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1300 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)


At the dark DiMera mansion Chad slips on his silk robe. Abigail teases they made their own electricity. He heads downstairs ... Rolf informs Stefano’s portrait he is anxious to meet him in flesh form again ... Clyde senses Ben is displeased to see him ... Orpheus spooks Marlena, ominously warning of danger in the darkness ... Chad is looking for something downstairs, where he meets up with cackling Rolf and his candle ... Clyde confirms there was a prison break but he was not the mastermind ... Marlena acts like John is his usual strong self but Orpheus knows better. He continues to act like the tomcat that just cornered the blonde canary ... Lani stops Eli from checking with the station since tis his night off and suggests he help with the flashlight. He hopes the power will be back by morning. She sighs about Ciara’s memorial. He cannot imagine how Ben is feeling right now ... Ben blasts Clyde for working with Orpheus again and calls Marlena to warn her. He informs Clyde last time he was on the loose he attempted to off her ... Marlena wonders whether Orpheus wants to plant another bomb. Not now. He taunts about the time they played with fire and lights a match. Marlena has not forgotten he tried to burn her and Kayla alive. He calls those good times. Marlena’s eyes widen ... Gwen discusses the blackout with Abigail and adds Jake is checking the circuit breakers downstairs. Abigail updates her on insisting Chad offer his brother an olive branch. However, Jake got offended about being offered an exec trainee position. Gwen sighs he is even suspicious of her planning Jen’s party. Abigail innocently wonders why ... Chad is exasperated Rolf broke into his house. He came for what rightfully belongs to him - the microchip containing Stefano’s essence! The cops claimed they gave it to Chad. Chad notes no can do so Rolf pulls a gun on him ...

Lani and Eli have had dinner. He wishes there would be light again. Lani has Kristen on her mind and cannot comprehend why she changed her plea. Eli explains she wanted to do the right thing for her daughter but Lani spoke to a fighting Kristen. Why did she give up? ... Alas Chad has no essence of Stefano. He flashes back to talking about it with Tony, who was holding the microchip and wondered what they should do with HIM. Rolf waits for Chad to explain so he does ... Gwen repeats to Abigail what she told Jake - that she wants to make Abigail’s life easier. Abigail appreciates the assistance. Gwen gushes she cannot wait for the party and mentions the menu. Abigail agrees to go over it tomorrow. Gwen senses something. Abigail sadly sighs that is the day of Ciara’s service ... While Clyde watches, Ben leaves Marlena an urgent message. Orpheus is in Salem so please call when she hears this! Clyde wonders why the hell he cares ... Marlena deduces Orpheus used the darkness to escape. He boasts he brought that cloak of darkness down and all the way here. Marlena asks why ... Gwen gives Abigail a copy of the menu and bids her goodnight after asking about Jake on the guest list. Abigail believes the brothers should try and co-exist. Gwen thinks Chad was fortunate to know Stefano their fatha. Abigail doubts that, The world is a better place without the phoenix ... Rolf rages where is the microchip! Chad chuckles he and Tony had it in a little plastic bag. They talked. Tony argued destroying it would make daddy die and how did Chad feel about that?

Lani is concerned about bff Kristen. Eli starts to say ... Ring ring! Lani gets a call from Shawn. The power grid cut was connected to a Statesville prison escape. Three loons are on the loose ... Marlena wants to know why Orpheus orchestrated his escape. He needs her help ... Ben credits Marlena with giving him his life back, which made it possible for him to be with Ciara, his everything. She saw the good in him. Clyde praises her and is sorry his son is so sad. Ben notes he did not seem to like her. Not at first but she won him over with her fierce loyalty. The girl was a legend! Ben seconds that. Clyde is sorry he cannot attend the memorial. Ben admits he will not either and remembers his plan to go vigilante on Vincent ... Rolf calls Chad a monster for even thinking of murdering his fatha. Chad fumes he owned the essence. Rolf implores him to say he did not do it and destroy his life’s work ... Chad recalls how he reminded Tony that Stefano had controlled his mind to make him do his bidding. He felt only coldness. Tony told him there were more people to consider than just the two of them ...

Abigail updates Gwen on Chad wanting to change the DiMera image to make the children proud. Gwen fake gushes he is noble and credits Abigail. She wonders how her family felt about Chad. They came around and love him. Gwen smiles about Abigail having two positively perfect families. Abigail admits Jack and Jen have had their own rocky road ... Ben will only say he will honor Ciara another way. Clyde wants to help his son cos he can see his judgment has been clouded by guilt. Ben claims he was about to take a walk. Clyde offers to off Vincent for him cos he is onto him. He dares him to show what he is hiding in his pocket. Ben admits he wanted to make things right. Clyde can help ... Marlena refuses to let Orpheus harm anyone. He grabs her shoulders and leers either she leaves with him and does as ordered or else he pays John the sleeping Salem patient a visit. Marlena gasps and glares right back at him ... Gwen just loves Jack and Jen’s love story. Abigail agrees they did always find their way back and hopes the hard tines are over. Gwen cannot wait to celebrate their love. Abigail smiles they are proof positive that love can win. Gwen reveals she too is a romantic and claims Abigail, Chad, Jack and Jen give her hope. Dangerous music plays ...

Rolf grows impatient. Chad warns the authorities are trying to track him and recounts the rest of the story. Tony told him that fatha’s terrible actions had been out of love. Chad dropped the microchip into a glass bowl and they toasted. He set it on fire. Tony looked serious and then it burned. Ashes to ashes dust to ... Rolf howls noooooooo. Chad warns he will not be able to bring him back ever again ... Ben admits he is after vigilante justice. Vincent must pay. Knock knock! Tis Detective Eli ... Marlena whispers she will go with Orpheus. Knock knock! Tis Detective Lani ... Back at he macabre mansion, Abigail approves the menu and wonders where Chad is ... Rolf sobs like a lost mad scientist. Chad wants him to go. He rages he never appreciated the great Stefano! Chad muses he must be in hell. Rolf announces he shall avenge his death and aims his gun at him ... Eli wants a word with Ben ... Lani wants a word with Marlena and John. Orpheus orders his hostage to get rid of her or else. Marlena opens the door a little and smiles she was just settling John. Lani warns Orpheus is on the loose. Marlena thanks her and shuts the door. A minute later Orpheus escorts her out into the darkness ...


Luv Cathy

The Salem Story on Wednesday, October 21, 2020