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1300 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)


At DiMera mansion, Gwen is party planning with notes when Jake joins her in the den. He pours himself a drink. She wishes he would be quiet. He pokes fun at her homework as a nanny. She announces she is helping Abigail plan a party. Chad overhears and keeps walking. He finds Abigail in their bedroom and complains Jake was drinking his liquor in the den. He admits his olive branch to the guy did not go well ... In the slammer Clyde admires picture-perfect bride and groom Ciara and Ben in the paper. Orpheus appears and gets sarcastic about 'til death do they part. He was sent back here. Clyde is suspicious ... Ben holds a framed photo of his beautiful bride, sighs, and picks up Vincent’s gun. He vows to send him to hell with the same weapon that made his beloved lose her sweet life ... Jake refers to Gwen speaking to Stefano’s portrait about her party to remember. Gwen gets sarcastic. He points out tis only a picture. She starts to go. He stops her and demands to know her game. He smells a revenge party ... Clyde talks history and warns his former partner to steer clear of him or else. Orpheus suggests he make nice since he happens to have an exit strategy ... Ben misses his beautiful Ciara, who was his everything. That will never change. He hides the gun under his jacket and opens his door ... to Marlena, who was worried. She wonders where he is headed. Just for a ... walk. He is unable to stop her from entering and he gets nervous since the evidence bag the gun was in is still visible. So far Marlena does not seem to notice ...

Stylish Abigail gets sarcastic about the lack of peace on the premises. Chad pouts he tried but Jake was a jerk. She notes tis not the first DiMera male to act that way. He explains the guy wanted an equal share of the DiMera empire. Abigail argues papa Stefano helped him, whereas Jake is not getting that kind of help. She suggests Chad try being a little more respectful ... Jake questions Gwen’s motives. Gwen claims she likes the family she works for and her wonderful nanny job. Furthermore he is no Wolf of Wall Street! He replies she has not answered his question ... Clyde chuckles. Orpheus offers him a way out. Clyde smells a catch. Orpheus would require him to do something ... Ben wants to be alone. Marlena assures him people care about him, but he blames himself for Ciara’s death and ominously alludes to vigilante justice. Marlena wonders ... Gwen claims she explained she is just trying to be nice to Chad and Abigail as they have been with her. Jake hopes Abigail is onto her ... Chad has only negative things to say about Jake. Abigail talks attributes like his sense of humor. Chad has never laughed. She adds he has charm. Chad charmingly suggests they agree to disagree and promises to be better for this woman he loves. She understands it is not easy. He holds her in his arms and suggests they go to Chicago for a few romantic nights. No can do cos they are having a party at Julie’s Place to mark the one-year anniversary of mama Jen’s return from the land of the comatose ...

Ben babbles about Vincent. Marlena asks him to stay with her and John, given his state of mind. He refuses so she suggests they pick him up for Ciara’s memorial service tomorrow. Alas he is not attending and suggests she go be with John. She tells him he can call anytime and wonders whether he already tried. He did not. She concludes it could have been a wrong number, hopes he will reconsider tomorrow, and elegantly sweeps out ... Clyde and Orpheus shake on their deal. Now for the details. Crafty Orpheus gets a text from his contact about creating a distraction. He counts down from three and all the lights go out. EVERYWHERE ... Ben suddenly sees an apparition of stylish beautiful Ciara, who speaks his name. He gasps she is here, but he cannot touch her and sighs tis a dream. She implores him to let go of the hate and move on. No can do. She begs him not to shoot Vincent for he is better than that and she needs him to stay the same man she loved ... Chad and Abigail are in the dark at DiMera mansion. He agrees the mansion is not stress free and suggests taking Jack and Jen out for dinner instead of party planning. She points out Gwen is the event planner and praises her. Chad assures her he will tell Gwen he is here to help with anything and will even make nice with Jake. Abigail appreciates him admitting he was wrong. He smiles they should celebrate after all and kisses her. She admits the party was Gwen’s good idea ... Gwen silently lights tall white candles. Jake hates the blackout, but she feels creeped out ... Marlena sits by tall white candles as John watches from the couch and concludes she is willing Ben to call. She sensed he was lost. He teases she has a soft spot for him. She wishes he had accepted her offer to stay with him. However, one cannot make someone open up. Unlike Hope, who is surrounded by friends and family, Ben is all alone in this world ...

Ciara’s apparition warns Ben all he will accomplish by offing Vincent is acting like their love was never real. He weeps nothing really matters without her ... Abigail informs suspicious Chad that Gwen was generous to offer. He notes she was not around when Jen was in a coma. The topic came up. Abigail credits Gwen with knowing her well ... Jake suggests Gwen move out if she finds the mansion creepy. She scoffs at the idea but gets spooked when they hear a knocking sound ... Marlena admits to John she feels somehow responsible for Ben and maybe maternal too since he never had proper parental love. John suggests she go check on the guy for he has been lost himself and wants Ben to know she is not giving up. Marlena loves her man even more. He teases he could come if not for the painkillers. He yawns and agrees to head to bed while she gets him water. She leans over and blows out a candle ...

Ciara gushes she and Ben got together against all odds for he had faith. She begs him to keep that faith in them and let it guide him through this bad night. If he goes back to his killing ways then her life meant nothing. He wants to hold her, but she vanishes like a candle in the wind. Now there is only darkness when Ben opens his door ... to CLYDE ... Abigail loves that they are alone in a candlelit bedroom. Time for romance. The couple kiss in bliss ... Jack gets a very bad feeling when Jen updates him on the source of the power failure as per the SPD. Statesville. Jack sighs and senses a prison break. Who knows who is out there ... Candelabra Gwen heard the sound from the wall. Jake talks rats. He knows about the secret tunnels. She begs him to stay with her, but he heads to the kitchen. She leaves the dark den as well. Rolf emerges and takes a deep breath. Meanwhile Marlena is walking with her flashlight when she is greeted by ORPHEUS, who is sitting in a chair, a smug smile on his DANGEROUS face.


Luv Cathy

The Salem Story on Tuesday, October 20, 2020