She feebly stops Lani from calling an ambulance and apologizes for losing Rolf. Chad wants the whole story. He somehow got loose and attacked her. Lani asks if she knows where he went. Gwen shakes her head. Lani will check the house and have a unit posted to the area. After she goes, Gwen blames herself. Chad feels at fault for leaving her alone with him and wonders how he was able to escape. She shows him the letter opener. Chad frowns it was out of his reach. She argues he must have gotten it in the dark. Chad now looks at the rope and is surprised Gwen did not notice him cutting it. Abigail arrives and learns Rolf escaped just before the cops came ...

John sends Belle home while he waits and waits for Marlena ... Clyde argues Ben would be better off being on the run with him. Ben looks down at Ciara’s picture ... Back at the station Eli ends a call, cursing about the lack of cc footage. Lani returns. Alas all three madmen are still out there ... Back at DiMera mansion, attentive trusting Abigail has tea for Gwen. Chad wonders how he could not have noticed Rolf getting the letter opener ... Ben takes out Vincent’s gun and reveals to Clyde he is staying for revenge ... John leaves Marlena a message. He is starting to worry ... Belle leaves Shawn a message. She is now home alone in the spooky darkness. Jan Spears replies she is not alone and shines a flashlight on her face. Belle stares at the-not-so good witch!


Luv Cathy

The Salem Story on Thursday, October 22, 2020